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Fun weekend 6/10/14

    So last weekend it seemed like everyone I know was out having a great time. Now I am not sure if it is just my friends or if there was something in the water. I have friends that rarely go out and they were even out late last weekend. I do thing a part of it has to be the weather and the sunshine. When it is sunny out it seems like people are just more apt to go out. I also think it has something to do with the fact that since it does not get dark until later in the evening people start the night later. Summer time is the time for that kind of stuff too since it seems like you can have a couple drinks or beers and some good food that is not terrible for you. I like the fact that a lot of fruits and veggies are in season and sometimes you can just hang out by the fruit salad bowl and snack on veggies as well. In the winter time people don't want to be messing with that stuff, they want pizza's and wings on the side of the bowl of chips. Take chili for instance, do you really want to get down on a big bowl of chili with cheese in it on a warm sunny day?  Either way last weekend was a ton of fun for a lot of people and I for one am always happy to see other people having fun too. 

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06/10/2014 3:43PM
Fun weekend 6/10/14
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