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Funny People 6/15/12

    Today on the show we had in comedian Brian Posehn and he was funny and like you would expect him to be. Its always interesting to me to meet people that do comedy for a living because I wonder what they are like as people and how their minds work. Working in radio I have been lucky enough to meet some big comedians and it still blows me away that some of the funniest guys are just quiet people. I think that maybe sometimes they are "on" some much on stage that when they get home they just want to chill out. I would think it would be hard if you make your living being funny to be funny all the time at home as well. I have also notice that for the most part the comedians are nice people. I am sure that some of them can be a D when they want to be but I have yet to have any real problems with those guys. Rock stars on the other hand can be very moody at times when you are talking to them. Of all the people I have been able to meet I think without a doubt I would hang with the funny people over the rock stars and athletes. I hope you get out and enjoy your weekend. I am going to watch some naked people on bikes tomorrow around noon and enjoy my weekend. Cheers and you can always catch me at night on my Twitter @TheeTedSmith

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06/15/2012 6:28PM
Funny People 6/15/12
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