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Gala 4/14/11

    What up blogger? So today has been a odd one weather wise. Its is sunny right now on me but in about ten mins it is going to start raining again. This much I am sure of. So tomorrow is Friday but not just any Friday because it is Rock Girl Gala week. Now your asking your self right now Ted why are you fired up for gala and it is really simple to me. Hot chicks in great outfits that show skin. Hinder will be great also and The New Oringals are playing so look out for me and Ben killing Sabotage but to me the best part is the girls. Now I know what you are thinking. Ted you think it is cool beause you get your chocie of the girls. No sadly the rock girls could care less about me so just like you i will be striking out all night. Now the cool thing i get to do that most don't is I get to stand on stage and see all these lady's up close. I guess in the end what i am trying to say here is that i am fired up to look at chicks tomorrow. I hope to you there and lets have some fun....

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04/14/2011 2:21PM
Gala 4/14/11
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