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Gay's in Sports 5/1/13

    So this week Jason Collins who is a NBA player came out as gay. Now one of the big deal's is that he is still a active player but is he really, he is a unsigned free agent. I only ask this because I think it would be great for a active player in one of the major four pro sports in the USA to come out. I worry that he will not a get a deal now and we will never know if the locker room was really ready for a gay player in there with them. I for one am 100% on the side of equality in all things including sports and marriage. I grew up in the Catholic Church and once had some pretty bad thoughts about gay people because I did know any of them. Fear is a powerful tool and it made me say comments that I am not happy about now. To me the biggest threat to marriage is divorce and if someone is not getting married in your church they why do you care. I also do not in any way think being gay is a choice, I can't tell you why that girl makes me nervous she just does, so why should gay men have to explain why they like another man. The other thing to look at is gay's are made fun and ridiculed unfortunately throughout time and the world so why would someone choose that? The gay issue just bugs me to no end because guys like Larry Craig who vote down every pro gay thing they can and turn out to be gay. It seems wild to me in a day in age when everyone is making less money, constantly at war but people still want to yell and scream about gay people getting married. Let them get married and have rights just like you do. There is nothing about me that makes me any more entitled to get married than any gay person. Love is a hard thing to find and if two people find it, whoever they are I am for it. 

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05/01/2013 3:16PM
Gay's in Sports 5/1/13
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