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Getting Midi Wit It

Hello again my fellow horn-raising, fist-pumping, poseur-smashing metalheads of the Northwest. Kevin here, and I'm about to drop some viral knowledge bombs on yer candy asses. Anyone who knows me is surely aware of my addiction to YouTube. It seems as though every group of friends has a guy like me, someone who is always seeking the most screwed up, hilarious, offensive or just downright strange content uploaded from throughout the world. Babies getting kicked? Love it. Ghost-riding the whip vids gone wrong? Even better.

I can even recall the week that Ian and I found out about YouTube. We were both working in 'upper management" at the student-run college radio statio KGRG, and our friend told us about this fantastical website where you can stream videos of anything you want. Needless to say, that week wasn't such a productive one around the KGRG offices. By the end of the week, IT had blocked YouTube. Bummer.

But I digress.

Another cool thing I'm all about is old school video gaming. I know, I know, Halo and all those new-fangled video games are lightyears better than Super Mario Brothers and Excitebike, but I have terrible hand eye coordination when it comes to fast-paced shooters, so I usually tend to go for the NES or SNES systems, personally.

This is what you get when you combine three of my favorite things - YouTube, old school video games, and the obvious one, METAL. Check out these completely fan-created 8-bit versions of a couple Metal Shop classics.

Wouldn't you just love to see Little Mac punching out King Hippo while Raining Blood is blasting in the background!?!

Or how about blasting some fools to oblvion with "Domination" ripping your 8-bit ears apart?

I love these things so much that it's a new goal of mine to learn how to program one. I will start with Nasum.

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07/26/2011 11:11PM
Getting Midi Wit It
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