Gigantour Review from Rockaholic Laura.

Gigantour Review from Rockaholic Laura!
Thanks to Laura Sherritt for the review.
Showare Center in Kent has yet to become a major tour stop for bands but it proved to be an excellent choice of venue for Gigantour 2012. 
There isn't a bad seat in the house, you can have a beer on the lower levels and upstairs there is a basic selection of the hard stuff. You can have a great time there as long as you mind your P's and Q's because security is some of the toughest I have seen at a concert venue.
The Italian Goth rockers Lacuna Coil started the night with an energetic, but rather short set starting with the older "Our Truth" followed by "Upsidedown" from the new Dark Adrenaline release.  While the vocals of Christina Scabbia and and Andrea Ferro were off the charts awesome, the instrumentals overpowered the vocals bit much. All in all, it was still a great performance.
Volbeat jumped right into shaking the rafters with Warriors Call and did an 11 number set, wrapping up with an outstanding cover of Slayers "raining blood" that left the crowd chanting for more Volbeat!
Lemmy? What can you say about Lemmy? 66 years old and still kicking ass like always! Motorhead--loud as expected and from the start with Bomber, Damage Case, and I know how to die, the pit began to roll and it was flying feet, shoess and clothing for the next 8 songs! More than one mop needed for the blood on the floor! 
Megadeth took the stage with a roar and the red hair was flying as Dave Mustaine riffed like a mad man.The highlight of this show was a surprise duet with Christina Scabbia for A tout le monde ! I know there were hoarse voices on Wednesday after a crowd that blew the decibel scale when they ripped Symphony of Destruction out! 
Local 15 year old rocker Jason Kertson was on hand in the back to learn from his master and manger Dave Mustain and Dave Ellefson and Local rock photographers Mike and Stephanie Savoia caught the action from the pit and sound booth!
Thanks Laura.  As a disclaimer: Dave Mustaine is Jason Keertson's mentor, not manager.

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02/29/2012 10:31PM
Gigantour Review from Rockaholic Laura.
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