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Good Friends 5/8/14

    Today my blog might be a little sappy to some but I feel like it is important to have good friends. I bring this up because over the years I have had friends come and go and some stay by my side where I wanted them. Some of the friends I just stopped hanging out with and I think the reason might be surprising to some. Here is my thoughts on friends is that they should not always be on your side of things. That's right, your friends don't have to agree with you and should not always make you feel comfortable. I think the complete opposite and think that sometimes your friends should challenge you and make you better. Any relationship that just goes along and everyone stays the same does not seem good to me. I believe that people at the essence should stay the same but a lot of your life has to be constantly evolving and making changes for the better. If you have a friend who you just get drunk with and nothing else is that friend go for you? Are you good for each other or are you just stuck in a rut? I ask this because sometimes it is hard to tell a friend the truth and it is hard to hear the truth. Hell one of the first things about hearing the truth is you have to be open to it or you will just write that person off. I have a friend that challenges me constantly and sometimes I get so mad at him but when I step back and think about it he is only doing that because he knows I can be better. I for years was one of these people that bitched why is this or that not happening for me? What I am slowly realizing is I can't demand more out of life until I demand more out of myself. Like I said with friends, true good friends it can be hard for both but if you are both wanting a goal of being better people than the struggle is worth it. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Thank you to all my friends out there, you know who you are

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05/08/2014 2:29PM
Good Friends 5/8/14
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