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Great day 3/24/11

    What up blogger? So I have to blog my day yesterday and it not really going to be about tv but hey how ofter is this blog about tv like it should be. So yeasterday seemed like a normal Wensday like any other but no it was not. To start off I drank a whole bottle of Franks red hot durning the show for stunts on a dime. So the hot souce did not feel good in my tummy at all. I use the word tummy because I can't spell stomake. Anyhow my tummy was in pain. First I had to puke a little then the runs just not awesome. So I go to hoops and it was still tough and I had to keep running off to poop. Still not awesome but the night was about to change. I went to tell El Corzon and got to do a stage annoncement for Saving Abel. Being on stage to annonce those guys was awesome and the band were good dudes. Starting to get a little awesome. Now I watch the show and drink some beers and a shot (thanks Whitey) and now its getting fun. After the show the guys even invited me on the bus for a drink. After that Jolene and I went out for another beer then it night time. So lets recap. In one day I drank a bottle of hot sauce, got to do a stage annoncment and got on a tour bus. Stage but a great day.

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03/24/2011 2:18PM
Great day 3/24/11
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03/24/2011 5:02PM
Carl the Retard Sidekick
Ted, you're masterful implementation of the English language and impeccable grammar is are truly inspiring. Bravo, Thee Ted Wordsmith. Bravo.
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