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Growing up 6/26/13

     Today we see very sad news in the case of NFL football player Arron Hernandez. Now I say sad because he was charged with murder and someone lost a life. Not only that but someone also lost a son and a family member and murder is not acceptable. Sometimes I wonder about a guy like Arron, why would this happen? The guy just signed a huge contract last year and was becoming a household name and then he kill's someone over a beef. This is why I titled this growing up and that you have to be better than this at a early age of young twenties. Now I don't know much about the guy but I am guessing he grew up some where in a tough neighborhood were gun violence was the answer but clearly it is not and he never grew up. This is a extreme example of not changing your ways but it also should be a lesson for young people out there. The message is that you have to grow up and change how you think about things, being hard get's you two places in life Jail and Death. You might just be the guy that gets in bar brawls and thinks its fun but one day something is going to give. Imagine how you would feel when you punch a guy and he falls on his head and dies. Also at times when you get older you have to choose friends and stop hanging out with some. Growing up is hard and you will make mistakes as I have but please try to change and evolve into a adult because now in Boston we have a lost life and a lost life in jail. A damn shame this stuff happens

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06/26/2013 2:51PM
Growing up 6/26/13
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