Happy Seattle Rock Day!!! Alice show 1990!

Happy Seattle Rock Day!!! Alice show 1990!
Few things for ya!  First off, hope you are enjoying today.  We’ve worked really hard and love doing this day so very, very much!
Second off, for all the many great underground bands from back in the day………any I don’t have time to get to tonight….I’ll feature in a special edition of Loud & Local Sunday night!
Props to Rockholic Brad DeFrates! He posted this video earlier and I must share it with you!
ALICE IN CHAINS FROM 1990 AT THE OFF RAMP!!! The gentlemen introducing Alice is famed KISW Alumni Damon Stewart.  Damon was really instrumental (along with Cathy Faulkner, blog on that coming.) in KISW’s local music history back in the day!
In fact I sat down with Damon a few years back for our 40 Years of Rock Celebration and boy did he have some great stories to tell.  Do check it out! Much love to Damon!,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01aid=24&cntnt01returnid=127
Here we go!
Alice from August 21st 1990 at The Off Ramp! Enjoy and Happy Seattle Rock Day!! 

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04/03/2014 5:00PM
Happy Seattle Rock Day!!! Alice show 1990!
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