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Haunted Houses 10/17/13

    This weekend some friends and I are going to a haunted house and I won't lie I am scared. See here is the thing if you put me in a environment with normal people I am fine but all the Halloween stuff does scare me a bit. I am just not a huge fan of scary movies and creepy crawling things that are in haunted houses but alas there are going to be girls there so I better not act like a chump. I am excited about going and the night will be fun but I wont lie I am going to be a nervous wreck for some of the time I think. I am going to do the whole thing and do the house then if there is a hay ride well I am in for that as well. The farm we are going to also has zombies you can shoot with paint guns. I have never even shot a paint ball gun but I can't wait and want to shoot some zombies like a boss. The other thing I am excited about is just going with a fun group and having fun with them. Last time I went to a haunted farm like this I was in 8th grade and went with a buddy and his cute cousin. She was not scared but I was, a lot and it was pretty embarrassing so this time I need to fight back and be strong or at least just not scream like a bitch.  

10/17/2013 2:30PM
Haunted Houses 10/17/13
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10/17/2013 7:01PM
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