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Hello me... Meet the real me!


Hello fellow metal heads! My name is John Baran, the new Metal Shop intern. I am a 23-year-old student at Central Washington University. Originally from Olympia, WA, I’ve been a self-proclaimed metal head since I was 16. Before listening to metal, I was a full blown douche bag. I listened to horrible radio rap and was a wigger (I hope this doesn't offend current douche bags!).

My life changed forever when my older brother showed me Megadeth’s masterpiece, ‘Rust in Peace’. After I heard the first track, 'Holy Wars… The Punishment Due' I said to myself “What the fuck am I doing? I need to grow my hair out and play guitar”. This was the result after furious hours of shredding and listening to metal:

Metal as Fuck!

I love all kinds of metal, and totally open to hearing not only the new hyped signed bands, but the local unknown bands. I believe it’s incredibly important to know what is happening in your local metal scene, because every band at one point was just a local band playing shows. I was in a band called Eterna Nocturna with Nick Pierce (formerly of The Faceless, enough name dropping now! :D) and currently play in a few others:

Oblivion -
Circle ov Defeat -

I am looking forward to being on Metal Shop and spreading good tunes across the airwaves! Please feel free to come up to me at a show and shoot the shit with me. I’m always game to meet new people and talk about metal and guitar gear!

Until then… HORNS

John the Intern

PS - Add me up and shoot the shit!

PPS - I’m currently looking for members for a tech/death/black metal band! I have a drummer and guitarist, so keyboardists, bassists, and vocalists hit me up!

06/16/2011 11:40AM
Hello me... Meet the real me!
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