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Hempfest 8/16/13

    This weekend is Seattle Hempfest downtown at Myrtle Edwards park. I have been to the Seattle Hempfest many times but have gone as much in recent years. I always enjoy some good people watching and Hempfest is some of the best people watching ever. I live in Belltown so I go to that park often and it is crazy how big Hempfest is and how much bigger the park seems with all the people. I do realize that it is a huge park but I am telling you it seems like a even bigger one this weekend. Some people I notice though just really hate Hempfest, now look I get it if it is not your scene but it is just as annoying to bitch about something you don't even go to. Is there some annoying people and bad stereo types at Hempfest, sure there is but it's also a lot of fun. I think it is important as well for normal looking people to go as well and show that not all people who smoke weed are lazy stoners. I could give you a list of a bunch of reasons why you should go to Hempfest and I could give you reason's not to go. I will leave you with just this, it is called Hempfest and they do sell elephant ears, case closed. Enjoy your weekend 

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08/16/2013 2:49PM
Hempfest 8/16/13
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