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Hockey 2/24/10

    What up blogger? So how is life going for great people out there. I am sure it is going good. We have had sun for a while now and sure a little rain showed back up this week but we are ok it's Febuary still. Now this post today is really just to mess with all the fans I have up in Canada. Most of you in the USA reading this don't understand that people of Canada love me lot's. Clearly I am jokeing somewhat but to all you people up in the great north HOW BOUT THAT USA HOCKEY TEAM?????? Now I relize that there is still a chance of the USA not winning the gold and the team from Canada can but for now we beat them and it's there sport. Where was the great one on that or how bout you Don Cherry did you like that game? I am just gloating a little bit since the whole country of Canada talk's abnout how hockey is THEIR game....well then win Canada. Look we felt it down here when our basketball team lost but we got back to wooping ass and proveing it was a fluke. Can you do that for hockey Canada?

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02/24/2010 9:58AM
Hockey 2/24/10
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