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Honest athletes 10/2/13

    Last night I watched the end of a baseball playoff game, it was a one game playoff. Now after the game which the Red's lost to the Pirates one of the players was brutally honest and said that his team choked. Now some of the commentators think it was out of line to say his team choked as choke is on of those words people don't use in sports. I think it was fine to say his teamed choked and I for one loved the honesty. Look here is the deal the Red's went into Pittsburgh and laid a turd. Their pitcher was so rattled he dropped the ball at one point with no one around, yeah the team was not ready. The Red's had also just recently lost a series to the Pirates in which the Pirates just took the confidence out of the Cincinnati Red's and they choked. Now I do agree you should give credit to the other team as well but the guy just got done a game which he had no hits and did a interview and was honest. I think if people don't want to hear the truth then stop all the interviews right after the game. I would rather honest then the canned BS answers you get from most athletes 

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10/02/2013 2:21PM
Honest athletes 10/2/13
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