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I was wrong 7/12/11

    What up blogger? Man it's been a min since we have talked but then again I do most of the talking in this case since it is my blog. First off Disney World was awesome and we saw the emergince of night-time Mickey. I choose to hang with both day-time Mickey and NTM so I was a tierd guy of simba as the call my in the world. So you thinking Ted the title of this blog is I was wrong so what am I wrong about? 

    Well first I was wrong about the weather. I kept saying just wait untill July 8th and we will be good to go. It's july twelve and I wore a hoodie to work today so my bad on the weather. I was a little off but I say hold tight because those lazy hazy crazy days of summer are coming soon. Thats a musical refence if you get it. I may have too many shows in the world. Now speaking of the world I was waaaaaaaaaaay off on the womens world cup. I said that while they are great athleats and have word so very hard that I just don't care about our womans soccer team. I was wrong. The games have been to fun to watch and I am makeing sure to catch the the semi's tomorrow morning at 9am against France. Why do we all hate the french so much. They helpped us gain our indepence and genally don't cause proplems but we hate on France all the time. Well this is day if you like hateing France cause I am with you. Come on Ladies beat France and win this world cup. The after you win the cup tell the men's team you can't explain how good it feels to be number one in the world and tell them to keep working hard so that one day the USA will win both the Men's and the Wemon's world cup. USA USA USA

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07/12/2011 9:49AM
I was wrong 7/12/11
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