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Iron Mike?s Blog 12/8/10 "Lennon/Dimebag gone today..."

Hard to believe on this day John Lennon has been gone for 30 years now. Also Pantera's Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott gone 6 years. Both unfortuantly to psycho fans with guns on this day in history! It changed the face of the planet to many fans of  The Beatles & Pantera. Here's my Question to you:

Where were you when you heard John Lennon was killed in 1980? (If you're that old ha!)
How about when Dimebag Darrell was killed in 2004?

For John Lennon I was watching my New England Patriots on Monday night football when Howard Cosell made the shocking announcement. That was about as numbing to hear as I was 3 years earlier hearing Elvis died.
The world did stop that day on this announcement. No matter if you were a Beatles fan or not the world was talking.


For Dimebag it was all over the Internet while I was at home and emails started pouring in. Absolutly shocking since he was killed on stage while performing.
I was lucky enough to have taken photos of Dimebag live a couple years earlier and what a nice guy. Never forgot his passion for what he did or the stack of Jack Daniels backstage..ha! 
Two legends from Rock & Metal gone on the same day by handguns..SAD!

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12/08/2010 1:29PM
Iron Mike’s Blog 12/8/10 "Lennon/Dimebag gone today..."
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12/08/2010 1:49PM
Sue Herbert
For John Lennon - well I'm British so it happened in the middle of the night for us. We got the news the next morning. I was walking to school and my friend told me. We were stunned. Everyone was. I remember us just crying and feeling stupid for being upset over losing someone we didn't even know, but his death affected so many people For Dimebag, I was away in Quebec on a snowmobiling holiday. No english TV, no internet, no mobile phone service. I knew nothing about it until I arrived back home a couple of weeks after. I was sickened by the news. Such a tragic loss
12/08/2010 2:02PM
I was only 6 years old when John Lennon passed away but I do remember that day. We lived in Italy at the time (my dad was Navy) and my Mom and Dad were huge Beatles fans. I can't remember all the specifics because I was so young, but I DO remember my Dad crying and saying over and over "I can't believe it" and "Why?" and watching the news on Italian TV, not understanding the language. When Dimebag died, I was driving in my car and my best friend called me and was crying and told me. I almost wrecked the car. I couldn't believe it! My best friend and I had seen Pantera many times over the years and were fortunate enough to meet Dimebag once. He was very gracious with his time and was just such an amazing guitarist!
12/08/2010 2:12PM
kevin brooks
‎'80: Christmas shopping in the U-district. Can remember hearing several Lennon/Beatles songs in the stores that night, but, at the time, was not aware of what happened. '04: In bed.
12/08/2010 2:35PM
Wow, it's been 30 years! Feels like yesterday. I was 15 at the time and I was in North Carolina visiting my boyfriend when we heard the news...
12/08/2010 3:46PM
For Lennon, I was 10 years old and probably doing homework. I remember it came on the TV as breaking news. I didn't know who Dimebag was at the time of his death, so unfortunately, I didn't really have a personal memory of it.
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