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ACDC Rock the Tacoma Dome Once Again

For over 3 of ACDC's 4 decades I've seen them live in concert a few times. The first one was in this same Tacoma Dome 1983. Who could forget that show? Ft. Lewis soldier sneaks in rocket flares by hiding them them up his girlfriends dress and during the show lites them off right into the dome's wooden roof during "This House Is On Fire"! The 3x4 foot hole burned in roof was fixed in time for the next nights Neil Diamond show. He obviously had a lesser of greater fates.

Here we are decades later in 2016 and ACDC is bigger than ever! Angus might be a little slower, but he's 60 years old and still runs circles around musicians today in their 20s! In a nearly talk style, Brian Johnson can somehow miraculously hold some tune still at 68 and with the way he sings with the razor blade grit style I'm surprised he's still at it. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little difficult to handle at times, but you know what, there was NO backtracking NO autotune just plug in a play! RESPECT! Both Young and Johnson were all over the stage in a display that defineds logic! Still complete entertainers!!

Blazing through a killer set that included: Rock or Bust, Shoot to Thrill, Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be, Back in Black, Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder(1st time live), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,Thunderstruck, High Voltage, Rock 'n' Roll Train, Hells Bells, Given the Dog a Bone (1st time live since 1980),Sin City, You Shook Me All Night Long, Shot Down in Flames, Have a Drink on Me, T.N.T., Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock, Encore: Highway to Hell & For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) the fans loved every minute of it.

Lets not forget this tour was to back up the great new ACDC album Rock or Bust.{BUY}

Overall I'd say get out and see ACDC now if you never have. Age is catching up on all our rock heroes and who knows how much longer the rockers from down under can march on. We're seeing the end of arena rock as we know it in today's music business. For show photos please visit [Click Here] or at my Facebook concert photography page Savoia Photography Live for complete album [Click Here]

"Iron Mike Savoia

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Iron Mike's Top 25 CD's of 2015

Well it's that time of the year again. What did I enjoy in the previous year in music? As you know my tastes are mainly hard rock & metal, but I fly off the radar with other types so maybe you'll come across something you've never heard before and enjoy. This is basically why I do these year-end lists. To expose ya to music you might flip out or puke on ha ha!! Ready? Go! "Iron" Mike


Ghost - Meliora - Hard rock album of the year! From start to finish one of the most refreshing in this genre for a long time! MAJESTIC! Classic rock updated for the masses. Debuted at #8 on the Billboard Top 200 so the people have spoken. Papa Emeritus & the Nameless Ghouls are here to say. If there's a future for arena rock we're looking at it. Best band, best riffs, and those bass lines drive this band like musical freight train. Not bad for a bunch of evil looking Swedes that look like an episode of Scooby Doo came alive. BUY HERE!

Steven Wilson - Hand.Cannot.Erase. - What does the greatest songwriter of our time do this around? Create another masterpiece built around the storyline of the 2003 death of Joyce Carol Vincent, a woman living in London who dies in her apartment and no one misses her for over three years. Most bands entire catalog cannot hold a candle to one of Steven Wilson's songs. Amazing musician and band. Also the frontman of Porcupine Tree. The near 12 minute "Home Invasion/Regret #9" is gonna blow you away!


Meg Myers - Sorry - well if you know me, you've heard "Meg Myers" this "Meg Myers" that for the past 3 years or so. Finally her full debut album was released in 2015 on Atlantic Records. Finally a female pop artist with balls! Watch her NIN-inspired "Sorry" video and tell me she couldn't beat the s**t out of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Adele etc. with one punch. One of the most passionate aggressive performers I've ever seen live. Not many female performers lay their soul or emotions out like Meg Myers. Emotional, inspiring, sexual and a little mentally on the edge makes her my queen over any other of these popular female artists that are all industry generated entertainment. Did I mention Meg plays bass live too? Fantastic melting pot of emotional electro alternative pop rock. BUY HERE!

Raven - Extermination - The kings of the NWOBHM back in the early 80s have been kicking out albums for years. Their 1983 "All for One" release has gone down as one of the greatest metal albums ever and were the first band to take Metallica on the road. What if I told ya 32 years later a miracle of the Kickstarter program from the fans supplied the band with all the tools needed to go create the most shocking killer album of 2015? The classic metallic Raven guitar crunch, the ungodly tasty bass lines and ear splitting screams with that tank-like drum sound. The perfect blend of their classic early energy with the commercial Atlantic Records years vibe all rolled into their Athletic Rock insanity, it's all here for any Raven fan. The Gallagher brothers and drummer Joe Hasselvander, all now near 60 years old, rock harder than 90% of todays youthful bands. Every song is a rock meets metal Raven classic, the pack is back! BUY HERE!  

Skindred - Volume - Hands down one of the greatest live bands on the planet! If you've seen them live you know what I'm talking about..two words...Newport Helicopter! Watch 1-million people do it HERE! Your hair at 4:10 will stand up! This Welsh band never disappoint and with their 6th album "Volume" out now, their live set is going to be even more dangerous. Imagine a mix of Bob Marley & Run DMC fronting Rage Against the Machine and Lincoln Park with their whole own punkish attitude. Benji Webbe (Dub War) is one the greatest frontman ever. "Volume" is properly titled. Must be played LOUD! Probably the hardest in your face Skindred album yet! Regga/nu metal/punk/hip-hop rock to melt your face and move your soul. BUY HERE! Check out the video for "Under Attack", even KFC's Colonel Sanders is dancing ha! 

Operator - War Horse - Remember the debut album back in 2007 from Operator called "Soulcrusher"? Classic album that featured actor/singer Johnny Strong (The Fast and the Furious/Black Hawk Down) and ex-Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips. Before they went on hiatus (I believe so Johnny could work on the great movie "Saints & Sinners") the album sold well into the 6-figures. Band ended going their own ways and Johnny kept creating music. His latest release "War Horse" is the next step to where "Soulcrusher" left off. Grooved fist pumping classics continue and when ya click play on the video below I guarantee you'll be clicking BUY to pick up this album. Imagine Soundgarden with some bigger balls...can't get enough of "War Horse".

The Fame Riot - Dust Funk - The next Seattle area band on the verge of breaking it big worldwide. Imagine two skinny brothers all 70s glam rocked out like David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust meets Kool and the Gang 70s funk/disco on a Lady Gaga trip with Devo on a rave dance floor. As they state on their Reverbnation page "drawing influence from the last 4 decades of rock, pop, electronica, disco, and everything in-between". Their live act is off the hook too with a rock meets rave like vibe! Good feel music that should be all over alternative rock/pop radio. David Bowie's musical art influence is still alive through this band. Their other brother Ben Union is on the verge of breaking big too! Remember the name Fame Riot! BUY NOW!

Queensryche - Condition Human - The 2nd release with singer Todd LaTorre proves again there's no doubt the Queensryche sound is back in full force and for years to come. Favorite Ryche album since the last Todd performed album and before that it was decades. LaTorre for the save! BUY HERE!

Halestorm - Into The Wild Life - With a Grammy under their belt Lzzy Hale and Halestorm come screaming back with a deluxe mesh of hard rock and crossover format vibes. It's Halestorm's world and they can do anything they want with Lzzy Hale fronting one of, if not the best, hard rock bands out there now. Joe Hottinger's guitar tones throughout this album RULE! BUY HERE!

Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance - What do ya get when you have a core band of David Ellefson (Megadeth), Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs/Ex-Dream Theatre) and Alex Skolnick (Testament) with tons of special guests from Lamb of God, Pantera, Death Angel, Testament, Kings-X, Exodus etc...METAL ALLEGIANCE! Is this album good? Well duh it DESTROYS!!! BUY!

Paradise Lost - The Plague Within - If Metallica was goth on anti-depression pills. What a brilliant album and return to the older hard death sounds Paradise Lost were known for. Dark, melodic, doomy, beautiful blend of the classic Paradise Lost European tones over the years. Still one of my favorite bands for the past two decades! BUY!

Amadon - Push - Up and coming Seattle area rockers plug in and kick ass on this EP with their blend of heavy riffs and alternative rock that also translates to one hell of a live show! BUY!  

Orgy - Talk Sick - The death-pop electo-rock sounds of Orgy ruled in the 90s with millions sold behind the New Order cover of "Blue Monday" & original "Stitches". Also "Fiction (Dreams in Digital)" on their 2nd album ruled the airwaves too. 2015 finds the return of Orgy and the "Talk Sick" 7tx EP. Their best start to finish release ever. Pure uncompromising classic industrial Orgy rock! BUY!

New Politics - Vikings - The kings of alternative punk rock dance pop. If my mother-in-law in her 60s loves this band you probably will too. Monster album, every tune is a radio crusher! BUY!

Zero Down - No Limit To The Evil - Seattle's kings of classic NWOBHM & 80s metal! Crack a beer and get the party started! You'll be yelling to these anthems like it was 1985 all over again! BUY!

Armored Saint - Win Hands Down - The return of the Saint! 5 years between albums too long. "Win Hands Down" another classic from one of the best American hard rock bands ever! John Bush, enough said! BUY

The Quireboys - St. Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul - This 4-CD set is incredible! 2 studio CD's of acoustic's and 2 CD's Live. Imagine the Rolling Stone's with Rod Stewart singing on Hee Haw ;) So good! Hard to find now so might be expensive to buy a hard copy. BUY!

Loudness - The Sun Will Rise Again (US Mix) - Originally released in Japan in 2014 they made some minor changes and released a US Mix version in 2015. One word for this CD - CRUSHING!!! Akira Takasaki still one of the best metal guitarists around. BUY!

Like A Storm - Awaken The Fire - New Zealands Like A Storm have been ruling American rock radio with their heavy riffs and didgeridoo sounds. The highest charting New Zealand band in American history. Killer band and amazing CD! BUY!

Zoomlenz - Zoomlenz (reissue) - You want something different? Atmospheric, raw and powerful, this CD originally released years ago is re-issued/remixed officially and includes guitar wiz Jeff Mark (US Metal/Wild Dogs) and singer Willie Dee Daffern (Captain Beyond/Gary Moore). When the ears and mind become one, amazing unique album of sounds and musicianship. BUY!

Wild Dogs - Reign of Terror (reissue) - Released in 1987, probably the greatest guitar/drummer performance of any heavy or speed metal record at the time. Jeff Mark and Deen Castronovo to this day are the greatest in my book. Progressive over the top playing and precise timing that even rivals anything to this day. One of the greatest power speed metal albums ever and straight from the Northwest! This remastered reissue includes 3 bonus tracks and awesome 24-page booklet. BUY!

Lifesigns - Live in London Under The Bridge - British progressive rock band featuring ex-Steven Wilson band guitarist Niko Tsonev and fronted by singer/keyboardist John Young. Killer band! BUY

Iron Maiden - Book of Souls - To tell ya the truth on first hearing I was bored, but then it grew on me after some more plays. Not fond of the production sound which might of detoured me, but with over an hour and a half of tunes on this release you'll find something to enjoy. Let it grow on ya, some epic stuff here. BUY!

Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor - My favorite Manson album ever! Catchy, classic and experimental. Definite BUY!

Amanda Hardy - Amanda Hardy - If there was an up and coming future rock queen of Seattle it definitely would be Amanda Hardy. Her new CD is a venture to new waters in her process of expanding her audience and trying to break it in this overwhelming music market. Her powerful voice is better than 95% of the crap out there. Check out this haunting track "What's Wrong With Me" from her EP. I've always loved her darker side of music. BUY!

There ya go. Hope you enjoyed the read and music samples and you discovered something worthy of buying. 2016 is gonna be another banner year of music with the new releases from Steven Wilson, Windowpane, Megadeth, Dream Theatre and upcoming releases from Anthrax, NIN, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Lindsay Ell, Avenged Sevenfold, Steel Panther, Iggy Pop, etc. 

"Iron" Mike Savoia -        

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NAMM 2016 Media Day

{Please note I'm working on the Def Leppard Cruise so my other half Stephanie is covering NAMM this year - Iron Mike)

January 20, 2016

It's Media Day at NAMM. The day before NAMM officially begins, there is an event for members of the media to see some of the new products for 2016 demoed. Some things are new versions of something you already know and love like Fender's noiseless pickups. Some things are totally new innovations like  the Kadabra, by Tribal Tools, which is a completely new type of instrument. It's pretty hard to describe. It can have a mic attached to manipulate vocal sounds. It has buttons and presets to create music without the technicall skills that are needed to play most other instruments.

Kadabra by Tribal Tools - Functions from Indi-Ya Creative Productions on Vimeo.

660 Guitars showed us their aluminum and carbon fiber guitars. I liked the look of these guitars. The cut outs were fun and would look good on any stage.

IK Multimedia had a few things that I was pretty much salivating over.  First was the iLoud Micro Monitor. Two tiny little speakers that put out a whopping 50 watts of sound! At $299 for the pair, I can totally see these on Mike's desk! 

The iRig Mic Lav is a small lapel mic for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones. Two can be chained together to allow a conversation to be recorded with high quality. This seemed pretty ideal for anyone who needs to record an interview or even record something like personal/business notes. You can get one for $50 or 2 for $80. I thought this was really reasonable for this product.

Lastly, the iRig Studio is a mic that can sound like other mics with the control of an accompanying app. You swipe the app left/right to select the microphone that you'd like your audio to sound like. The app shows you a picture of the available mics. I will be playing with this a little more at their booth this weekend. I didn't get to experiment with it today.

Taylor has a new add on for their acoustic guitars. You install a TaylorSense Smart Battery Box and Taylor Guitars Mobile App. The Smart Battery Box records data to deliver to the app to let you know that your guitar needs attention. Is there too much humidity? Did your guitar have an impact incident on your flight? The app will provide you this information so you can take action if needed. This should be available in April/May of 2016 and expects to have a price point around $80.00.

The Lucas Nano is a portable speaker system that has a woofer and two tweeter boxes. They pack into the woofer and have a total weight of 36 pounds. This is compact enough to have a home system or buy a couple of sets for a great little DJ'ing set up. It was pretty incredible to see them set it up and tear it back down in just a couple of minutes.


Martin showed us their John Lennon 75th Anniversary Edition guitar. The guitar has beautiful inlays that commemorate Lennon's life. His self portrait is on the headstock. His glasses are an inlay on the neck along with a few other symbols. There will be 75 of these guitars made going for $11,999.00.

Billy Sheehan demonstrated his new signature Drive Deluxe for bass from EBS Sweden.

My favorite demonstration of the day though was the Vinyl Recorder. Yup, you can make your own vinyl records! They had a song playing on the computer and showed the record being carved out right there. Excess vinyl was vacuumed out and put into an attached waste basket. 

That's it for media day 2016. Now onto the next 4 days of NAMM coverage. Stephanie Savoia

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My Top 10 Concert Videos 2015

Hard to believe with my iPhone I achieve the quality and sound of video clips you see and hear at concerts. With my YouTube channel going over the 2million views mark tonight thought I'd post my fav Top 10 concert clips I know will give ya a flashback to 2015! "Iron" Mike

Temple of Dog/Layne Staley Mad Season Tribute at Benarorya Hall - This one will punch ya in the gut!

Ghost in KISW Studios & live at El Corazon - Up for a Grammy, "Meliora" was my top album of 2015.

Michael Schenker (former UFO/Scorpions) is at the top of his game. Guitar clinic here!

Duff McKagan's Loaded goes punk style, play GNR and Wanz join. Show to remember at Slim's!

Uli Jon Roth (former Scorpions) MIND-BLOWING cover of Hendrix's "Little Wing"

The return of Seattle's own My Sister's Machine!

When you get access to sit with Behemoth's drummer Inferno you better video cause it's always amazing!

Goodbye Motley Crue for the last time. Cruecifly drum solo and more from sound board area!! 

Scorpions - was working with the band that night so I had VIP area platform to shoot from. 

How often ya see Duff McKagan onstage playing with Alice in Chains? Thank goodness I was there! 

BONUS VIDEO! Can't forget my Jolene going away photo gallery tribute...

BONUS #2 Video! How about my Top 200 favorite concert photo slideshow of 2015!!

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Killed By Death...RIP Lemmy

The "Ace of Spades" was "Killed by Death" today. "Rock in Roll" the "Iron Fist" and tell the "Tales of Glory" of Lemmy because "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and it would be "Overkill" to say legends never die, but this "Motörhead" ruled with "Over the Top" "No Class" "Orgasmatron" like religion that no other has in rock in roll history. (We Are) The "Roadcrew" forever. RIP Lemmy! Thanks for camera moments these past decades - "Iron" Fist Mike 12.28.15

Did you know Lemmy started as part of Jimi Hendrix roadcrew? According to Wikipedia "On 28 December 2015, four days after his 70th birthday, Lemmy died at his home in Los Angeles, California, at 16:00 PST from an "extremely aggressive cancer." Motörhead announced his death on their official Facebook page later that day. According to the band, his cancer had only been diagnosed two days prior to his death." Here's photos 20 years apart I took of Lemmy, not much changed, even the necklace!

I know everyone's favorite Motorhead track is "Ace of Spades" but personally I had two others that topped that classic. Motorhead's cover of "Louie Louie" and their original "No Class" were pure hard rock rock in roll. How can anyone that's seen a Motorhead show forget how Lemmy introduced the concert with "We are Motorhead and we play Rock in Roll!". Indeed they did, LOUD!!! Here's a photo video featuring those two songs in dedication of Lemmy and some of the photos I've taken. "49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch" RIP Lemmy! - "Iron" Fist Mike 

For more Lemmy photos check out my gallery here {CLICK HERE}

One of Lemmy's last interviews. He's seen and done it all so it's great to hear what he says here.

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#LiveDay All-Day Blog

This will be my continuous blog of notes & photos direct from KISW and #LiveDay - "Iron" Mike

5am - First thought heading to KISW on I-5 at 5am. Traffic no different from 5pm - #SeattleTrafficSucks
6am - The KISW studios is a complete organized circus. Every room has something different going on. Thank goodness for our circus conductor Jason today!

645am - Windowpane's Glenn & Tony warming up for all the live music festivities.

7am - Seattle Seahawks Luke Willson in the studio for The Endzone show. Funny to think the last time me, Migs and Luke we together we were on the very top outside of the Space Needle getting photos ha!

8am - Bob Rivers in the studio and Heart by Heart set to perform live in a few minutes.

830am - Fueling the masses here today courtesy of Top Pot Doughnuts & Coffee.


845am - Hey it's the man (Malcolm) with the golden voice ya hear on KISW for various station announcements etc.


9am - Windowpane about to rock "War Pigs" on-air. Sean Morrison tuning up the drums.

915am - The foley artists (Impossible Acoustic)...the live sound effects you hear on the show. Awesome!

930am - BJ Shea solo in the studio while Steve Migs prepares to play drums on air. No ear plugs that was LOUD!!

945am - Thee Ted Smith done singing "Fight For The Right" as the #LiveDay part 1 ends at 10am.

10am - #LiveDay morning done. Next session begins (as well as my updates) at 2pm with the Men's Room show! Poor Ryan Castle, wondering how he's gonna top that morning show insanity ha ha!

1:50pm - What the???? Men's Room about to start round 2 of #LiveDay

2:00 - Mission control organize the troops for round #2

2:05pm - The Men's Room go live!

2:20pm - Van Eps getting ready for their live play.

230-330pm - Lots of running around. Late September Dogs live, Taryn gone all Cindy Brady and Ryan Castle getting in te action.

Winding down to the end. Watch for all the other photos, videos etc at and (My full photo album is here:

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Shinedown-Breaking Benjamin-Nothing More Rock Everett

If you went to this Shinedown/Breaking Benjamin/Nothing More concert you definitely left the Xfinity Arena in Everett, WA thinking that was one of the best all around concerts you paid your hard earned money for! Opening the night was the Texas/New Orleans based progressive low-end rockers Nothing More. How have I never heard or seen these guys live? Amazing! Singer Johnny Hawkins is this energized morphed Brandon Boyd (Incubus) meets Jim Morrison (Doors) on a Jonathan Davis (Korn) body contorting fit onstage. No wonder he's at near zero percent body fat. With their hard driving progressive hard rock/metal tones, crazy 3 man bass solo, 4 man drum solo etc. Nothing More live are a headline act in themselves. Check them out at

Next up was Pennsylvania's Breaking Benjamin. Well known in the hard rock community with more than 7 million records sold in the U.S. alone that includes two RIAA-certified platinum records, two gold records, one platinum single, one gold single, and their recent #1 charting album "Dark Before Dawn" on the Billboard 200. An amazing feat for a band that was on hiatus for some years after some legal issues with former band members, lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burnley put together a whole new lineup that includes former guitarists from Adelitas Way (Keith Wallen) and Red (Jasen Rauch). 

Breaking Benjamin cruised through a 17-song set that included "So Cold", "Failure", "Give Me A Sign", "I Will Not Bow" and even a cool covers mash that included "Imperial March (Star Wars) / Schism (Tool) / Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) / Walk (Pantera)". Great set, great crowd response and left their fans screaming for more. Visit

If you thought Breaking Benjamin's show was good Shinedown came out and showed who's boss. Now that was a ROCK show! Opening their set with their recent hard punching single "Cut The Cord" Shinedown's 14-song set included many radio favorites like "Bully", "The Crow & The Butterfly", "If You Only Knew", "Sound of Madness", "Second Chance" and the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover "Simple Man". 

The band delivered top notch showmanship, crowd interaction, stage show with massive lights, fireworks, fire and more! They even paid respects to all the security up front working. 

Supporting their latest album "Threat To Survival" (buy now) on this tour, Shinedown have been around long enough now that their set is this monster list of radio hit after radio hits. One of the best diverse rock bands for the past decade keep rolling and growing and thank goodness keeping (what seems to be dying in the new generation) rock arena alive and well for generations to come! Visit

A huge thanks to THANKS to the Zach and the band asking/letting me shoot the entire show! For a full gallery of all three bands from this show visit my concert photo page and - "Iron" Mike Savoia

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Ghost Rock Seattle - Late Show next

Can you believe this! A week after playing at KISW and El Corazon the Swedish hard/classic rock occult band Ghost are gonna take over American TV on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert October 30th! With their current album "Meliora" debuting in the Top 10 on Billboards 200 album charts there's no doubt this band is sweeping the world with its brand of unique classic/hard rock. On October 20th, Papa Emeritus and 2 of the Nameless Ghouls flew in to Seattle from Idaho (bus broke down) to do a 2 song acoustic set and then one of the Ghouls did a interview with KISW's Metal Shop [Click here to listen to 20 minute interview].

After the KISW visit the guys had time to waste cause the bus and equipment wasn't arriving till later because of the breakdown. So yes me, Papa and the Ghouls spent the afternoon walking EMP, record stores and lunch in Seattle. With the bus arriving late it was a mad dash to unload and setup the stage. An amazing job by the crew got them on stage and only 15min behind their original start time. 

The sold-out crowd at El Corazon (show should've been at Showbox or Moore Theatre) was packed tight (see show photos here) and the band pounded out an amazing set of Ghost tunes that left the crowd begging for more after the hour and a half set that included classics like "Con Clavi Con Dio", "Per Aspera ad Inferi", "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" and "If You Have Ghosts". The classics rocked, but it was the new tracks like the show opening "Spirit", the bass grooving "From The Pinnacle To The Pit", the eerie "Cirice" and especially the heavy rocker of "Mummy Dust" that got the crowd flying all over each other in excitement. Check out my video from the shows:


Have you seen (my favorite video of the year so far) Ghost's "Cirice"? A kid talent show with a spooky 70s film look in the vein of the movie Carrie.

Then there's the latest video that has that early 20s film vibe of "From the Pinnacle To The Pit". 


If you missed my popular August blog "Ghost Overwhelms Silver Platters" check it out HERE! Between the video and photo albums I had over a million interaction views/shares/comments.

Ghost are the best rock band to come around in years and from the popularity growth these past three years I expect them to be rocking bigger theaters or smaller arenas soon. The music is there, the show is entertaining and visually it's getting better and bigger with each tour. Just remember, if you have have everything! Buy the new incredible "Meliora" album HERE! Facebook: 


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Win a copy of (Soundgarden) Photofantasm: Nudedragons to King Animal

Want to win a copy of the incredible limited edition Photofantasm: Nudedragons to King Animal Soundgarden fan created photo book?

With 1000's of photographs with lots of stories, reviews and interviews it's more like a bible! Photofantasm covers Soundgarden photos from the authors (Jaye & Mike English), fans, press, and even from some big-time musicians themselves during the Nudedragons to King Animal era. Over 300 contributors from around the world, including myself. When they contacted me and explained this book was a project benefiting the Canary Foundation, the first and only foundation in the world solely dedicated to the funding of early cancer-detection solutions and that all net proceeds go to charity, I was all in!! Dedicated to our local Soundgarden superfan Tiffany Patterson-Gross who passed away from cancer 2 years ago on September 6, 2013. One of my sections in the book is the Seattle Paramount Theatre show on 2.7.13. Tiffany, sick and all, was present side stage for the show. My fellow photo buddy Stacy Albright caught a photo of her at that show that made the book too. I can't believe how awesome this book looks. It's huge with close to 600 8.5x11 pages encased in it's hard cover. It weights nearly 8lbs!!! Yes, I checked with my suitcase weigher and had my dog Bella double check my readings ha! ;)


There are so many incredible photos throughout this book it's a must for any die-hard Soundgarden fan! Well worth the $99.95 price. Remember it goes to charity so satisfy your Soundgarden cravings and help the fight to cure Cancer. Huge thanks go out to Jaye & Mike English. The work, time & money they put into the project is amazing. I can't imagine the nightmare of email and print organization that had to happen. The final project is breathtaking. As good as or better than the classic big rock photo books from the bands of the 60s/70s that I've studied and littered our living room coffee table with. Those are cool, but this addition to the collection is extra special knowing some of my work is majestically displayed in it. What makes me the most proud are pages 528/529. One of my favorite Chris Cornell shots with a special nod to the Seattle Times review, by my cousin and legendary Seattle music reviewer Gene Stout, printed on the same photo spread. If only our passed-on family members could see that! Photofantasm authors didn't even know that family relation so its kinda magical that even happened!

The reviews keep pouring in on how awesome this book is. Check out these:

Rating: "11/11 ... this book was 100% fan created, but it is nothing if not professionally crafted and brilliant in execution, let alone mind-boggling in conception. I don't know how they pulled this herculean feat of a book off..."

"Photofantasm is an extraordinary photographic collection... an incredible visual spectacle of the acceleration of Soundgarden. One awesome literary tribute."

"The book is SUPER gorgeous! Amazing amount of detail, quality, and love. Such a ridiculous job you guys!!"

Buy the book and check out page samples and more here: 

Wanna win a copy? I know the price is a little steep, but I've teamed up with SpoonDog Entertainment to giveaway a copy to my KISW & Savoia Photography Live followers.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER (contest ends 9.31.15)

"Iron" Mike Savoia - KISW 99.9 Photographer/Blogger

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Queensryche Headline Evergreen State Fair 8/31

So if you were not lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold out Scorpions/Queensryche Kent Showare Center show in October this is your next best bet!

Due to a medical emergency Pat Benatar had to cancel her show at the Evergreen State Fair on August 31st so here comes our very own Queensryche to the rescue to fill the spot and truely kick the Fair in the ass! Monday August 31st at the Evergreen State Fair - show starts at 7:30pm!! Public On Sale: 10AM, Friday, August 21 (no pre-sale) Tickets will be sold online or in person (no phone sales) Tickets: Reserved Chairs: Emerald $25 and Saffire $20 Festival Grandstand: $15 Prices Includes Fair Gate Admission

New album "Condition Human" out on Century Media October 2nd Worldwide! PRE-ORDER CD HERE
It's amazing! Over an hour of classic Ryche!!


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Ghost Overwhelms Silver Platters in Seattle

I've been to a lot of free record in-store performances over the years, but Ghost last night in Seattle at Silver Platters was over the top surprising! With fans lining up for hours down the block in the hot heat, people who pre-orderd the new CD releasing Friday (Buy "Meliora" now) at Silver Platters received a yellow wrist band for early entrance into the store for the show. When it was all said and done this photo says it all to the turnout!!

With each pre-order fans got to meet the band after the show and received a limited edition lithograph of this special 5 city acoustic tour called the Unholy/Unplugged Tour. 

Ghost featured singer Papa Emeritus III and two of the Nameless Ghouls on guitars. Few fans in the crowd got to keep beat for the band with various hand instruments given to them from Papa. Check it out on the video I did of the performance. Already nearing 25k views just today!!

The band played a 3 song set that included "Jigolo Har Megiddo", the epic "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" & the classic Roky Erickson cover "If You Have Ghost" then had a 2 hour meet & greet with fans afterwards. Ghost delivered everything a fan in one night could ever want from a band. Ghost are fast becoming the most important rock band in this decade with their blend of classic 70s rock with a melodic style and fierce bite at times to even satisfy the real metalheads. The occult imagery/lyrics might be a turn off to some but if you don't believe all that silly nonsense and focus on the music as I do this might be the greatest rock band you don't know of yet. "Meliora" comes out this Friday on Loma Vista Recordings. I expect it to crack the Top 10 on Billboard. Who says Rock music is dead? Take a listen and remember "If you have Ghost, You have everything!". 

Ghost are back to Seattle October 20th at El Corazon in a full production show. Buy tickets HERE!

For a full album of show photos CLICK HERE!
"Iron" Mike

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GHOST in Seattle 8/18/15

Sweden's GHOST, the greatest up and coming rock band this world has seen these past couple of years is playing a free acoustic set at Silver Platters in Seattle tomorrow at 7pm!

The Unholy / Unplugged Tour will be coming to Silver Platters (SoDo) to help promote the release of their new album "MELIORA" this Friday. You can stream the full album as of today before you buy it (we all will) this Friday. It's a Top 10 of the year release for sure....awesome blend of classic heavy rooted 70s rock with modern rawness and melodic tones of today to even interest the metalheads!! 

One of my favorite rock bands to cover live. I've had the pleasure of working with them since they arrived to America!! Even had a cover photo of Papa shot here in Seattle on Italy's biggest rock Magazine "Popular 1" back in 2012 {CLICK HERE TO SEE}

Seattle 1/30/12 Concert Photos {CLICK HERE}
Seattle 4/30/12 Concert Photos {CLICK HERE}
Seattle 4/27/12 Concert Photos {CLICK HERE

Pre-order the new CD, Digital or Vinyl HERE!

See everyone tomorrow at Silver Platters in Seattle for a little Occult Rock at it's best. Watch for my photo/video coverage here soon!

"Iron" Mike

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Motley Crue Fading Away Alice Cooper Lives On

Let's face it, the world of arena rock is starting to die off. Motley Crue is hanging it up soon on this final tour and with it I expect many others from the same time period of the record industry glory days to follow. Kiss, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Rush, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Rolling Stones, U2 etc. You get the picture. Arena filling rock bands are grandpas now and what's to replace these great live arena filling bands? Nothing! So if you're not getting out and seeing these spectacular over the top concerts I'm afraid within the next 5-10 years they will things of the past cause there's no format for younger bands to develop into stardom with a record industry dying out like these bands. 

Motley Crue took a page right out of Kiss' book and added steroids with a stage show of over the top explosions, fire, fire and more fire. Not only did they debut a new stage prop of extended elevators over the crowd this night, but 'The Crüecifly' drum solo was UNREAL! Tommy Lee's drum solo on a slow rotating roller coaster that will NEVER be duplicated by any band ever! The thought of how much money it cost to put together is mind boggling. Watch my video in amazement! Watch full screen and turn it up! 

CLICK HERE to see what it looked like from the "Crües Nest" on "Home Sweet Home" filmed by my buddy Jean-Marcus Strole. See me, buddy Neil and Alice Cooper guitarists Nita Strauss and Ryan Roxie standing at 5:50-5:51 in the spotlight. That's were I filmed the video ya see above at front of house.

Everyone was barking about Vince Neil's voice being shot, true but it wasn't as bad as watching David Lee Roth with Van Halen trying to make it through a show and from the sounds of it there might of been some backtracks going on to cover it cause I know those background vocals by the rest of the band were way too clean and processed sounding. A shell of a band from the past covering up the aging parts with theatrics and trickery in the name of entertainment still worth the price of admission. Getting to shoot only 1 song and from the soundboard wasn't the best entertainment for photos so don't expect much. Great setlist: Girls, Girls, Girls - Wild Side - Primal Scream - Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) - Looks That Kill - Louder Than Hell - Smokin' in the Boys' Room - Mutherfucker of the Year - Anarchy in the U.K. - T.N.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown) - Dr. Feelgood - In the Beginning - Shout at the Devil - Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - O Fortuna - Tommy Lee Drum Solo - Mick Mars Guitar Solo - Live Wire - Saints of Los Angeles - Too Young to Fall in Love - Kickstart My Heart - Encore: Home Sweet Home.

Alice Cooper opened the show and clearly showing no signs of slowing down. Alice still has it vocally and entertainment wise. His band is top notch and really outplayed the Crue in all aspects of talent. Plus he let us shoot 4 songs and from the pit which for you fans is better viewing than what the Crue gave us. Get out and see this tour! Alice Cooper setlist: Hello Hooray - No More Mr. Nice Guy - Under My Wheels - I'm Eighteen - Billion Dollar Babies - Poison - Dirty Diamonds - Welcome to My Nightmare - Feed My Frankenstein - Ballad of Dwight Fry - Killer - I Love the Dead - School's Out

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Rush Still Rocking 4 Decades Later

3/18/1980 - Yes look at that date!! Three fourth of my lifetime ago I first saw Rush in the sold-out Seattle Center Coliseum 10 rows up section 228 for the Permanent Waves tour!! 35 years and 4 months later I walked into the same sold-out building tonight, now called Key Arena on their 40th and possibly last big tour. Can't believe that 13yo kid is now 48 years old and was nearly elbows on stage in the photo pit shooting Rush in that same building. We got to shoot the first two songs which was awesome cause they were "The Anarchist" & "The Wreckers" which rang in about 12 minutes. Setlist was an incredible 2.5+ hrs worth. 

The only difference between then and now was back then there was so much pot smoking going on in the arena I could barely see the stage from my seats and rowdy it was. Definite first contact high back then. Tonight all those fans are now middle aged plus, more more laid back and there to enjoy the show and witness a band no one thought would last this test of time. Still three of the greatest rock musicians around. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart still masters of the musical universe when it comes to progressive epic rock music. 

With technology now so far advanced from decades ago, Rush's show is still musically dynamic, but extra special with the stage props (loved the popcorn machine), lights and video screens. Visually WOW in many ways. Overall if you're a Rush fan I don't think you left the show in any disappointment. That 2-set setlist has something for everyone, new or old fans. Better go see Rush on this tour, it's big it's a long show and the end is unfortunately coming sooner or later from the greatest Canadian rock band of them all and probably forever with Rush

View more show photos HERE!

"Iron Mike Savoia - -

Set 1:
The World Is...The World Is 
The Anarchist 
The Wreckers 
Headlong Flight (with 'Drumbastica' mini drum solo)
Far Cry 
The Main Monkey Business 
How It Is 
Roll the Bones 
(with 'Celebrity Rappers' video)
Between the Wheels 
Set 2:
No Country for Old Hens 
Tom Sawyer 
The Camera Eye 
The Spirit of Radio 
Jacob's Ladder 
Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Part I: Prelude 
Cygnus X-1 (Book One: The Voyage Parts 1… more )
Closer to the Heart 
2112 Part I: Overture 
2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx 
2112 Part IV: Presentation 
2112 Part VII: Grand Finale 
Mel's Rock Pile starring Eugene Levy 
Lakeside Park 
What You're Doing 
Working Man

Anyone remember this KISW Button from 1980 Rush show?


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The Aristocrats Blow Seattle's Mind!

Last time The Aristocrats played Seattle in January 2012 at the The Rendezvous, no one knew, including me! I heard both shows were attended by maybe a few handfuls at most each night. If that was true, there was NO WAY I'd let that happen again for this 7.11.15 show. I pounded Facebook and my musician peeps on this band and who they are. Yes, musicians from other planets here on planet earth! Guys that back the bands/artists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and my favorite artist ever in Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame. You delivered with hundreds & hundreds of music and musician fans turning out to Studio Seven to watch this spectacle! 

Guitar wizard Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, Asia/GPS), Bass God Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, Dethklok) and the unfathomable drumming insanity of Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani). Marco was runner up in the Dream Theater job Mike Mangini got. It it all worked out the best for Marco though cause his Steven Wilson gig rocks and gives him the flexibility to run with The Aristocrats!  

Their brand of instrumental rock, jazz, funk, twang metal gives me ear visions of ZZ-Top meeting George Benson, Rage Against The Machine and Stanley Clarke on a hill-top fight against Rush, Dream Theater and Megadeth with Frank Zappa as the referee! I know it's confusing, but it's so damn awesome!! Their third studio album "Tres Caballeros" just came out and the band opened the show playing the whole album from start to finish. Fantastic mix of instrumental rock that's played at a masterful point that if you're a musician and think you're higher than the clouds in your skills you'll be crashing down to earth after hearing these guys play and their intertwining riffs of insanity and precision.

Seattle setlist: Stupid 7, Jack's Back, Texas Crazypants, ZZ Top, Pig's Day Off, Smuggler's Corridor, Pressure Relief, The Kentucky Meat Shower, Through the Flower, Get It Like That (w/ drum solo), Bad Asteroid & Flatlands. *all songs except the last 3 off the new "Tres Caballeros" CD {BUY HERE or off iTunes}

Over all The Aristocrats are more than just an instrumental band for musicians, they don't bore you with a bunch of over the top riffs and the usual "look how awesome we are and how fat we can play". They blend great catchy sounds with musicianship hailing from some other galaxy. Check them out, for the remaining U.S. tour dates through 8/25/15:

With a packed house at Studio Seven what amazed me the most was the crowd was 1/3 girls! Very cool and maybe it had something to do with the opening act the Travis Larson Band? Yes the world renowned bassist Jennifer Young plays in Travis' band! When you say "Chicks that Rock!" her name better be on that list. The female Billy Sheehan? Check out the Travis Larson Band, he's a great guitar player with some GREAT instrumental full throttled rock-fusion jams! - I'll add a live video here later today from Travis Larson Band too.

For full show photo gallery CLICK HERE.

"Iron" Mike Savoia

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Van Halen Slam The Hammer Down in Ridgefield, WA

Ok I'm gonna admit, the last time I saw Van Halen in the Tacoma Dome 5.6.12. it was, in my eyes, a little bit of a train wreck with David Lee Roth in what I call the "not in performance mind" vibe. Forgetting lyrics and basically just acting out the part it seemed. Not last night! Holy smokes that's the show I was expecting back in 2012. 


Lets face it, Diamond Dave doesn't have the vocal pop or leg kicks he once had, but this time around he actually looked like he had something to prove with what he has left in his 60 year old rock in roll tank. Energetic, focused and as always having fun on stage. Little too happy at times but hey it's Diamond Dave! Opening with (surprised me) Light Up the Sky the band ran throw a killer set that included: Runnin' With the Devil - Romeo Delight - Everybody Wants Some - Drop Dead Legs - Feel Your Love Tonight - Somebody Get Me a Doctor - She's the Woman - China Town - I'll Wait - Alex Solo - Little Guitars - Dance the Night Away - Beautiful Girls - Women in Love - Hot for Teacher - In a Simple Rhyme - Dirty Movies - Ice Cream Man - Unchained - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Edward Solo - You Really Got Me - Panama and the encore of (no surprise here their biggest hit) Jump. 

Crowd was really great at Amphitheatre Northwest in Ridgefield, WA too. Over 10k+ filling the venue and for many a flashback to their more youthful days growing up on Van Halen as most of us 40+ year olds did. What can you say about Eddie Van Halen that hasn't already been said about his guitar playing? He's still the king! So effortless, so precise and so inspiring to guitar players around the world, the ticket alone for admission to watch Eddie play is worth it! Check out Eddie's guitar solo from YouTube account Ima Starman in the front row!


It was hard to see Alex Van Halen behind the drums from the photo pit and perfect back in my seat. He's still playing loud and undeniably still powerful. His drum solo is an interesting jungle tango of sounds. Not the usual pound away and see how fast you can go style of many drummers in rock. 

Eddie's son Wolfgang kept the bottom end roaring and just like his dad pretty damn good player. I know there's the crowd like myself that would die to see Michael Anthony back in the band, but that's history and to tell ya the truth...Van Halen live is watching Eddie Van Halen! Love how he still smiles and has about as much fun as David Lee Roth up there. Overall from what I saw on this second night of the 2015 tour I'd say GO! The show is awesome, setlist killer and loved the stage lighting. Had a warped rig look and from a distance in my seat in section 205 I felt like I was watching a show at the Hollywood Bowl in California. For full show photos please visit here on - and as always we'll also get some posted on KISWSavoia Photography Live Facebook pages later today! 

For full tour dates and info on Van Halen Live on Tour 2015 visit:

For those that attended the tour opening night 7/5/15 at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA check out the review from Northwest Music Scene HERE.

"Iron" Mike Savoia -  

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Seattle Musician Documentary Book Video Feature

Check out the season ending Art Zone with Nancy Guppy​ show (video above) and the feature on photographer Ernie Sapiro's "Musician" book & the upcoming August gallery in Seattle. Huge honor to have been asked to participate in this historic piece of Seattle Music documentation!


Over 2 years of scheduling, Ernie shot over 175 chosen figures known in the Seattle/Pacific Northwest Music scene (all genres) over the years & currently from musicians, producers, radio personalities, record store/label peeps etc. like Pat O'Day (famous broadcaster/promoter), Duff McKagan (GnR), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Randy Hansen, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Chris Ballew (PUSA)Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Tee Wanz, Merrilee Rush, Buck Ormsby (The Fabulous Wailers), Matt Vaughn (Easy Street Records)Jonathan Poneman (Sub Pop), Duke Erickson (Metal Church) etc. Even the first lady of RnR photography (especially in the Pacific Northwest), Jini Dellaccio is featured in this project. Unfortunately she passed away last year, but what an HONOR it is for myself to also be featured in this project along side her greatness and my fellow photogs Charles Peterson & Lance Mercer. Also to know my cousin and long time Seattle music critic Gene Stout is also in the project is bitter sweet for our families knowing how much time/effort we've both put into our love of music and especially in the local scene. Between us we have 65+ years of music relations in Seattle alone with our writings and photography! A celebration of each individuals 30x34" prints will be on display at Union Stable (not 100% confirmed yet - I'll announce details when confirmed) in Seattle starting August 21st and will run for 3-4 weeks. A book is also in the plans too. That would be awesome!

Here's some non-exhibit extras Ernie let me use of Mike McCready - (me) Iron Mike Savoia - Gene Stout for this blog. Not even knowing the uniqueness or full story behind the project when I had my photo shoot I'm super happy I walked out of the house that day with my Rocket shirt on, perfect dedication to the history of Seattle music print coverage back in the day now immortalized in this project! If Ernie's last name rings a bell in Seattle his father was the world renowned film photographer Scotty Sapiro (bio). His studio in Seattle's Pioneer Square was well known in the 70s. Following in his footsteps Ernie is now on of the best Seattle based portrait and lifestyle editorial photographers! Great personality and talent. Stay up-to-date with this project at:

A special shout out goes out to Nancy Guppy (Art Zone, Almost Live, King5) as the co-producer of this "Musicians" project as Ernie stated to me "This would have never happened without her" and the Gibson Showroom in Seattle (Jeff Dana & Jenny Marsh) for their time/efforts for all the photos to be done there.

"Iron" Mike Savoia -

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Steven Wilson's Solo Tour Hits Seattle Weds

KISW 99.9FM presents Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson at the Moore Theatre in Seattle this Wednesday June 17th on this his "Hand. Cannot. Erase." solo album tour.
Originally scheduled for the Neptune Theatre, it sold out fast and with the extra demand STG Presents moved it to the Moore Theatre. All Neptune Theatre tickets will be honored at the Moore.
Tickets still available for the show HERE.

Last time Steven Wilson was in town was for his tour opening sold-out Showbox Market show on April 4, 2012 for his "Grace For Drowning" album tour. See show photos HERE. Bummed he never toured here for the "The Raven That Refused To Sing" album in 2013 so looking forward to this show. 


This time around it's the last show of the U.S. Tour in Seattle. Promoting the "Hand. Cannot. Erase" (inspired by the case of Joyce Carol Vincent, where a woman living in a large city dies in her apartment and no one misses her for three years, despite her having family and friends) album. A definite Top 5 album release of 2015. Near 66min progressive rock bliss!

The live show to align with the albums subject matter is gonna be a spectacular visual from the few video clips I've seen on this tour. Don't miss my favorite artist of all time and one of the greatest musical geniuses of our time in Steven Wilson. Buy Tickets HERE.

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Jolene Leaves KISW 99.9FM Seattle

Jolene's announcement was like the same feeling I had back in 1999 when I heard the NFL's Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions just up and quit the game in his prime with no real reason why. Sanders left the game just 1,457 yards short of being first place on the list for the NFL all-time rushing record at that time. Now we don't have to lay down any statistics as to how Jolene is perceived in the Seattle airwaves, she was the Queen of the night time FM radio. As a teen she dreamed about working at KISW and 11 years ago she conquered that dream. Last Tuesday she shocked Seattle by announcing her retirement from radio and Friday was her last day at KISW. Just like the Barry Sander situation I was in shock. Takes some big balls to quit anything at the top of your game. Jolene felt it was her time to move on in life and with her upcoming wedding I can see a life shift that backs up her decision. 

For 8 of her 11 years at KISW I got to hang and photograph her at events. In the beginning (she'll admit) she didn't like her photo taken. Took a good 2 years for her to loosen up then BAM she was rocking the camera as you'll see in my photo gallery (2007-2015) video below:

So on May 29th I put on one of these Jolene wigs hanging around the station and went to work with her covering her last time on-air at KISW.

The response was awesome in support. Phone calls in from Duff McKagan (Loaded/GNR/Walking Papers), Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), KISW Hall of Famer Cathy Faulkner and current morning radio giant BJ Shea. In studio visits from former KISW DJ Ricker, performances from Windowpane and Witchburn. Famed producer Jack Endino, Musician Paul Passereli stopped by and more. 
Check out my full photo gallery HERE.

Here's a video of Windowpane and Witchburn's performances and other quick clips I did in the studio. For all the audio interview and phone call clips plus some videos go to KISW: 

Jolene will be missed. Her support of local music was undeniable at the station and hope someone there continues that tradition. Thought it would be cool to end the blog with a photo of her last second on-air.

Good luck Jolene! "Iron" Mike Savoia  

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Photofantasm Soundgarden Photobook

Soundgarden fans you gotta check this out! Super stoked to have contributed photos to this awesome project benefiting the Canary Foundation, the first and only foundation in the world solely dedicated to the funding of early cancer-detection solutions. All Net Proceeds Go To Charity! "In the course of making this book our friend Tiffany Patterson-Gross passed away in late 2013. It made this project an even greater labor of love as we also dedicate this book to our friend and fellow Knight. She was a pillar of strength and inspiration to us and everyone she touched. Tiffany fought a battle against cancer with her otherworldly strength while showing grace, humor, and kindness towards others." Jaye and Mike English - Photofantasm Authors


Here's a little page sample of one of my photos in the book and its extra special because my cousin and long time Seattle music critic Gene Stout contributed some of his work for the project too and its right on my page. Our families will be proud. For complete book information check out the press release below and visit to order one of only 1000 books made right now. 
"Iron" Mike Savoia -



The only book ever created by the fans for any high-profile band, Photofantasm Soundgarden is dedicated to rock pioneers Soundgarden. It features commentary and recollections from fellow artists, the music press, and other notable contributors.
SEATTLE, May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Photofantasm Soundgarden: Nudedragons to King Animal highlights the Seattle band’s rebirth via hundreds of pages’ worth of photographs, graphic art, anecdotes, interviews, and reviews. In a truly collaborative effort, fans, artists, musicians, authors, photographers, and other notable personalities all help chronicle Soundgarden's performances across the globe from 2010 to 2013.
To quote Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge author Mark Yarm in his foreword to Photofantasm Soundgarden, the book is “by the fans, for the fans”—the book boasts more than 300 contributors from more than 30 countries on six continents—and captures what promises to be just the beginning of a very long second chapter!
Much like classic vinyl, Photofantasm Soundgarden is a quality, limited-edition collector's item (only 1,000 copies) meant to be savored by the fans (and the band itself) for years to come. The heart of this book is a section devoted to the loving memory of an extraordinary friend and Soundgarden fan who courageously fought cancer. All net proceeds will go to Canary Foundation, the first and only foundation in the world solely dedicated to the funding of early cancer-detection solutions.
Photofantasm totals 592 pages, much of it exclusive content. It includes more than 1,000 photographs, plus concert posters, original artwork, hundreds of stories, interviews, reviews, and more. Printed and bound in the USA, Photofantasm Soundgarden: Nudedragons to King Animal can be purchased exclusively at Also check out the site for a sneak peek at some of the book’s highlights and a list of all the contributors.
“This book is a must-have for Soundgarden fans and an opportunity to give to a great cause!” say authors Jaye and Mike English. “It took passion and several years to collaborate with fans and artists around the world to create Photofantasm and have it remain authentic. We’re happy we made history together and proud to give back. We thank everyone who contributed!”
Soundgarden, which features members Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepherd, have released six studio albums, won two Grammy® Awards, and sold millions of records worldwide. They are currently planning another album and working on their own personal projects.
For more information, please contact Spoondog Entertainment Group, LLC. Like us on Facebook and follow @SpoondogENT on Twitter and Instagram. 

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Stone Temple Pilots Kickoff Tour

Wednesday night in Seattle at the Paramount Theatre the Stone Temple Pilots kicked off their U.S. tour. I have a long love of this band with some interesting moments too. Here's a photo back 23 years ago when KISW 99.9FM had a free sponsored show at the OK Hotel with STP. November 20, 1992 shot on my pocket Kodak 35mm film camera.

I did a positive review of their debut album back in '92 (post publications were slamming them as a Seattle grunge sound rip-off) in my local Seattle fanzine B.T.R. Music Magazine. The band and label appreciated my words (I knew they'd  be huge) and invited me to their "Plush" video shoot that actually happened here in Seattle near Greenlake at the Little Red Hen. Enough of the past lets get into the present! Scott Weiland is out and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington is in. He's a perfect fit for the band!! Weiland dug his own grave with this band and I'm glad the band is not staying hostage to his unpredictability issues and moving on with Chester. Was excited to see how this would work tonight as I've never seen the band fronted by someone else than Weiland. Besides some of the funny first show of the tour mistakes he was kick ass!! Here's some fan footage off YouTube from Michael Rovski of "Dead & Bloated" from this show.

Day started off being asked to shoot the bands soundcheck party with their VIP's. That was a blast!! Everyone was invited onstage as the band playfully jammed soundcheck and directly to those fans! It was something I've NEVER seen from a band and what an experience it was for those people and even me shooting. I made sure to get a full group shot of the band and these fans at the end of soundcheck. 


Seattle Setlist: Lounge Fly/Vasoline/Wicked Garden/Sex Type Thing/Pruno/Crackerman/Coma/Sin/Big Bang Baby/Out of Time/Heaven and Hot Rods/Meatplow/Adhesive/Creep/Big Empty/Plush/Interstate Love Song/Down/Sex & Violence/Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart/ Encore: Piece of Pie/Dead & Bloated

Seattle savant musician Richard Peterson who actually played on a hidden track "My Second Album" on the 1994 "Purple" album was invited out at the end of the show and gave a few words to the crowd. That was awesome!! See STP Richard post/photo HERE.

Overall as a life long STP fan I'm glad to see the band happier than ever and moving on with a singer fully capable of continuing this bands legacy as one of the greatest radio rock bands of our time. Go see this band live!! The songs speak for themselves including the new ones with Chester! 

Go see my full set of Soundcheck and Concert Photos by CLICKING HERE. Also posted on's photo gallery HERE

Also check out my bro at Seattle Sound Live and his STP show review HERE!

Visit STP online: 

Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia
KISW 99.9FM Blog:

UPDATE: 4.29.15 - Reason why Weiland is not fronting STP ever again. He still needs serious help!


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Windowpane Free Concert & Movie Premier This Saturday

Seattle! Time to come out and support what could and should be Seattle's next national recording rock band: WINDOWPANE

KISW 99.9 "The Rock" presents the official SCREENING PARTY at Studio Seven on Saturday, April 4th 2015 at 7pm. Hosted by the one and only Jolene Skisw :)

The screening of the full length feature film "There is No Such Thing As the Record Label Fairy" The Story of Windowpane on a big screen. See trailer in HD below all this text. There will be chairs provided for the duration of the film. 

Followed by the first official live WINDOWPANE performance in 10 months (chairs will be removed). The band will be joined on stage by guest artists including members of:
QueensrÿcheKlover JaneThe MothershipThe Crying SpellVan EpsMechanism

All Ages, full bar with ID (and because this is a NON-ticketed event, alcohol will be allowed anywhere in the venue for persons of legal age), Doors at 7pm

***FREE ADMISSION*** (Courtesy of Windowpane & Studio Seven) *First come, first served*
(Place holds 800 peeps, all should be able to get in, but we do recommend that you get there early and know that chairs for the screening of the film are limited to 250)
STUDIO SEVEN 110 S. Horton ST Seattle, WA 98134

Windowpane on KISW's "LOUD & LOCAL" show 3.29.15

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Has 25 years really gone by for Andrew Wood?

Has 25 years really gone by? Our city of Seattle has been through so much pain over the years within our music community loosing so many great musicians to drugs. Seems like yesterday the bad news of Andrew Wood hit my ears 3.19.90. I remember the huge buzz leading up to the Mother Love Bone "Apple" release. They were the next rock stars, the next big thing in rock music, then Andrew has a relapse with heroin and the end of Mother Love Bone happened before it even began. Remember one thing, if there was no Mother Love Bone there might of never been Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana etc.

Andrew Wood and MLB opened the major label records door to Seattle and it's uprising rock/grunge scene. The world changed forever...thank you Andrew, you were of a different seed for sure, but a special one it was and its a damn shame that seed didn't blossom into the major rock star you were. You were the biggest loss in Seattle rock music history by a long shot. Why? True rock stars were a thing of the past before Andrew, he was the next and would've been possibly the last true rock star we'd know from his musical talent, vision and fashion that we would've seen grow over the yearsApple is what we have left and in Seattle music history it will live on forever!  Check out Northwest Music Scene's article today: "25 Years After The Tragic Death of Andrew Wood- We Still Wonder" Great article {READ HERE}


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Mike Starr 4 Years Gone Today

Thought I'd have a little remembrance post today to one of our lost Seattle rock warriors Mike Starr formally of Alice in Chains. Four years ago today, RIP 4/4/66-3/8/11

Back in January me & Stephanie caught the Spector Bass unveiling at NAMM of Mike Starr's new signature bass. It looks awesome! Made to the last specs Mike had and wanted. He'd be proud of this! 

Check out my exclusive photos from the private Mike Starr memorial inside the EMP then the Seattle Center with fans.
{Click here to view Mike Starr private memorial & public gathering photos at EMP/Seattle Center - 3/20/2011}

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Sock Puppet Music Parody Videos

Came across this YouTube video channel called
SockPuppetParody that had me on the floor laughing! What creative genesis!! Take a music video and create it using sock puppets and changing the lyrics to wash machine related themes. Example: Metallica = Lintallica / Slayer = Stayner / Static X = Static Cling / etc. Then you have the lyric changes...just watch the views and laugh!!!! My favorite has to be the Rage Against The Washing Machine video...classic!!! Ha! Check them out on Facebook: YouTube: 
"Iron" Mike Savoia

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Sock Puppet Parody) - Smellvana "Smells Like Stinkhole"

Metallica - Master of Puppets (Sock Puppet Parody) - Lintallica "Master of Sock Puppets"

Slayer - Raining Blood (Sock Puppet Parody) - Stayner "Raining Bleach"

Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name (Sock Puppet Parody) - Rage Against The Washing Machine "Searching For The Lost Sock"

Static X - Push it (Sock Puppet Parody) - Static Cling "Sew It"

Radiohead - Creep (Sock Puppet Parody) - Sockhead "Sock"

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK (Sock Puppet Parody) - Sox Pistols "Mess-Anarchy"

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Billy Idol Shows Seattle Who's Still King!

Photos/Blog - "Iron" Mike Savoia

For nearly 4 decades Billy Idol has been in and out of just about every fan of rock/punk/pop music ears in one way or another. From the late 70s with the British punk rock band Generation X to his continuing successful solo days, Billy Idol at nearly 60 can still rock with the best. With a Sold-Out Paramount Theatre in 2015 it proves his staying power is still there. In support of his new awesome album (made my Top 20 of 2014) "Kings & Queens of the Underground", he opened the show with a new killer track "Postcards from the Past" and then going into "Cradle of Love", but it was the 3rd song that got me excited, his latest single/video "Can't Break Me Down". By far his best tunes in years with a modern sound mixed with his classic Idol style we all know and love. Great live tune.


Bedsides playing the hits "Dancing With Myself", "Flesh for Fantasy", "Eyes Without a Face", "Rebel Yell", "Mony Mony" etc. he also played two Generation X tunes "King Rocker" and "Ready Steady Go". Guitarist Steve Stevens was just as entertaining as Billy. His electric acoustic solo was a fun display of his bad ass skills. Why isn't this guy mentioned with the other guitar greats of today? 


Overall it was an entertaining show. Billy sounded pretty good (little flat here and there), looked amazing without a shirt on at 59 years young, still commands the stage with the attitude he had back in the day. Make sure to check out his new album "Kings & Queens of the Underground". {Buy Here} Stay up-to-date with Billy Idol at:

{Click Here To View Concert Photos From This Shows first Three Songs}


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Iron Mike's Top CD & Photo picks of 2014

Ok, that time of the year when I look back and say to myself "I did all that this year?". Between all the concerts and photography I did, there was the hours and hours of editing at the computer and the music that kept me focused and sane. What a year it was with all the concerts I got to cover for Entercom radio stations: KISW 99.9, The End 107.7, The Wolf 100.7 and Hot 103.7. Add in some travels like to California covering NAMM for KISW and my new gig (Thanks Dave & Larry) working on the Monsters of Rock, Moody Blues, Cruise to the Edge and Celtic Thunder Cruises. Not many can say the Bahamas was like a 2nd home in 2014. 2015/2016 looks even crazier with more cruises to be added & in the works like (you Rockaholics will love this one) the Lewbrewski Cruise! Imagine craft beers mixed with lots of killer bands from around the world. There's no doubt it was a year of experiences most other photographers could only dream of. I plan on not waking up any time soon ha!

My 200 Top/Favorite Music related photos of 2014 with local Seattle music soundtrack from The Mothership, The Crying Spell, Mechanism and Queensryche.
{View/comment on these individual photos in Facebook}

Then there's my Top 30 non-music (most people think I only do music photography) of 2014. This is the stuff that lets my imagination soar. {View/comment on these individual photos in Facebook}

"IRON" MIKE'S TOP 20 FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2014: Maybe you'll discover some new music here..enjoy!

1) Overkill - White Devil Armory - Mind blowing how Overkill release their best album 30+ years into their thrash metal career. Take note Metallica & Megadeth! Overkill is the best and it's all about still having the passion and heart to do what they do best: balls to the wall power metal thrash that's memorable, singable and plain energetically fresh from start to finish. Just what the doctored ordered. {BUY}


2) The Mothership - Bright Side of Dim - Seattle's new hard-rock grunge alternative kings! The Mothership release one of the most diverse sounding and enjoyable rock albums ever released from Seattle! Probably the most favored Seattle release since Second Coming's 1998 release on Capitol Records. {Buy}

3) Behemoth - The Satanist - Probably the most groundbreaking Black Metal album in decades! Music style I don't listen a lot too but Poland's Behemoth show that thinking out of the normal "Death" box you can create dark music that's atmospheric on epic levels within this genre of music. The basics of rock in roll underline this brutal extreme metal style and that'd where 95% of Black Metal bands fail at. It's not who's the heaviest, fastest or most monster (as in cookie) sounding vocals anymore, it's trying new realms of musical & lyrical interest and Behemoth hit a grand slam with "The Satanist".

4) Texas Hippie Coalition - Ride On - Finally a THC album that's produced and sounds amazing! Plain jaw-dropping album that will be stuck in your head and leave your ears with a bad case of OCD. I can't stop listening to or singing "Splinter" and that "Rock Ain't Dead" tune is unreal when that riff jumps out after the Queen-like "We Will Rock You" drum parts. Imagine Pantera meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. Guitarist Cord Pool is off the hook! This 22yo's riffs and structures make my bones shake. One of the best hard rock/metal bands out there! {BUY}


5) Triptykon - Melana Chasmata - Ex-Celtic Frost frontman Tom Warrior and his latest doom metal Triptykon band blew me away with this release. The MONSTROUS down tuned sound (especially from bassist & beautiful voiced Vanja Slajh) is the best of any album in 2014. Has that classic full studio sound not heard much in todays digital recording age. Moody, mysterious and plain rocking from Switzerland. I still can't get over Vanja's bass sound throughout this album. She crushes everyone! Every song is like 6-12 minutes and epic on so many levels. Thank you Tom Warrior! {BUY}

6) Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls - Plain and simply one of the best Judas Priest albums ever. Took me a couple spins, but imagine a Priest album that riffs in style from the very early rock riff days to the current metal manifestations. "Halls of Valhalla" pure Judas Priest classic! Mind boggling Rob Halford can still deliver these vocals at 63 years old! The Metal God for sure!

7) Otherwise - Peace At All Costs - Hands down the hard rock album of the year released form the states. Otherwise debut major label album "True Loves Never Dies" was the best selling debut rock album of the year 2012/13 behind the hit "Soldiers" (see video) and "Peace at all Costs" is even stronger and better in many ways. Las Vegas natives Otherwise are definitely one the futures of rock music for the next generation. Great live band too.  


8) Skindred - Kill The Power - Imagine a Newport, South Wales band that mixes heavy metal, alternative rock, reggae and punk. Also integrating elements of dancehall, jungle, hardcore, ska, hip hop, dubstep and various other influences into their music with the best live frontman (Benji Webbe) in the biz. There's NEVER a bad Skindred album. One of my favorite and best live bands on the planet. AMAZING album from start to finish that you won't hear musically from any other band around. Skindred rule!

9) The Crying Spell - Spectrums of Light - New Wave rock for the new millennium! Seattle's Mod-Wave-Rockers The Crying Spell deliver a major-label like release like no other from the Northwest! How is this band unsigned? "Crash into the Sun" a total classic and the "The Dead War" and "Shoulder of Giants" are EPIC tracks just not heard in music today...Eric Synder is a guitar God! Former members of Point One and Second Coming! The Crying Spell, winners of the first annual American Family Insurance "Dream Show Seattle" competition, performed to 67,000 during halftime at the Seattle Seahawks regular season finale December 28, 2014. BUY!

10) Ancient Warlocks - Ancient Warlocks - One of the greatest sludgy grunged stoner-rock albums ever from the Northwest, That opening fuzz riff sound of "Into The Night" is unreal!! What a great album!! Soundgarden meets Sabbath on a magic carpet ride through the green leaf fields of Washington State. Ancient Warlocks album is a must!

Best of the rest in 2014:

New Medicine - Breaking The Model {BUY}

Meg Myers - Make a Shadow {BUY}

Mushroomhead - The Righteous & The Butterfly {BUY}

Accept - Blind Rage {BUY}

Righteous Vendetta - Defiance {BUY}

Exodus - Blood In Blood Out {BUY}

Royal Blood - Royal Blood {BUY}

Sister Sin - Black Lotus {BUY}

Billy Idol — Kings & Queens of the Underground {BUY}

Anathema - Distant Satellites {BUY}


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NAMM 2015 Media Day Overview

NAMM - Media Day - Anaheim, CA 1.21.15
Full Photo Set: Click Here
Overview/Photos/Video: Mike & Stephanie Savoia

This years Media Day at NAMM was indeed the most attended one in recent memory. At times it was hard to even move around to shoot a photo or even video. Maybe a good sign the music business overall is back on the up? This annual trade show draws nearly 100,000 music-industry retailers, manufacturers, artist and fans from around the world encompassing nearly every genre of music. Before the four-day trade show opens, most of us media-related folks fly in a day early to attend a special 3 hour session with a few select companies that participate to showcase their new products direct to media before they become possibly lost in the nearly 1.5 million square feet of exhibit space within the Anaheim Convention Center and outside buildings. 

All the companies (feel free to click the links to discover some cool company products) participating this year on NAMM media day were:
Blackbird Guitars, Cordoba Guitars, Epsilon-Pro, GTC Sound Innovation, IK Multimedia, Imitone, iZ Technology, Line 6, Make Noise, Marion Systems Corporation, McCarthy Music, Monster Products, Orange Music Education, Peavey, Rock & Roll High, Roland Corporation, Taylor Guitars, TC-Helicon, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, V-MODA and Yamaha

Each year the Executive Director of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Brian Rothschild brings in a big name special guest to mentor students from Berklee College to write and record a new song on the tour bus. The artist also comes in on media day and talks about the importance of music education among the youth of today and how NAMM & the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus work together to do just that. This year was George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic). He also promoted his new book "Like George" too.


One of the most interesting product demonstrations was from Orange Amplification's with their new Musicboard where the student does not necessarily need to play an instrument to learn and understand music theory with actual sound demonstration using the music board. The video will show you a normal looking whiteboard come to life with the touch of a wand or you can demonstrate with the attached keyboard!

So after 3+ hours at Media Day here's each of our favorite new product release at NAMM Media Day 2015.

Stephanie: Imitone - Play any instrument with your voice. Definitely my favorite product on Media Day. You can use your voice to create a guitar riff or whistling to make a melody on a piano. You don't have to know how to play these instruments to create music with them. The software translates the sound of your voice, humming, whistling and even musical instruments into MIDI - digital music sound. To get started, you just need the Imitone software, a microphone and a music app. An example is Apple's GarageBand. Your voice would become piano, electric or acoustic guitar, or one of several keyboards.

If you are going to sing, hum or whistle, it does need to be in tune. If it's not in tune, the instrument your voice is being translated to will also be out of tune. The software is still in beta so the two versions are being sold at a discount. The basic version is $25 and includes: Scale correction, loudness control, vibrato control, pitch blend, octave shift, and percussion control. The prime version includes the above as well as: Simultaneous multi-instrument control, adjustable tuning, timbre controls, experimental polyphonic detection, fully configurable MIDI sequencing, custom analysis tuning and analysis data visualization.

Mike: GTC Sound Innovations REVPAD - The REVPAD is a wireless small, elegantly designed device, that can be easily attached with thin velcro on top of any amplified guitar, acoustic or bass. It transmits to a sound processing base unit that contains high-end effect algorithms along with traditional analog distortion and overdrive. This is a game changer for guitarists world wide! Imagine the sounds and unique sounds with your playing you could create! REVPAD expands any guitar beyond one’s imagination and gives the ability to play unique and inspiring sounds with just a finger swipe on the pad. Check out all the info on this awesome product from Israel:


Check out all of our NAMM Media Day photos: CLICK HERE 

More NAMM Blogs on the way! 


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Saturday Night Shows Craig Gass/Steel Panther/Zero Down

Saturday night dilemma of what to do? How about catching 3 shows at different locations on the same night in Seattle like myself?

Lets' start in the U-District at the Neptune Theatre with comedian & impressions of celebrities specialist Craig Gass. He has 2 shows this night at 7 and 9:30pm. I'll be covering the 7pm show. What's really cool is Gass is giving a portion of his ticket sales to local comedian Dylan Avila who was attacked onstage by a crazed comedian not allowed to perform that night so he took a baseball bat to Dylan's head resulting in a fractured skull. (See KOMO News story) Dylan is actually going to try to open up Craig's show too only a week after his attack. Buy Tickets Now. Craig Gass is supporting his latest CD/DVD release "The Worst Comedy Show Ever" (Buy Now).

So as soon as Craig Gass is done I'm heading down to my 2nd comedy show of the night at the Showbox, Steel Panther! If you don't know who Steel Panther is yet, their Wiki page states it perfect: "is an American glam metal band from Los Angeles, California, mostly known for their profane and humorous lyrics as well as their exaggerated on-stage personae that parody the stereotypical lifestyle in the 1980s". If you recently saw them open for Judas Priest in the Tacoma Dome last November you'll remember them forever and if you had your kids there, you were probably covering their ears at the same time too ha! Catch Steel Panther on Jimmy Kimmel tonight on...that should be interesting 18+ TV ha! To buy tickets to their 21 & over Showbox show this Saturday CLICK HERE. Standing room only left to buy so hurry!

So by the time Steel Panther is done I'm jumping back in the Jeep and heading down the road to Slims Last Chance Saloon where our local old-school metal heads Zero Down are playing their "No Limits To The Evil" CD (on Italy's Minotauro Records) release show. With their stage time set around 11:30 I have a chance to catch some of the show and yes CD's will be available to buy for you all! The band were on KISW's Loud & Local this past Sunday. Hear the hour long podcast with new songs. I recently had the awesome opportunity to shoot the main CD shot of the band to correlate with the amazing cover artwork by the legendary metal artist Ed Repka (Megadeth/ Vic Rattlehead). Guitarist Lenny Burnett had an idea for it to be in a corn field, but once I saw the final album cover and watched the "Children of the Corn" movie (for a little inspiration) the shot and treatment instantly came to mind. I wanted it to be bad ass like the band was in the corn field as it was beginning to burn. Even though we had more fun than evil out in the field, I'm just glad we got out of there alive. Watch this video for a good laugh at our "No Limit To The Evil" band shot at Bob's Corn Field in Snohomish.

So who's joining me for all 3 shows Saturday night? Ha! "Iron" Mike Savoia

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Black Sabbath/McDonalds Tribute Band Mac Sabbath!

What happens when you take Black Sabbath and the crazy unhealthy culture of McDonalds characters? Mac Sabbath!!! Yes you read that right, a band called Mac Sabbath headed by the amazing Ronald Osbourne! Brilliant funny idea and wait till ya hear/read the lyrics, a mash of Sabbath & McDonalds ingredients guaranteed to give a laughing heart attack before eating McDonald's food will ha ha!! Check these guys out on Facebook! They will be conquering a McDonalds playland near you soon! Can't wait!

"Iron" Mike -

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Vote for KISW L&L Rockers to play Seahawks Game 12/28

Rockaholics! Go vote online and support our KISW Loud & Local rockers The Crying Spell. The final artist battle was yesterday at the Seattle Seahawks game with The Crying Spell vs. Dusty 45s. The online voting is on and the winner plays halftime at the Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams game Sun, Dec 28! SUPPORT LOCAL ROCK MUSIC!!! VOTE! SHARE and spread the word! Let's gets some KISW LOUD & LOCAL blood on that Century Link field for the home finally December 28th vs. the St. Louis Rams!

Vote online HERE - 1 vote per computer/device day till Dec 17th.  The Crying Spell contain former members of Second Coming & Point One!
Remember to listen to Jolene & her Loud & Local show each Sunday from 11pm-12am.


"Iron" Mike -

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Foo Fighters Take Seattle on a Sonic Highway Trip

Show: Foo Fighters - Showbox Market - Seattle 11.28.14
Review/ iPhone5 photo/video: "Iron" Mike Savoia

You won't see this very often or ever again in Seattle! Foo Fighters playing the Showbox Market!

"Sonic Highways" is latest release from the Foo Fighters. As part of an HBO television series, "Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways", the band recorded eight songs for the album, one in each of these cities: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. in which they documented in each city their recording process and the town's music history for the TV show.

In Seattle, it was done at Robert Lang Studio's in which Dave has worked on many of the earlier Foo Fighter songs there. Before the concert the audience was treated to the screening of the band’s latest "Seattle" episode of Sonic Highways. What an amazing piece it was and truly showed how the Seattle music scene since the 60s has influenced the world with musical greats like no other city in the USA! After the premier the Foo Fighters jumped onstage and cranked an entertaining 32-song, 3 hour show! Yes you read that right, 3 hour show! Check out this setlist:

Winnebago / The Feast and the Famine / Learn to Fly / White Limo / Arlandria / Rope / The Pretender / My Hero / Hey, Johnny Park! / Monkey Wrench / Congregation / Walk / Cold Day in the Sun / In the Clear / I'll Stick Around / Big Me / Something From Nothing / These Days / Wattershed / For All the Cows / Miss You (The Rolling Stones cover) / Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love (Van Halen cover) / Breakdown (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers cover) / Stiff Competition (Cheap Trick cover - Dave on drums, Taylor on lead vocals) / Subterranean (Live Debut, Requested onstage by Producer Butch Vig) / Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie cover) / All My Life / This Is a Call / Weenie Beenie / Best of You / Exhausted / Everlong

I didn't receive a photo pass so I had to do everything on my iPhone. He's some of my video coverage for those of you not lucky enough to be there. My feet were killing me standing there for 5 hours, but I'm not complaining too much, thanks to buddy Rob I scored the greatest Black Friday deal of them all (free) in the Showbox with the Foo Fighters. Love when big named artist play small clubs. Remember 2 months ago when Tom Morello & Chris Cornell played El Corazon (see video) in Seattle too? Now that was awesome! Seattle, their musicians and the music scene rules!

If you wondered how people got into this show (besides the band's guest list) this was the event information. With this format of ticketless entry it absolutely cutout any ticket scalping even though people were still out front of the venue offering attendees up to 1k to be their +1 to get in.

Event Information

plus a screening of Sonic Highways

Friday Nov 28
Doors open at 7:30 PM
Screening at 9:00 PM
Concert at 10:00 PM
Tickets: $20 + $5 service charge
Tickets on sale at 3pm TODAY Nov 26 at the following locations. No tickets will be sold online.

The 3 locations to purchase tickets are...

Downtown: THE SHOWBOX – 1426 1st Ave.
West Seattle: EASY STREET – 4559 California Ave. SW
Ballard: SONIC BOOM – 2209 NW Market Street

This event will use ticketless entry ONLY. Please read the following information about ticketless entry:
• Ticket sales for this event will be IN PERSON ONLY – VIA CREDIT CARD ONLY. No cash.
• At entry to the concert, you must provide the PHYSICAL CREDIT CARD USED FOR PURCHASE AND VALID PHOTO ID. Name on credit card must match photo ID.
• Entire party MUST enter the venue at the same time.
• Gift cards and single use credit cards may not be used for ticketless entry.
• Ticket limit of 2 per household
• Event is ALL AGES
• Multiple orders by the same purchaser will be cancelled.

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Judas Priest & Steel Panther rock the Tacoma Dome

Flashback May 18, 1986 in the Tacoma Dome. Me a young 19 year old metal head there to witness Judas Priest with Dokken opening. Not in a million years would I have guessed I'd be back there in 2014 to see them in concert again.The Metal Gods still to this day deliver the goods.

Celebrating their current 17th album release "Redeemer of Souls" (the band's first top 10 charting album in the US ever landing at #6 on Billboard) is a perfect mix of Judas Priest over the years. The classic rock sound of the early 70s meeting the molten metal machine they've became from the 80s till now. In their 16 song set, a fourth of the set was new songs including the show crushing opener of "Dragonaut". The remaining third of the set included many of the Priest classics we've grown to love, but I was a little bummed no "Electric Eye", "Screaming For Vengeance", "Green Manalishi" or "Freewheel Burning" in the set. With 40 years of music to choose from I can't be too picky cause look at the final awesome setlist: Dragonaut / Metal Gods / Devil's Child / Victim of Changes / Halls of Valhalla / Love Bites / March of the Damned / Turbo Lover / Redeemer of Souls / Beyond the Realms of Death / Jawbreaker / Breaking the Law / Encore: Hell Bent for Leather / You've Got Another Thing Comin' / Encore 2: Living After Midnight (Joined onstage by Steel Panther) / Defenders of the Faith. Pretty bad ass setlist still!

Highlight for me goes to the Metal God himself Rob Halford. How in the hell at 63 years old is this guy still amazingly singing some of these songs? "Beyond The Realms of Death" was beautifully mind-boggling perfect. Definitely one the greatest singers ever in any music style. (Check out KISW's Men's Room audio interview 11/20/14 with Rob - Click Here)

When original guitarist KK Downing left the band in 2011 and was replaced by Richie Faulkner, it was like a energy infusion to the Priest lifeline. His crazy good guitar skills and energy onstage was an undeniable catalyst with Judas Priest continuing on touring and recording new albums when they originally announced they were done after touring in 2011/2012. It was super bad ass to see Richie come out and play his custom D'haitre' Stealth V! A guitar company based right here in Washington State by former Zakk Wylde guitar tech Andy Beech. His energy and style just fuels the fire of the guitar master himself Glenn Tipton. These two twin guitars rip as good as the old days with KK.

The Tacoma Dome nearly lost their mind as soon as they heard the roar of the Harley motorcycle coming onstage for the encore. We all know what that meant. The classic "Hell Bent For Leather" was here to fill our ears. Definitely one of the Top 5 favorites of all-time with fans in the Priest catalog. The Metal Gods live on and this show proved there's no stopping Judas Priest, the defenders of our faith...METAL! Thanks to YouTube channel Raphaefeli for the live videos! To view my full set of Judas Priest live photos click here.

Opening the show was Steel Panther, the 80s Sunset Strip butt-rock parody act with heavy over the top XXX overtones. They might look like they are stuck in 1984, but these guys play like rock masters and lead singer Michael Starr has the voice 100% of those 80s rock acts wish they still had. Well David Lee Roth at least, ha!

A definite crowd favorite to those there that knew them and a complete shocker to those that had no clue who the band was. I'm sure parents there with their kids plugged their ears and blindfolded their eyes, especially when the crowd of girls were invited on stage to strut their stuff on the last two songs of the night. Opening their set with the awesome "Pussywhipped" (off their new album "All You Can Eat") sent the crowd into fist pumping, head banging, hair metal frenzy. Their hour long setlist was a non-stop barrage of classics in the Steel Panther catalog: Pussywhipped / Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World / Asian Hooker / Just Like Tiger Woods / Community Property / Eyes of a Panther / 17 Girls in a Row / Gloryhole / Party All Day (F**k All Night) / Death to All but Metal. One thing most people don't know is Steel Panther guitar wiz Satchel (aka Russ Parrish) use to be Rob Halford's guitar player in his band Fight in the early 90s!

Steel Panther are back to Seattle January 17th at the Showbox Market. Buy tickets here! My biggest personal highlight tonight (besides Michael Starr trying to pull me up on stage numerous times from the photo pit - thanks Mocha Charlie for photo below of one of those moments) was with Steel Panther.

We've done many end-of-show shots over the past years, but to actually be on stage looking out to the thousands in attendance like so many musicians I've seen there for the past 30 years was a moment I'll never forget!! To view my full set of Steel Panther live photos click here.

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Sweden Metal Invaded Seattle with Amon Amarth & Sabaton

Amon Amarth/Sabaton/Skeletonwitch - El Corazon - Seattle, WA 09.30.14

Swedish music artists have been influencing America and many others around the world for years. Obviously the most popular of those that come to my mind include Abba, Yngwie Malmsteen, Europe, The Hives, etc. but what Sweden is best known for is the heavier to melodic side of rock/heavy metal that you might of never known comes from Sweden. Ghost, Meshuggah, In Flames, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Bathory, At The Gates, Candlemass, Avatar, The Cardigans, etc. In that list you definitely have to include the Viking Kings of Amon Amarth and the War-torn battle stories from Sabaton. Both bands have been raging around for years and finally America is catching on. Of the two, Amon Amarth has been around the longest, since 1992, Sabaton since 1999. It wasn't until 2008 when Amon Amarth's "Twilight of the Thunder God" album reached number 50 in the US Billboard charts and ended up #7 in Revolver Magazine’s Top 20 Albums for that year. Then last year they really hit it with an ever bigger Heavy Metal audience in America unaware of them with a main stage spot on the 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Tour opening for Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch and Mastodon. Not only did they take the opportunity and run with it they blew everyone away with a stage show that included a Viking ship with huge dragon mast and drums atop on deck, something I can recall never seeing in my 30+ years of attending concerts. The medieval stages and dragon Dio had back in the late 80s could compare though. Here's a couple of my shots from last years Rockstar Mayhem showing their Nordic Viking ship awesomeness.

Now last night at the sold-out El Corazon it was a little different situation with a stage 1/3rd the size from the Mayhem tour and a roof only 12ft above their heads. For how much I loved their huge stage show last year, last night blew my doors off with no dramatic stage props (the way you know it's a great band) just the music and small club feel. It was packed sardines in there! Hard to believe just a couple days ago I saw Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) on that same stage playing together (see video).

Amon Amarth, brutal yet melodic death metal that adds some Viking Nordic folk and singable choruses that stick in your head probably like how a sword through your head in a medieval battle was...permanent. Opening with the title track of their latest album "Deceiver of the Gods", Amon Amarth rolled through a near hour and half, 17 song set of music like a soundtrack to a great Thor or mythological movie.

Deceiver of the Gods/Runes to My Memory/Death in Fire/Free Will Sacrifice/As Loke Falls/We Shall Destroy/For Victory or Death/Varyags of Miklagaard/The Fate of Norns/Father of the Wolf/Guardians of Asgaard/Warriors of the North/Destroyer of the Universe/Cry of the Black Birds/War of the Gods/ Encore: Twilight of the Thunder God/The Pursuit of Vikings. Check out the amazing movie music video (over a million views) for my favorite Amon Amarth song off the new album "Father of the Wolf".

True underground metal that might not be for everyone, but let me tell ya, singer Joakim Brodén & his mates are one hell of a band and their fans (including many girls in attendance) of the same Swedish/Nordic heritage there believed Amon Amarth were Gods in their own right. A piece of their Viking heritage from Sweden live in the flesh! Great experience seeing it in a small club. Amon Amarth haven't been around for 20 years for nothing. Check out their new album on Metal Blade Records "Deceiver of the Gods" for a good punch in the gut!

Opening the show was Skeletonwitch from Athens, Ohio. Evil thrash death metal that was actually enjoyable and the pit was raging for their whole set. Great grooving bass lines and dual guitars that sooth and puncture the ear drums at the same time. Check out their single "Burned From Bone" from their new album "Serpents Unleashed" on Prosthetic Records. Love the band groove!

Now on to Sabaton. Featuring lyrical themes based on war and historical battles, singer Joakim Brodén is fantastic live and always connected one with the crowd with his good humor (see my video below...still laughing on the YMCA thing) between songs interacting and seriously seemingly enjoying all his time on stage.

As you can hear in the live video and music video for "To Hell And Back" below Sabaton are a great melodic power metal band with that European kinda happy folk underlining tone. New CD "Heroes" on Nuclear Blast Records is out now. Overall it was a great show from start to finish and seriously enjoyed every minute of it. I'll be posting some various concert photos from the bands at this show in the next days at so go LIKE and wait and see ;)

"Iron" Mike Savoia - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter


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Tom Morello & Chris Cornell Together in Seattle

Yes you read that headline right! Former Audioslave members Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) played together in Seattle last night for a 15Now benefit concert at (yes you re reading this right) El Corazon! I couldn't acheieve a photo pass from organization so I did the next (or better) best thing for you folks that couldn't be there with us 800 other hot sweaty lucky peeps, video. Since cameras were not allowed my iPhone5 did the kick ass job to cature video of this historic show in Seattle ;) Enjoy your next hour of rockin entertainment which the video includes:

Now in the Fire cut (Rage Against the Machine)
Save the Hammer for the Man (The Nightwatchman)
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding (Nick Lowe)
Imagine (John Lennon)
One (U2 with a bit of Metallica - One lyrics)
I'm the Highway (Audioslave)
Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave)
Your Time Has Come (Audioslave)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen)
Cochise (Audioslave)
This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

Enjoy ! "Iron" Mike Savoia - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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Soundgarden & NIN Show Review

The Soundgarden/Nine Inch Nails co-headlining tour finally happened! Remember 20 years ago back in 1994 when Soundgarden backed out of the planned Nine Inch Nails tour supposedly because the announced Chris Cornell had some vocal issues? "Superunknown" had just debuted at #1 on Billboards Top 200 and Soundgarden were on top of the music world and Nine Inch Nails were at the top of their game too so it was disappointing to many it never happened. So to actually be blogging about a Soundgarden/NIN tour in 2014 is a miracle! This being the last show of the tour at the White River Amphitheatre you would've thought there would've been more people there (approx. 12k) with both these bands playing, but with the recent traffic and parking woes at the White River, Bumbershoot and Dave Matthews at the Gorge also going on those may have contributed to what I thought would've been a for sure sell-out. I have a feeling people stayed away at the last minute too especially with the announcement Soundgarden are playing a free show outside Centurylink Field for the Seahawks game this Thursday. NIN was just here 9 months ago too and sold out the Key Arena. Either way still a great turn-out even though the weather went monsoon for awhile on the people up in the grass area of the venue.

Opening the show was Cold Cave, a dark synthpop act headed by Wesley Eisold and touring partner Amy Lee. Their short set feature two keyboards worth of cool synth sounds and Wesley's melodic yet intense vocals. I like that 80s synth stuff so I'm definitely gonna check Cold Cave out. Hopefully this stuff we heard live is gonna be off their new album due out soon.

In a Big Unit surprise, as I was walking out of the photo pit after Cold Cave, to my surprise my fellow photographer buddy (all 6'10 of him) Randy Johnson jumped out at me from backstage to say hi as all of us photographers were leaving. Randy has been shooting the last couple of Soundgarden shows on this tour and got back into photography after his baseball career ended. Always been great to talk photography & music with him these past years on the phone. He surprised me for sure! Check out his concert and other world traveling photography at


On this co-headlinging tour, Soundgarden hit the stage first. What a spectacular light and visual show both bands gave us. For us concert photographers shooting it was heaven to the eyes when Soundgarden came out with their monster visual effects and lights. Their "A" game was on tonight!


Great to see Matt Cameron playing with them tonight too since he hasn't been with the band at all in 2014 because of his Pearl Jam commitments. Matt Chamberlain has been tour drumming for Soundgarden this year.

The band just looked primed and ready. Chris Cornell was on fire from the beginning, running around and rocking out while Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd roamed around in their subdued yet raging ways. Shepherd showed some real emotion at the end of the set pushing over his amps on his way off stage, a sign of happiness maybe that the tour is now done? Ha! Little surprised they didn't have any special guests come out on stage this being Seattle and the last show of the tour. Soundgarden's set: Searching with My Good Eye Closed, Spoonman, The Day I Tried to Live, My Wave, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Hunted Down, Fell on Black Days, Mailman, A Thousand Days Before, Burden in My Hand, Rusty Cage, Beyond the Wheel. 

This time around Nine Inch Nails were scaled down to 4 members including Trent Reznor. I actually liked it better, more raw. Trent was raging tonight onstage. Rumor has it this might be the last NIN show for a long while so I think he was leaving it all out onstage tonight as if it was forever.

With the technology of today and Nine Inch Nails electronic-influenced music, is there any other band giving us this awesome live experience combo of visual/music during a concert? Think not (Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree is my other favorite live experience), Trent's vision is just plain awesome and visual director Rob Sheridan makes it all come alive. If you have photosensitive epilepsy, this would be the last band on the planet you'd wanna go see live. It's intense! Hope this isn't another NIN hiatis, just too damn good of a band live to go away. (See pics from last NIN Seattle show)

Nine Inch Nails set: Copy of A, Sanctified, Came Back Haunted, 1,000,000, March of the Pigs, Piggy, Terrible Lie, Closer, Gave Up, Disappointed, Find My Way, The Great Destroyer, Eraser, Wish, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like a Hole, (Encore) Hurt

Check out the full show video below from last years VEVO Presents: Nine Inch Nails Tension 2013. Filmed 2 weeks after the Seattle show last November.

Thanks to Lynden for the White River audience video show overview posted on YouTube. 

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Jimi Hendrix Park Groundbreaking

Last Friday afternoon me and Jolene had the pleasure of covering and representing KISW at this small ceremony groundbreaking of the new future home of the Jimi Hendrix Park. Located at 2400 South Massachusetts Street in Seattle (at the Northwest African American Museum) off I-90, this phase one "Little Wing" ceremony was a great overview of what's happened in the planning process and the future vision for the park. Many guest speakers including Founder/Director Janie Hendrix, informal tables, great food and awesome music from Ayron Jones & The Way filled the 2-hr+ ceremony. For all the current info on the Jimi Hendrix Park download the brochure HERE or go to Facebook: or the official website 

The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation Vision: Create a community space inspired by the electrifying music and story of Jimi Hendrix. To create a gathering place for individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages to celebrate cultural heritage, experience community pride, and enjoy innovative educational programming.

Remember to purchase the limited edition 2014 KISW/Jimi Hendrix Park t-shirts to help support the development of Jimi Hendrix Park. Proceeds from the sale of each shirt will go towards the construction efforts. CLICK HERE TO VIEW/BUY. For more ceremony photos go to KISW photos HERE and for complete photo coverage on my photo page HERE

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Judas Priest/Steel Panther Tacoma 11/22/14

Judas Priest & Steel Panther
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA - Sat, Nov 22, 2014 07:30 PM
Tickets on sale 10am PT 7/18/14 at Click Here To Buy!
Preshow blog by: "Iron" Mike Savoia

Update 7/15/14 6:30pm: Buy Pre-Sale Tickets now or tomorrow at - Pre-Sale Offer Code: DOMEDIRECT - Pre-Sale Starts: Wednesday, July 16th at 10am - Pre-Sale Ends: Thursday, July 17th at 10pm Buy Pre-Sale Tickets here! Full public sale on at 10am Friday 7/18. 

The Metal Gods Judas Priest are back! Touring behind their first new album in 6 years, "Redeemer of Souls" just came out last week and it's looking as if this will be their first Top 10 debuting album on the U.S. Billboard charts ever.  

"Redeemer of Souls" takes a little getting use to for us long time Priest fans. Maybe we were expecting a pure balls-to-the-wall metal album which it really isn't. More of an over all Priest catalog (40+ years) feel from the early year sounds to the newer accustomed metal edge sounds. I can't get it out of my player, its a good album and needs to be bought especially for "Halls of Valhalla" and (my favorite) "Sword of Damocles" which are 100% classic Judas Priest.

"Metalizer" is the albums "Painkiller" and "Beginning of the End" is the albums closing balled that is to me a title premonition to the nearing future end of arena rock/metal. Our heroes like Priest, Kiss, AC/DC, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, etc are bigger than ever, but creeping near their end and we'll never see such a great genre of music and concerts again in our lifetime so I'm VERY excited I'll get to see Priest at least one more time. I can't remember how many times I've seen Judas Priest over the past 30+ years. You better come out to the show if you've ever been a Priest fan, the last times they played the Tacoma Dome was May 26, 1984 & May 18, 1986! Talk about a time machine in 2014!

Last time Priest was in town was October 29, 2011 at the WaMu Theater in Seattle (view photo album) and rumor had it then they were thinking ending touring as a whole for the band but thankfully the Metal Gods knocked some sense into them and they are back to deliver the goods to us fans and what we live for....METAL!

Opening for the Judas Priest U.S. Tour will be my buds Steel Panther! Known for their potty mouths, humorous sexual-overtoned lyrics and exaggerated on-stage persona that mock the very heavy metal music they play with the lifestyle (Sex, Drugs, Strippers etc.) of the famous 80s hair bands, you won't see a more entertaining opener or flashback to 1984 ever!

Don't let that fool ya, these guys are great musicians and the entertainment value with great tunes will shock and awe the people unaware of the band. Guitarist Satchel (aka Russ Parrish) was an instructor at The Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) at Hollywood's Musician's Institute and also played in Rob Halford's Fight band back in 1993 on the killer "War of Words" album! Singer Michael Starr is a vocal master and David Lee Roth wishes he still had what Michael Starr can do onstage. Their latest CD "All You Can Eat" just came out and again another crazy classic in the Steel Panther discography.

If your easily offended or have churchly eyes/ears NEVER listen to a Steel Panther song and for your God's sake NEVER watch a Steel Panther video. Remember "Death To All But Metal"! 

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Rockstar Mayhem Festival Overview

Rockstar Mayhem Festival - Auburn, WA 7.8.14
Reviewers/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia & Stephanie Savoia

The 7th annual Rockstar Mayhem Festival rolled into the White River Amphitheatre area on a perfect 90 degree day. Since the announcement of the bands on this tour earlier this year, many felt the bands on the bill were not heavy enough representation for Mayhem compared to its counterpart Uproar Tour. In some ways people were right, but I'm not hear to bitch about that because this was one hell of a great day from start to finish! The side stages were definitely the place to be this year. Erimha opened the whole show on the Victory Records Stage with their symphonic black metal. Unfortunately with this stage far away from the other two stages we never got back over to see any of the other bands scheduled there because show times overlapped with the Coldcock Whiskey and Sumerian Records stages. 


So on the Coldcock Whiskey and Sumerian stages you had bands ranging from death metal to good old heavy duty rock/metal. There's no doubt our Top 3 favorite bands on these stages were Mushroomhead, Ice-T's Bodycount, & Texas Hippie Coalition. Mushroomhead should have been on the main stage. The crowd for Mushroomhead in the early afternoon was the biggest I've ever seen at Mayhem for the side stages in all the years I've seen it here. Check out this photo to see what i mean. Not a spot left anywhere.

Mushroomhead came out and just kicked everyone in the balls. Band members Stitch, Waylon and Jackie even went out crowd surfing with the fans. Travesty they only had a 25min set! With 7 masked members running around and stage and fronted with 2 lighted stage water drums its an amazing spectacle. They should be coming back to Seattle on a tour soon with two other theatrical bands that's gonna rule. Can't announce yet. Then in 2015 it's looking like a possible dual tour with Slipknot (Mushroomhead has been around longer) according to Corey Taylor. Now that would be awesome! Check out my exclusive Mushroomhead photos from backstage to onstage. CLICK HERE!

Right before Mushroomhead the Texas gunslinging hard rockers Texas Hippie Coalition laid down some crunch a little different from the more hardcore bands and it was killer to see the crowd enjoyed it! The mosh pit kept rolling while head Hippie "Big Dad Ritch" kept control of the crowd with his larger than life presence and big deep voice. Imagine Lynyrd Skynyrd/BLS meets Pantera! Check out their latest CD "Peacemaker"! 

Just before the tour started Upon a Burning Body pulled a little publicity stunt(they won't admit it) stating their singer (Danny Leal) has disappeared. They denied it but the metal world reported it everywhere and I saw their Facebook page get all kinds of new likes. Hmm either way it's old news now cause he was there in the flesh tattoos and all.

Also hailing from Texas, Upon a Burning Body can get a crowd and mosh pit going with the best of them. We've always enjoyed shooting them in the past, especially during their blast-beat screamo anthem "Texas Blood Money" (see video). Also getting the crowd in a frenzy was California's deathcore metal masters Suicide Silence who featured new vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida formally of All Shall Perish. Back in 2012 the band lost original singer Mitch Lucker in a motorcycle accident. Hernan was a perfect fit to the extreme Suicide Silence style. Check out their new video released July 1st "You Can't Stop Me" (see video)..plain BRUTAL! Not our cup of tea, but to each his own. The kings of deathcore Cannibal Corpse also played. Not exciting to watch but man they have such a hardcore legion of fans and that alone watching their pit and fans going crazy is entertainment enough.

Obviously besides Mushroomhead on the side stage the band everyone wanna to check out was Ice-T's Bodycount! 22 years ago they caused a whole media uproar with their song "Cop Killer" that eventually Ice-T pulled from the album (read all about it here) release but not as the last song on the set today. Even though the band is more gansta lyric related, they're more musically influenced by Suicidal Tendencies than any other band. Really was hoping they'd play "Institutionalized 2014" live but no luck. Such a great 2014 updated lyrical approach to the Suicidal classic from 1983. Not only was Sir Mix A-lot watching on one side of the stage but Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows & Zacky Vengeance with Mushroomhead's Jackie were on the other side. Their 35 min set was one of the more rememberable of all the bands at the festival.

On to the main stage we went. Trivium, Asking Alexandria, Korn and Avenged Sevenfold. Nothing against Trivium (been following them for years, fun to shoot) but Trivium is Trivium, I don't find anything musically special that catches my interest and really (we both did) questioned their mainstage slot. Surprisingly after we walked out of the photo pit we both looked at each other and said "They were great" at the same time. The weird thing is I can't pinpoint why ha!

Same thing with Asking Alexandria. Hailing for the U.K. this metalcore band with commercial appeal no doubt rocked the stage, but again I scratch my head as too what this band has with the younger crowd that appeals to them. I find nothing special musically that leaves any good impression in wanting to hear more and visually they just look like wannabes. The singer wore a white jacket, beanie and big Axl Rose-like white scarf on a 90 degree day. Really? Don't get me wrong, rather have them playing what they do and have it popular in the sub-genre than them playing some pop-rock crap, but I think popularity wise what they have now is what they are gonna always have. 

Up next was Korn. Now this is what I'm talking about. Add that Brian "Head" Welch is back in the band with Munky, Fieldy, Jonathan Davis & the incredible drumming of Ray Luzier, Korn is back at the top of their game. Real rockstars delivering the goods and stageshow proving why they've lasted over 20 years and still going strong. Setlist: Falling Away from Me/Twist/Got the Life/Did My Time/Spike in My Veins/Hater/Get Up!/Shoots and Ladders/Coming Undone/Here to Stay/Never Never/Freak on a Leash/Blind. Really digging their new single "Hater" (which they played live), cross mix of the Korn sound with the Rage Against The Machine wha-wha riffing sound. "Hater" will be on "The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition" that will be available exclusively at Best Buy outlets in the U.S. beginning this Tuesday July 15. In addition to the original ‘The Paradigm Shift’ album that was released last fall, this expanded edition comes with several new tracks and live performances of familiar Korn favorites.


Headlining was the bombastic show of Avenged Sevenfold. The last of the arena rock bands? One of the few newer metal bands that can fill arenas around the U.S. and actually put on one hell of a stage show to go along with their dual guitar oriented metal featuring Zacky Vengeance & Synyster Gates. Like it or not they are the carriers of the newer generation of metal to the masses. Always enjoy a A7X show. Setlist: Shepherd of Fire/Nightmare/Bat Country/Hail to the King/Buried Alive/Seize the Day/Critical Acclaim/Afterlife/This Means War/Encore: A Little Piece of Heaven/Unholy Confessions.

Overall with the 2014 Rockstar Mayhem Festival it ended up as one of the better festivals even though we were not impressed originally with the full lineups for this supposed more heavier version of festivals.

Mike's Top 5 Bands of the 2014 Rockstar Mayhem Festival:
1) Mushroomhead 2) Korn 3) Bodycount 4) Texas Hippie Coalition 5) Avenged Sevenfold

Stephanie's Top 5 Bands of the 2014 Rockstar Mayhem Festival:
1) Mushroomhead 2) Body Count 3) Avenged Sevenfold 4) Korn 5) Texas Hippie Coalition

Overall Best Live Band: MUSHROOMHEAD Photo Album
Huge Facebook Photo Album

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Yngwie Better Than Ever in Seattle

Yngwie Malmsteen/Gary Hoey/Bumblefoot - Guitar Gods Tour 2014
Showbox Market - Seattle, WA 6.26.14
Review/Photos" "Iron" Mike Savoia

What a day it was! One of Time magazines 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players back in Seattle. For Yngwie Malmsteen, it's been over 10 years since he last played Seattle on the G3 Tour in 2003. I first saw Yngwie way back Jun 12, 1985 at the Mountaineers building in Seattle on the Rising Force Tour. Four more times he played Seattle and I saw them all before but last nights show at the Showbox Market took the cake. Before I talk a little bit about the show let me mention that earlier in the day Yngwie, Gary Hoey & Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns 'N Roses) went all the way to Guitar Center in Lynnwood to do a Q&A and M&G with fans (view all photos). What a great time that was for everyone that packed the place to see the guys. 

Yngwie, Gary and Bumblefoot answered tons of questions ranging from beginners to the advance players in the audience. Loved how accommodating they all were to even the most simplest question of "How do I play faster?". Bumblefoot even had some of his hot sauce on hand to sell and when asked about it gave one of the best "ShopHQ" channel-like sales I've ever heard. Everyone got a laugh out of it.

Back to the show. Opening the whole show was Guns 'N Roses lead guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. Jamming through a 7 song set that included songs like "Turnaround", "Raygun" and "Abnormal" it was his ending "Pink Panther Theme" song that got everyone's attention. 

He rocked out his signature double neck gold Vigier guitar like a madman. One of the necks fretless and the other fretted. Thing is so big he had a hard time bending over to open his bottle of water. I ended up grabbing it and helping him open it in which he thanked me during the show to the crowd. Check out Bumblefoot online at

Next up was Gary Hoey. World renowned guitarist who nearly got the Ozzy job back when Zakk Wylde ended getting it but took Ozzy's advice and moved to LA where in 1993 he eventually landed a Top 5 rock radio hit with the Focus cover of "Hocus Pocus". 

Gary's new album, “Deja Blues,” takes on his blues side of playing in which he opened his show with "Going Down" and later showcased the title track during his set. Not only is he technical in his playing but he showed complete feel that sets himself from the rest and not pigeonholed in the only shredder category. Check Gary out online at

Of all the years I've seen Yngwie Malmsteen play, I have to admit I've never seen him in such great mind, body and spirit. Saw him smile more times this day than all the years combined. This great spirit really showed. 

Blasting through a set that included "Evil Eye", " "Seventh Sign", "Rising Force", "Baroque & Roll", "Overture / From a Thousand Cuts / Arpeggios from Hell", "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Black Star", "Spellbound" and " I'll See the Light Tonight" to name a few, I'm still in awe how fast, precise and technical he is with everything he plays. This God among Gods of the electric guitar kept his show interesting with his showmanship of throwing guitars, kicking guitar picks to the crowd and playing stuff us normal humans can only dream of playing. His neo-classical playing style in heavy metal can be closely viewed when he releases a new live DVD/CD this August. Check Yngwie out online at:

For more photos on KISW:
For full photo albums:


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Guitar Gods Yngwie Malmsteen, Bumblefoot next week

The 2014 Guitar Gods tour featuring Yngwie Malmsteen with Gary HoeyBumblefoot hits Seattle next Thursday (6/26/14) at the Showbox Market. BUY TICKETS - All ages, doors at 7pm show at 8pm.

Hailed by TIME magazine as one the Top 10 greatest electric guitarists of all time, Yngwie Malmsteen is not of this world. For over 20 years I've been seeing him doing things on guitar your mind just can't comprehend. Yes, "I'm not worthy" will replay in your head over and over watching Yngwie play! Malmsteen became known for his neo-classical playing style in heavy metal back in the early 80s with Steeler & Graham Bonnet's Alcatrazz but it wasn't until he released his first solo album Rising Force in 1984 that slammed the whole guitar world on it's ear changed everything you heard from rock and metal guitarists in the remaining 80s. Not only is he an amazing guitarist he's one hell of a showman and his live shows are always exciting to watch. What's even more cooler is he started playing guitar after seeing our very own Seattleite Jimi Hendrix on TV. So you can probably guess they'll be a cool Hendrix portion to his Seattle show! Check out Yngwie at the 50 Years of Loud (Marshall) at Wembley Arena below.

Also on the bill, Yngwie hand picked the amazing Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns 'N Roses) & the one and only Gary Hoey!

Unfortunately originally scheduled tour guitarist Uli Jon Roth (ex-Scorpions) had to drop off the tour at the last minute because of a visa issue (see press release at bottom of blog). In his place they added (little confused on this since it's a Guitar God show) the blues rock Gary Douglas Band to the tour. 

If you wanna meet Yngwie, Bumblefoot and Gary Hoey they'll be doing a special Q&A and autograph appearance at Guitar Center in Lynnwood, WA at noon the day of the show. Click here to see all the info on Yngwie's website regarding the Guitar Center appearances.

Check this shot I did of Yngwie way back at the Foundations Forum in the Burbank Hilton in Los Angeles like 20 years ago!


“Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel my participation in this tour due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control.

“We don’t know why, but work visas got mysteriously delayed for no apparent reason to the point where we were left with no other reasonable choice but to cancel at this late stage. In over 30 years of obtaining U.S. visas this has never happened to me, but I guess there’s always a first.

“I would have loved to play for the North American audience on this tour, like so many times before, but I’m sure my three guitar-playing friends will be just fine without me and will more than make up for it with their considerable skills. I’m wishing them best luck and lots of inspiration!”

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KISW Pain in the Grass Tickets now on sale

KISW 99.9FM Pain in the Grass 2014 tickets now on sale! CLICK HERE TO BUY!! 
Powered by Rockstar Energy Drinks, the first 999 people can get lawn tickets for only $9.99!
View all ticket pricing and VIP info.

September 12th at the White River Amphitheater starting at 5:15pm:
Main Stage: Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Buckcherry & Pop Evil.
Side Stage: New Medicine, Escape The Fate, Redlight King, Sons Of Revelry & Seattle's own
Amanda Hardy.

For all show info please visit and remember to watch for all our coverage after the show here on!
Iron Mike

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#TBT KISW Local Licks 1985 w/ Shadow

How about this for a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) KISW post. Going through the garage tonight I found a cassette tape that had a clip from KISW's Local Lick's/Metal Shop back on 2/27/85! What did it include? How about Mike McCready's band Shadow before he went global ruling the world with Pearl Jam! Bassist Rick Friel is interviewed (he's 18 here as I was too) and their classic track "Don't Count The Tears" is played. Loved this band, they reminded me of the early Def Lepppard meets Kiss guitar sound. We'd go see 'em at local Skate Kings and other places and I always remembered watching Chris Friel on drums, amazing then and amazing now. I can remember listening to KISW as early as 1980 after the whole KJR am radio phase of the 70s ended and people moved to the better sounding FM dial! So I've probably been listening and following KISW longer than many of you blog readers been alive. Yes, consider me one of the Godfather fans of Seattle's Best Rock KISW 99.9FM! Now go crank this video! Shadow knows!
Iron Mike    

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Ukulele Slayer!

I know that headline had to catch your eye! You gotta see how awesome Chicago guitarist Rob Scallon is on his ukulele covering Slayer's "War Ensemble" - solos, headbanging and all! What's even cooler is it was mixed by our very own Seattle Riffs, Beards & Gear dude "Fluff" aka Ryan Bruce! Watch the original Slayer video then Rob's "War Ensemble" ukulele instrumental. Hail Don Ho! I mean Slayer ;) "Iron" Mike

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Steel Panther open All You Can Eat Tour in Seattle


Note: Since I was working with Behemoth this same night, Stephanie covered the Steel Panther show/photos for me ;) Here's her quick review & photos:

What can I say about the latest concert given by Steel Panther Saturday night at Showbox SoDo? Bad boys, raunchy music, raunchy shtick, lots of spandex and one hell of a good time. It's their formula and it continues to work. During "Community Property" Michael proudly announced that Seattle was the best crowd so far on the tour. Satchel astutely informed Michael that it was the first night of their North American tour so....... I'm going to hold onto the best crowd comment. The other cities have a high bar to beat us. ;)

I was privileged to have a full show pass to capture photos from their entire set and all of Michael Starr's outfits. I only had to duck and cover a few times as I was standing where a crowd surfer would likely land.  Now that the band has 3 full length albums under their belt, some of the songs I had become accustomed to hearing have been dropped off the set list to make room for songs off of their newest release - All You Can Eat.

Visit Steel Panther online:

For more show photos visit gallery HERE
For full-show photos visit my gallery HERE

Review: Stephanie Savoia

Set List:
Bold songs are from the newest CD All You Can Eat:

"Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World"
"Asian Hooker" 
"Just Like Tiger Woods"
"If I Was the King"
"Eyes of a Panther"
"Gangbang at the Old Folks Home"
"Tomorrow Night"
Satchel's guitar solo
"Gold Digging Whore"
"The Burden of Being Wonderful" 
"Death to All but Metal"

"Community Property"
"17 Girls in a Row"
"Party All Day"

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Behemoth & Steel Panther tonight

Are you ready to ROCK tonight Seattle? Hopefully you got your tickets to either show cause they're both SOLD-OUT! Few tickets might possibly be available at the doors.

BEHEMOTH - Studio Seven - Metal Alliance tour with Goatwhore, 1349, Inquisition, and more. SOLD-OUT! This all ages show starts at 5:45 PM.

Poland's Behemoth are on the blazing trail of their new and most successful album release "The Satanist" which debuted the highest of any death/black metal band ever on Billboard's 200 at #34! Brutal, melodic and bone crushing sounds with mood and tempo changes unheard of from this extreme metal genre! Here's my favorite track on the new album - "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer"

STEEL PANTHER - Showbox Sodo - All You Can Eat Tour with Future Villains opening. SOLD-OUT! This 21 & Over show starts at 8pm.

Steel Panther's latest release "All You Can Eat" just came out 4/1/14. Debuted on Billboards 200 at #40. The greatest 80's Hair Metal band ever still alive and kicking the world's ass, or did I mean licking? HA HA! Death To All But Metal!

 Watch for our photos from both these shows soon! "Iron" Mike

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Sevendust return to Seattle

Last night's Sevendust show was one for the ages. A band predominantly know for plugging in and crushing your head live, came to town to promote their new release. An acoustic CD, "Time Travelers & Bonfires", with a show titled "An Evening With Sevendust." A sit down acoustic version that attendees or the band will never forget. The buzz and energy inside the sold-out El Corazon (the smallest venue on this tour) was something no one will forget. Fans screaming the lyrics, chanting Sevendust over and over between songs, a somewhat civilized mosh pit (unfortunately some drunks didn't wanna play nice) but I don't wanna dwell on any negative but Sevendust did seize a moment during one of the drunk fights.

Guitarist Clint Lowery broke out with a line "Please No Fighting" with a little riff then the whole band kicked some music while Clint adlibbed more lyrics which totally defused the situation. Clint was on fire with his out-of-the-blue creativity this night. Bursting into another at-the-moment created song about dragons and fire, it was rather hilarious. Sevendust singer Lajon Witherspoon even laughed and questioned Clint on his little song creation.

The band were very emotional on this night. Tears streaming from Lajon with all the crowds love and the very personalization lyrically of some of their songs and the many ups and downs they've been through. Something you never see from a metal band but these guys have been through the ringer over the years and for them to still be around today is a blessing to them and we as fans. We will NOT let Sevendust die, they are too good for that.

With a 16-song setlist that included older classics like "Black", "Angel Son", "Denial" & newer tracks off the "Time Travelers & Bonfires" CD like "Come Down" & "Under it All" the show had 2 parts with a little 15min intermission between sets.

The show had that cozy feel with candles and some Christmas white lights but it was a little too dark for my taste no fault of the band. El Corazon is not known for good lighting which is unfortunate with some many great bands that come to play there. Even guitarist Clint Lowery mentioned it's so dark he can't find his guitars on his rack ha! So I hardly took any photos because of that issue, especially on Clint/Vinnie darker side of the stage. I think the most lit dude onstage this whole night was KISW's DJ personality Ben The Psycho Muppet introducing the band to the stage ha!

Definitely get out and see this intimate tour. Lots of dates left in the U.S. through June (view remaining dates) and beyond. Check out the new acoustic CD being streamed on Guitar World's Soundcloud page (listen here) or buy now here. "Time Travelers & Bonfires" is a collection of acoustic versions of older and brand new Sevendust songs! 

Visit Sevendust online: &  

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Concerts this week BLS & Sevendust

Hopefully everyone made it out to either the Dream Theater or Volbeat shows last night in Seattle, unfortunately I took the night off recovering from 3 weeks gone on the Monsters of Rock, Moody Blues and the Cruise to the Edge cruises in the Bahamas/Mexico, but later this week I'll be back out and so should you! Tomorrow night at the Showbox Sodo the opening night of Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society Revolver Golden Gods Tour starts for the just released (4/8) new album 'Catacombs of the Black Vatican' on eOne Music.

Opening the show is Devil You Know (featuring ex-Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones) and the one and only Butcher Babies! All-ages, show starts at 8pm click here to buy tickets!

Friday night Sevendust arrive to Seattle on their latest tour at El Corazon in support of their brand new CD "Time Travelers & Bonfires" releasing in stores today (4/15) on 7Bros. Records/ADA Label Services.

Sevendust re-recorded six classic tracks acoustically and cut another six new acoustic numbers for this release. This show will be an all-acoustic treat for fans! Don't miss it! 21 and over only, show starts at 9pm. Click here to buy your tickets nowStream the new CD here from Guitar World on Soundcloud: and buy here.

For all other KISW sponsored shows this week please visit:

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NAMM Convention 2014 Days 1-4

Attendees: "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

January 23rd - NAMM Day 1

For Media Day & Metal Masters 5 Blog {Click Here}
Day 1 and Stef and I parted ways at the hotel. She headed in to NAMM early and captured the opening ceremony in front of the convention center. The Navy band treated NAMM goers to the National Anthem and a few other tunes.

Once inside, Stef was on her way to see Gary Huey but he was running late so she decided to wander the area and found a great custom guitar booth, McSwain Guitars. It just so happens that I already knew Stephen McSwain. I photographed a presentation of a zombie guitar he had made for Scott Ian last year. He introduced himself to Stef and she made sure I got over to the booth a little later in the day.

From McSwain, Stef headed over to Samson to catch a demo being given by Marco Mendoza. Then she made it over to Cleartone to pay respects to Phil Everly. She had a strange encounter at Souldier guitar straps. At first they weren't going to even let her take a photograph of their product. She called them on missing out on free advertising though and they relented and let her have at it. Retail peeps, if you are at a trade show that is closed to the public and someone with a media badge wants to take a picture so they can tell others about your cool product, you should let them.

She swung by Kala Ukuleles to see their new steam punk uke. Now she’s torn between the skull and the steam punk one. She caught up with Jeff Loomis doing a signing and Andy McKee performing at Ernie Ball. After Andy’s performance, she was able to get local musician Jason Kertson up to meet Andy. Jason covered Andy’s song ‘Drifting’ with 2 acoustic guitars a few years back.

Around this time, I finally finished up the media day blog and got over to NAMM to start my day off with a Zach Myers PRS Guitar demo and then met up with the wife at Sennheiser for a mic demonstration by one of my favorites, Dilana.

Stephanie headed over to Warwick for an appearance that included William DuVall of Alice In Chains, Wolf & Peter from Accept, Lee Sklar and Devon Townsend. Stephanie also came across Queensryche’s Parker Lundgren with his new signature Fret King guitar.  

I headed over to Samson for a signing session with Metal Masters with the likes of Kerry King (Slayer), Frankie Bello (Anthrax), Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs), David Ellefson (Megadeth) etc.

While I was shooting the signing Stephanie made her way up to Taylor to catch a performance by Tacoma native and first season of The Voice 3rd place finisher, Vicci Martinez.

Stef and I parted ways again as I headed over to the Bonzo Bash (multi famous drummer dedication to the late great John Bonham of Led Zeppelin) at The Observatory (view photo album) and she covered Jonny Lang in the courtyard at the GoPro stage.

Day 1 was in the bag and it was a great time. Our feet say otherwise, ha!


January 24th - NAMM Day 2

Time for one of the busiest days of NAMM. Over our experiences these past years we notice more people take Friday off to attend than Thursday. Even more come tomorrow!

Stephanie first went to Kurzweil to catch a performance by keyboardist and vocalist Emiko and then headed over to EMG for Devon Townsend.

I headed over to EMG for the next signing which was Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. I recently had a photo personally picked and chosen by Geezer to be used for the product packaging of his EMG Signature pickups are coming out in March 2014. What a honor! This is after he also chose a 2-page photo of mine of him in the current Black Sabbath DVD "Live...Gathered in Their Masses". It was awesome Stephanie gotta hang and meet Geezer too in the private EMG room at NAMM. She headed up to catch a 3 song performance demo by Orianthi at Roland/Boss.

I made my way over to Rock N Roll Gangstar clothing for an appearance by Todd La Torre and Parker Lundgren of Queensryche before heading back to Geezer at Lakland Basses booth.

Stephanie attempted to get photos of the Lita Ford, Mike Inez & Orianthi signing at Dean Markley, but it was so crowded she turned around and headed over to Marshall to check out their new Tattoo Amps line. She doesn't’t play (yet) but she wants them ALL!

Stef had made prior arrangements for us to cover the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus show at the GoPro Stage with Everclear's Art Alexakis and Sheila E. We were a tad cheery when Art left the stage after his speech/performance yelling “Go Seahawks” he got a few groans, but we were yelling Go Hawks right back at him.

Sheila E may not be a show we would cover on an average night, but we had a great time. She played for just over an hour and played her signature stand up toms, congas and full drum kit along with a couple of songs on guitar and bass. She even brought her dad ‘Pops’ and brothers Juan & Michael up for the last 3 or 4 songs. I do have to point out that we really enjoyed the set up for the general NAMM attendees and the media/VIPs. Instead of separating the media/VIP section by taking up the first 15 to 20 feet of space, they put a barrier down the middle. Fortunately we were on the media side and were able to shoot from the rail the whole show. Sheila E was full of energy, funny and completely entertaining. View her show photos here.


January 25th - NAMM Day 3

For a Saturday…. This was actually very manageable! There were crowds but not the crushing crowds that made you find alternate routes as we had become used to.

I started my day back at the Samson booth with Frankie Bello, David Ellefson and Marco Mendoza. Stef walked around and took some product shots of things around the hall she’d need to be in by Noon. She had one real goal for the day: Get her favorite Piggy D shot from last year autographed by him at Dean Markley. She waited an hour and a half and had a really good time visiting with the lady in front of her. I met her there about 15 minutes before the signing so I could say hi to Piggy and get shots of him, Rex Brown and Doyle. Check out her shots below of the VocoPro U-Diamond Wireless Microphones. Very cool, Diamond Dave should sponsor these ha! How about this custom Crush drum set tree-rack...WOW!

As soon as she got her autographs, she headed up to the 3rd floor to capture a few pics of Matt Sorum at Gretch Drums then back down for Steve Stevens at Steve Clayton. I caught up with buddy Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden and popped by Randall Amps to take a picture of my Scott Ian display. All 10 feet plus of it...awesome!!

After that I ran over to TC Electronics to actually say hi to my bro Scott Ian (Anthrax) and look who was there with him..Steve Stevens (Billy Idol).

Stef headed over to try and find a buddy of ours at Korg. She couldn’t find him, but she found Piggy D. again and Phil Buckman (formerly of Filter).  I had a giant (literally and figuratively) come up behind me in my Iron Mike Seahawks 12 jersey and say (in the deepest voice I think I’ve ever heard) ‘Goooo Hawks’.  I turned my head to see none other than Doyle in a NY Giants shirt! Seahawks are heading to the Superbowl in NY Giants Stadium Feb 2nd vs. the high-powered Denver Broncos. Crossing fingers we can win it!

Stefs feet had about had enough of 4 days of walking and she headed back to the media room to rest and catch a media presentation while I ended my day again at the Samson camp for Charlie Benante, Rob Caggiano and Mike Inez. We went back to our room to freshen up and I headed to Downtown Disney to the House of Blues for Queensryche!


January 26th - NAMM Day 4

This is pretty much the quietest day at NAMM as everyone is recovering from the Saturday night parties, shows and bodily exhaustion of the previous days as well as the travel day for 90% of the attendees from around the world. Before we caught our plane back to Seattle we ran around to get some photos of various products we wanted to share with ya. Already looking forward to covering NAMM 2015, each year the new technology and products that come out amaze us! For more information on NAMM please visit:

I finally broke down and got some custom Ultimate Ears Custom Earplugs done! So weird they fill your ear canals with this silicone paste then let it sit in there for awhile till the mold hardens to be pulled out. You can't talk while having it done so they stick the foam piece in your mouth to bite on. I got the -25db versions so can't wait! Done with the little foam ones! I need more protection.

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NAMM Media Day & Metal Masters 5

January 22, 2014 - "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia
Media Day at the 2014 NAMM Show!

We have the privilege of getting a preview to about 20 of the new music related creations being released in 2014. Along with these mini media booths, there is a stage where we get to see speakers and demonstrations of several of the inventions/new versions. This is our third year covering NAMM for my KISW blog and this was the best year for demonstrations.

The day started with a demonstration of The Dube. The Dube is the invention by former Mann U and Celtic footballer Dion Dublin. The Dube is similar to a Cajon drum box but does have a few more advantages. Cajons have 1 playing side where are The Dube has 4 playing sides along with the corners which act as the bass drum. The smallest Dube is a 9 inch cube and has a retail cost of $145. This is such a fun drum.

Next for us to see were a trio of cajons by Sela Cajons. The first cajon was the beginner level snare. The beginner was an assemble yourself version and will take about a half hour to assemble. The middle level cajon was fully assembled but still considered a more beginner level cajon. The third was also an assemble yourself, but this was the full Pro version. The snare can be turned on and off. This model has a much more pro looking and feeling finish than the entry level model.

GJ2 unveiled their first signature model - the MMM. This is the Mick Murphy Model. This is a SICK guitar. The cut of the body, the matte finish, the pick ups, just the whole thing in general is ridiculously awesome.


Dave Smith instruments demonstrated their Prophet 12 Module. It’s something very compact and can fit easily into small studio spaces as well as large.


Parliament Funkadelic’s Kim Manning demonstrated the new hand held air keyboard from Hohner, Inc. This keyboard comes in 32 or 37 keys and is completely air powered. With very little effort, you can blow into the mouthpiece and create some fun accordion type sounds.


Joe Lamond, President and CEO of NAMM, along with former Yankee and Latin Grammy nominee Bernie Williams spoke about NAMMs mission to bring music to youth not only in North America but to bring NAMM to Europe.


When Bernie finished up his speech, D’Angelico presented Bernie with his signature guitar. It’s a Yankee blue starburst pattern and there will not be many made. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was less than 200 and each will be signed by Bernie.


The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus’ Executive Director Brian Rothschild brought the mission of the bus to us. I didn’t realize it spent so much time on the road actually getting the gear in the bus into the hands of kids around the country. With so many schools cutting back on or eliminating art and music programs, this tour bus is sometimes the first time a child can have a hands on experience with musical instruments or musical tools.


Along with the tour bus, the Los Angeles College of Music’s new songwriting chairperson Art Alexsakis, of Everclear. You heard that right. Art is now contributing to teaching students how to really write songs. This is a relative first in music colleges and I think it will go a long way influencing other music college offerings. As a special treat, Art also sang Everclear’s hit song ‘Santa Barbara’. {See video below}


IK Multimedia brought us the fun hands free midi program controllers called iRings. I got to play around with these and it was too much fun changing the number of tracks that were playing and special effects.


The last demonstration was by the band SHEL. They demonstrated new mandolins by Weber Fine Instruments. These 4 sisters (there were 2 at the demo) from Colorado are really pretty dang amazing. Even the Fender reps were asking them all sorts of questions after their demo.

Stephanie's favorite product of the day was The Dube. I think the drummer of the family may be getting one for his birthday or next Christmas. My favorite product had to go to Fender Guitars American Deluxe Plus. A new guitar that has a solderless system and a 'Personality Card' slot in the back of the guitar! Mind blowing capabilities to sounds like never before! Watch my sample video: 

Metal Masters 5 - House of Blues - Updating later but here's some pics!


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Pearl Jam Delivers a Home Show for the Ages

How hot was this ticket to Pearl Jam in the Key Arena? Tickets online were going anywhere from $250-$1500. Even found one person posting their tickets on Stubhub for $25,000! Obviously they didn't want to sell them, but if some dumb local rich fool was desperate for their awesome seats it could've been a big possibility, but no one replied. After I shot the first three songs of the set I had to leave the back stage area of the arena and reenter with my ticket through one of the entry doors. Numerous people were out there and I had 3 different fans wanting to buy my ticket. Offered $300, $500 and as I was going down the stairs to the door another person yelled $750 cash! Sorry no money could stop me from watching this show especially since my wife (Stephanie) was already in her seat and the band had given us tickets to the otherwise sold-out show since the day they went on sale. 

How about this for a setlist that went from 8:45pm to 12:15 am! Setlist: Pendulum / Nothingman / Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town / Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd cover) / Corduroy / Lightning Bolt / Mind Your Manners / Given to Fly / Pilate / Garden / Getaway / Even Flow / Sirens / In My Tree / Do the Evolution / Unthought Known / Black / Let the Records Play / Spin the Black Circle / Lukin / Better Man / Encore 1: After Hours (The Velvet Underground cover) / Let Me Sleep (First time since 1994) / Future Days / Daughter / Chloe Dancer (Mother Love Bone cover) / Crown of Thorns (Mother Love Bone cover) / Breath / State of Love and Trust / Porch / Encore 2: Supersonic / Got Some / Rearviewmirror / Alive / Kick Out the Jams (MC5 cover w/  Mark Arm & Steve Turner (Mudhoney), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) / Eruption (Van Halen cover) / Yellow Ledbetter

I like to keep my blogs short and too the point so I'll just mention some highlights to this monster Pearl Jam 37 song, 3.5 hour set on the last day of the U.S. "Lightning Bolt" album tour.

- Opening the show was Seattle's Sub-Pop legends Mudhoney! Supporting their ninth studio album released earlier this year called "Vanishing Point", the band cruised through a killer short set highlighting their classic fuzzed-out punk grunge rock with: Slipping Away / Here Comes Sickness / 1995 / Sonic Infusion / When Tomorrow Hits / In 'N' Out of Grace / I Like It Small. 
- Vedder sharing his amazing near drowning experience in Hawaii and bringing out the girl (Ashley Baxter) who saved him all those years ago before “Future Days.”
- Joking around about their Macklemore charity competition where they're combining forces with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and the Slog this holiday season to help raise money for the Orion Center, which houses homeless teens in Seattle WA.
- Soundgarden's Kim Thayil and Mudhoney's Mark Arm & Steve Turner jumping onstage with Pearl Jam to blast MC5's "Kick Out the Jams." Even Tim DiJulio (noted Seattle guitarist) got to see some action. [See crazy side stage video] Oh and the drunk guy that gets onstage I think is former Mudhoney/Melvins bassist Matt Lukin. Yes "Lukin" that Pearl Jam tune!
- Highlight of the show for me was hearing Pearl Jam play Mother Love Bone covers “Chloe Dancer” and “Crown of Thorns.” Made me reminisce of how good that band was and to the Seattle singers like Andrew Wood that are no longer with us.
 - I was amazed at how many different countries were represented in Seattle at the show by all the flags. All the people behind me when I was shooting in the pit were from Brazil! It gave the Key Arena a cool overall vibe, like a good old soccer game crowd jumping up and down, singing etc. Check out my iPhone video coverage (yes 30min worth) below to get a feel for the crowd vibe. It was amazing! Check the video also for the amazing lighting rig play the band does onstage and Eddie going 30ft up hanging on for dear life even after a couple bottles of wine he had on stage.

One of the best overall rock shows I've ever seen in Seattle. Check out show photos on KISW's Facebook page or even more on my concert photography Facebook page Savoia Photography Live. Only disappointment I had (besides what classics I could've photoed if I shot the whole show) was they didn't play "Jeremy"! I wanted to hear Jeff Ament start that bass line and hear that crowd roar. Oh well can't always get what ya want. I know the fans waiting outside in the freezing weather that didn't get in had a lot more to complain about than my lucky ass! ;)  "Iron" Mike -


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Vaginal Knitting Funky Slayer & Bday Ozzy

Ok if that blog headline didn't catch your eye then nothing will, but the intranet this morning had some hilarious simulations for my eyes and ears on various Facebook feeds. The first one was like "WTF"! Introducing the wonderful world of Vaginal Knitting...never knew there was such a thing and I'm kinda gagging on the thought of this weird activist hipster art. This chick is spending 28 days (yeah I'm not even going there) doing a performance art called "Casting off my Womb" in Australia. I'm not even embedding that YouTube video here (view at your own personal discretion - nothing bad) but I will embed two awesome 70s Funk meets 80s Metal mashups by a YouTube creator called WaxAudio

I grew up on early 70s Funk/Soul Train before I truly discovered rock/metal music so this is rather hilarious to me seeing Slayer's South Of Heaven and Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine mashed for "South Of The Grapevine" and Metallica's "Master of Puppets" with Herbie Hancock's "Doin' It" mashed for "Master Of Doin' It". 

Oh yeah happy 65th today to the one and only Ozzy!

To end this blog with a good laugh, did ya hear this last night in the Seattle Seahawks slaughter of the New Orleans Saints game? The game was delayed because of this HA HA!! Unlock the mute button in the upper left corner of the video to hear. It's a continuous sound bit. 

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NIN & Dir En Grey Show Reviews

Nine Inch Nails/Explosions in the Sky - Key Arena - Seattle 11.22.13 - Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia

Last night was interesting. I really was suppose to be in two places at the same time, but obviously I don't have a clone yet but I have super wifey to help in those situations. It wasn't suppose to be like that because Thursday night Japan's Dir En Grey was suppose to play the Showbox Market but due to a broken down tour bus they couldn't make it to Seattle in time. So lucky enough they had last night off as did the Showbox Market so they just pushed the Thursday show to last night. Total bummer for me, obviously I'm not missing shooting NIN since it's been nearly 2 decades since the last time I did when they co-headlined with (yes this is correct) David Bowie! See I still have my pass from the 10/24/95 Tacoma Dome show. [View Here]

In a real rarity, I didn't get to see the whole show because they didn't give us review tickets and we actually couldn't enter back into the building with our camera stuff until the band was in around the 8th song so we were lucky enough to watch songs 9 & 10 ("Find My Way" & "Sanctified") then jumped in the photo pit for songs 11, 12 & 13 ("In Two" "The Frail" & "The Wretched"). Let me tell ya, even though I got some cool shots these do no justice to the overall stage rig and lighting amazement! If you paid the big bucks to see NIN I'm sure you got a visual light overload like you've never seen before in a concert. Hopefully they had seizure warning signs at the doors (for those sensitive to strobe lights etc.), it was that intense and awesome! Trent Reznor owned his spot on stage like a beast. Completely engulfed in the moment and emotionalizing what he was singing. When square pieces of the lighting rig came down just feet above the performers heads in their blue haze it made for a cool "Close Encounters" like moment as seen in the photo above.

So for the short time of the set I saw, it was spectacular. Trent was dead on and his rather large band brought it. For the big money people paid I think they got their monies worth. Setlist: Copy of A/1,000,000/Terrible Lie/March of the Pigs/Piggy/All Time Low/Disappointed/Came Back Haunted/Find My Way/Sanctified/In Two/The Frail/The Wretched/Satellite/Survivalism/Running/A Warm Place/Somewhat/Damaged/Wish/The Hand That Feeds/Head Like a Hole - Encore: All the Love in the World/Even Deeper/While I'm Still Here/Black Noise/Hurt. For more NIN photos from the show check out our album on our KISW Facebook page HERE and gallery HERE.

Opening the NIN show was a cool experimental progressive rock band from Texas called Explosions in the Sky. They played only 5 songs but they all averaged over 5 minutes making for a nice short set.

Dir En Grey/Dagoba - Showbox Market - Seattle 11.22.13 - Review/Photos: Stephanie Savoia

The show was a day late, after a broken down bus from Denver to Seattle, but that didn't matter to the masses that chose to go to the Dir En Grey show at the Showbox Market instead of Nine Inch Nails at the Key!

Opening up for Dir En Grey was French band Dagoba in support of their newest release 'Post Mortem Nihil Est'. With their heavy industrial metal sound and deep grooves, they were a great choice to get the crowd warmed up for the headliner. Singer Shawter had great energy and made his way onto the barrier to be closer to the crowd on several occasions. I was drawn to the bass player, Werther, and the drummer Frank. Both were very high energy and kept the crowd into the performance.

I was not familiar with Dir En Grey. Mike was supposed to shoot this show on Thursday night but with the breakdown and move to Friday night, he was at Nine Inch Nails and I stepped in to cover Dir En Grey.

I'm going to start with - Wow - just WOW! This was a really hard show to cover visually. Singer Kyo had his head covered in a shroud the entire time I was in the pit and the stage lighting was the dreaded blues and reds. Occasionally Kyo would hold the shroud in a way that a fan would catch it and give you a quick glimpse at his skeletal made up face. Kyo has a ridiculous vocal range. He goes from death metal growling to screamo to J-pop to almost operatic in mere seconds!

The rest of the band complemented Kyo very well. I could tell immediately who the girls were there to see though as I heard countless voices calling for Toshiya the bass player. This cat was crazy on the bass. He was as interesting to watch as Kyo as well.

I kinda think I got the better end of the deal this time. Nine Inch Nails would have been cool, but I got to discover two bands I otherwise may never have heard of. So I'd like to thank the Dir En Grey bus for breaking down! Check out their latest album "The Unraveling" on iTunes and more concert photos on my Facebook photo page.

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Dir En Grey, NIN, Woodstick this week

Rockaholics! We have some dang cool shows this week starting tonight at the Showbox Market!

Thursday 11/21 - Dir En Grey (Japan) & Dagoba (France) - Showbox Market - Tickets still available here. All-Ages! SHOW UPDATE 2:00PM 11/21: Due to transportation issues tonight’s Dir En Grey show at Showbox at the Market is postponing to tomorrow night, Fri. Nov. 22nd. All other show details remain the same. All tickets purchased for tonight’s show will be honored. More info & tickets here:

Notes: Of all the J-Rock bands around Dir En Grey are probably the most interesting. A musical melting pot of experimental combos of progressive-nu-death-screamo metal, rock, avant-garde etc. Your guess is good as mine. Lead singer Kyo is very known for his multi-personality vocal style and range that actually landed him on the DL again last year with vocal nodule dysphonia. Fan's of heavy bass driven beats will love bassist Toshiya! Opening the show will be the industrial/groove metal band from France, Dagoba

Friday 11/22 - Nine Inch NailsExplosions In the Sky - Key Arena - Tickets SOLD-OUT!

Notes: The return of NIN finally hits Seattle! Last time I saw/shot NIN? Yes, 18 years ago 10/24/95 in the Tacoma Dome when they did the co-headline Dissonance/Outside tour with David Bowie! <click here to see photo pass> That was awesome cause opening the show was Prick who released one of my favorite debut self-titled albums of the 90s. A band who signed with Reznor's Nothing label in which he produced four of the album's ten tracks.

One guarantee for the lucky one's going to the NIN show tomorrow will be it's 2013 and NIN will have visual technology on its side for a stage show that was only imaginable back in 1995. Check out this pre-tour documentation to see what I mean on some of the awesome visual concepts for this "Tension 2013" tour.

NIN's eighth studio album Hesitation Marks was released on August 30, 2013 and debuted at #3 of the Billboard 200 charts. Click here to hear samples and buy this release on iTunes. A BIG shout of respect goes out to Trent Reznor for his news he made this week reaching out to a huge NIN's fan (Andrew Youssef) and fellow concert photographer nearing his time on earth with us. Yes, he calls him during the show onstage in Las Vegas with FaceTime! Read this article and see the touching video with Andrew! Here's video from the front row in Las Vegas when it happened, but check out the article for the real video. Tonight the band is in Vancouver, BC then have 3 remaining shows in the USA before heading to Australia/New Zealand, South America and then Europe for 2014. Keep up-to-date with NIN on Facebook & their Official Website. Watch for my show photos on and KISW Facebook too! 

Sunday 11/24/13 - Woodstick 2013 - EQC Emerald Queen Casino Showroom - Tickets at door.

Notes: Come participate or spectate at one of the worlds biggest drums shows and clinics around! All-ages! For full details click here!

WHERE: Emerald Queen Showroom, 2024 E.29th St, Tacoma WA 98404
WHEN: November 24th, Sunday 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Doors open at 10:00 AM
Plan to arrive no later than 2:00pm in order to be set up before the event starts. Free drum clinics and drum performances will begin at 11:00 am up until 3:00 pm show time.
GUEST ARTISTS: Woodstick will feature the following drummers for clinics, live performance and autographs. Clinic schedule will be announced soon.
1) Kenny Aronoff, (Mellencamp, Fogerty, session legend) TAMA, Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth, Kickport
2) Todd Sucherman, (STYX) Pearl, Sabian, Remo, ProMark, Hudson
3) Rich Redmond, (Jason Aldean), Roland V-Drums, DW
4) Mike Johnston, ( Gretsch, Meinl
5) JP Bouvet, (Dave Mackay Group, Helicopria, 2011 GC Drum Off, Roland V-Drum Contest winner) DW, Meinl, Remo, Vic Firth
6) Michael Derosier, (Original Heart drummer)
7) Russ Miller, (Studio great) Mapex
8) Jeff Kathan,(Paul Rodgers, Spike and the Impalers) DW, Sabian, Remo, Vic Firth
9) Jon Bolton (Apple Jam, Beatniks)

Little sample from last years Woodstick:

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Killswitch Engage and Huntress play on

Monday nights show at the Showbox Sodo was a last resort move to salvage what was suppose to be a Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage,Testament and Huntress show at the Kent Showare Center. Sunday word spread quickly that Lamb of God had to cancel due to an undisclosed personal family matter. Understood, so Killswitch Engage went on to play with Huntress and added Seattle's own Witchburn to the bill at the Showbox Sodo. The buzz then was why did Testament cancel also? All 4 bands played last night in Vancouver which didn't set well with Testament fans in Seattle. If you have a ticket, you'll get a partial refund automatically credited back to you and your ticket will still be good for Showbox Sodo show. If you chose not to go to the show, a full refund is available at your point of purchase. So on with the show! 

Opening was Seattle's very own metal behemoths Witchburn! A two female and two male abracadabra of sludging Southern-fried Sabbath anthem riffage got every bone in that venue moving around. There is no better female singing/guitarist combo with Jamie Nova & Mischa Kianne in the business.

With an unexpected crowd, Witchburn (not Withburn as printed on the concert tickets) laid down a mighty hammer of sound upon the crowd that had many running to their merch table after their show in exciting amazement. With their 30 minute set, they blasted through 5 songs (many 5min+) opening with "Warning to the Weak" off their new CD "Bathed in Blood" and ending with "Bleed The Stone" off their classic debut CD (I actually did all the photography and CD layout for this) "This is How We Slay Our Demons".

Check out Witchburn online at Facebook or at their official website/store. One of Seattle's top (if not the top) rock/metal bands around! 

Next up was Los Angeles' Huntress. Band formed by the amazing screaming vocalist Jill Janus. Possessing a 4 octave range, Jill developed a coloratura soprano range early in life and began singing with operas at the age of 10! Read her wild bio story here. A self-proclaimed solitary witch, Jill is one of the nicest, intelligent and focused gals in I've ever met in rock/metal music. She's putting everything into her dreams of success with this band.

The band blend a style that has been compared to classic heavy metal mixed with influences of rock, thrash, power and doom metal. Check out their new amazing video for their new single "Zenith". A '60s-like visual psychedelic, witchy, space, and occult themed orgasm for your computer screen. 

Huntress 40 minute set included: "Senicide", "Destroy Your Life", "Spell Eater", "I Want To F**k You To Death" (written by Lemmy of Motorhead), "Zenith" and "Eight of Swords". Fantastic band and the new album "Starbound Beast" will surprise ya. The video for "Zenith" is the albums fastest and heaviest track. The album as a whole is a testament to metal styles from the 80s to present times. Visit Huntress online at their Facebook or official website locations. 

Headliners Killswitch Engage hit the stage. Thank you Killswitch for continuing the tour stop and playing the Showbox Sodo. Opening with the music of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" through the sound system, the crowd was ready for battle and went wild as the band hit the stage and blasted into "A Bid Farewell".

Original vocalist Jesse Leech (1999-2002) is now back in band and touring after he quit in 2002. Howard Jones who sang from 2002-2012 and helped the band go multiple Gold-album status through his tenure had to quit to allow himself to manage his type 2 diabetes. How serious was it? He recently came out of a 3-day coma because of it. Photo shooting these guys is like trying to catch a Tasmanian devil with your bare hands and not getting injured. Active insanity onstage. Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz is always hilarious to shoot. He's like a human cartoon character each time I see him play. Last time he was wearing a black Dracula cape and torn jeans shorts. This time around he looked like a American sponsored (headband/guitar strap) "Run Forrest Run" Gump running around the stage. At one point during the show he took his guitar off and handed it to someone on side stage and then proceeded to run the whole length of the stage like he was doing lines in gym class. Ha! No doubt he stays in shape onstage nightly but the dude has to be careful with all his previous back injuries and operations years past. 

With a setlist that spanned their whole career the fans were in Killswitch Engage heaven moshing, singing and kept their continuous wave of crowd surfing going throughout the whole show. Security up front earned their money this night. A Bid Farewell / The New Awakening / Fixation on the Darkness / Rose of Sharyn / No End in Sight / This Is Absolution / You Don't Bleed for Me / Vide Infra / Life to Lifeless / Turning Point / My Last Serenade / In Due Time / My Curse / The End of Heartache.

Supporting their new 2013 album " Disarm the Descent" on Roadrunner Records, here's the new videos for the singles "In Time Due" and the emotional "Always".

Killswitch are here to stay, killer metal band on record and especially entertaining and crushing live! Metalcore for the masses! Go check out Killswitch Engage! Facebook or Official Website

"Iron" Mike Savoia -

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Slayer crushes Seattle Last Night

After Slayer destroyed the WaMu Theater in Seattle last night, many of us woke up this morning to no power and a continuing wind storm blasting the region. Thanks Slayer, come destroy then leave town in a continuing stormy mess..ha! Lets face it, it's nothing new after seeing them play Seattle for nearly 30 years now. The first Slayer show I saw was June 29, 1984 right out of high school at the Norway Center. I know I have some pics of that show in a box somewhere but lets compare setlists from last night to back then cause I really felt it was old-school.

6/29/84: Hell Awaits/Evil Has No Boundaries/Haunting the Chapel/Metal Storm/Face the Slayer/The Final Command/Necrophiliac/Crionics/Black Magic/Aggressive Perfector/Captor of Sin/Chemical Warfare/The Antichrist/Encore: Fight Till Death/Witching Hour(Venom cover)/Die by the Sword/Show No Mercy

11/1/13: Hell Awaits/The Antichrist/Necrophiliac/Mandatory Suicide/Captor of Sin/War Ensemble/Postmortem/Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves/At Dawn They Sleep/Die by the Sword/Spirit in Black/Seasons in the Abyss/Strike of the Beast(Exodus cover)/Dead Skin Mask/Raining Blood/Black Magic/Encore: South of Heaven/Angel of Death

There ya go, 6 songs from the first two records were played last night and they even added in an Exodus cover of "Strike of the Beast" in there.

Reason being, obviously, cause Exodus guitarist Gary Holt is now cemented in the band with the passing of original guitarist Jeff Hanneman this past May due to alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. Let's not forget Jeff's recent necrotizing fasciitis infection (the flesh-eating disease) that devastated his well-being in 2011 from a spider bite and pretty much ended his guitar playing too. Last time I saw him play live was at the Big 4 in California. Seeing the hole in his arm wasn't the most pleasant of sights, but it was amazing to see him play one more time. I've taken some pretty cool shots of him over the years. He was missed but remembered during the encore with the Hanneman "Still Reigning" backdrop. Gary Holt has always been one of the most underrated and best guitarist in Metal and technically a plus for Slayer. Also missing for Slayer was original drummer Dave Lombardo, Paul Bostaph (Exodus/Testament) is now a member of the band and don't get me wrong, he was great, but there was something missing at times in key moments that set Lombardo from the pack. It was especially noticed during the quick solo part in "Angel of Death". Oh well there's only one Dave Lombardo. Other than that it was really a great show but weird not seeing Jeff onstage like that last time I saw the band in this venue as pictured below.  

Big props to Slayer for pulling out a setlist that was old-school in my books. I'm sure ESPN's John Clayton who was there too enjoyed that! (See his commercial at blog bottom) If you're a fan of the older stuff I'd get your ass out there and check out this tour! For more of my Slayer photos click here. Opening acts 4arm and Gojira were great. 4arm hails from Australia and killed it! Blending the whole power metal, Slayer, Bay-Area style thrash into one that was killer live! I'll definitely check their new album "Submission for Liberty" out on Rising Records.

Before Slayer hit the stage France's Gojira annihilated everyone with their HEAVIER than HEAVY crunch metal. Imagine the movie soundtrack in Godzilla's head as he destroys cities! Their latest release called "L'Enfant Sauvage" see's the band crush all competitors in this genre! Really great band live! Go to!

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Seattle Skyline Returns With Rainier Beer R

Tonight history was made in Seattle with the 13 year absence of the iconic "R" on top of the old Rainier Brewery off I-5 in Seattle. For nearly 5 decades the iconic red "R" lit the Seattle skyline, but when Tully's Coffee bought the old brewery building they brought down the "R" and put their own green "T" in its place. For us older Seattleites it was like a daily punch in the stomach every time ya drove down I-5 and saw the lighted "T". Well after 13 years on September 18, 2013, Tully's (under new owners) decided to replace the green "T" with a replica of the red "R" sign. The green "T" sign was removed on September 30, 2013, and the new red "R" sign was installed tonight by Western Neon! Read the history (since 1878 - 11 years before Washington became a state) of this historic beer company HERE. If it wasn't for Rainier we probably wouldn't have half of the beer companies we have here including KISW's Men's Room beer by the Elysian Brewing. If you are old enough to remember the classic Rainier Beer commercials of the 70s/80s you know how ingrained it is in our blood. The greatest commercial of them know:

View all the classic commercials on YouTube at the Rainier Beer channel:
Remember the Rainier Beer Grazers?

Here's some photos from the Restore The "R" Neighborhood Crawl Tuesday and tonights Installation Party! To view a complete album of photos from both days CLICK HERE

....and of course after we shot all the photos we had to party some Rainier beer too!!! See King 5's video coverage HERE of the event.

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

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Joe Satriani Living Colour Hank3

How do I achieve covering 2 shows at the same time on the same night? Easy job when ya have a fellow concert photographer wife ;) Last night I covered the Joe Satriani/Living Colour show at the Paramount Theater and Stephanie covered the Hank3 show at the Showbox Market. Here's out quick thoughts and photos from the shows:

Joe Satriani / Living Colour - Paramount Theater 10.22.13 by "Iron" Mike Savoia

Talk about an insane flashback! I found out just days before the show that Living Colour were opening the show! Currently celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the classic album "VIVID" the band played a 40min set that included "Funny Vibe", "Open Letter (To a Landlord)", "The Cult of Personality", some Hendrix and one of my favorites of the night with "Desperate People" (see video). Doug Wimbish's bass solo was pretty badass too, but the moment of the night for me came in a 22 year ago flashback! The photo says it all. Same venue, same spot nearly 23 years ago with film and last night with digital. 

The original 4 members  - Vernon Reid (guitar), Corey Glover (vocals), Will Calhoun (drums) & Doug Wimbish (bass) - are still monster players and haven't lost a beat live. I remember Corey Glover being a little more active onstage but then again that was 2 decades ago. The most important thing though is he still has that awesome powerful voice and still hits some notes guys half his age wish they could! Living Color are currently finishing up a new album and they'll be back out touring the states in 2014! Online:

Headliner and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani hit the stage  before 9pm with his amazing touring band consisting of Marco Minnemann (drums), Bryan Beller (bass) and Mike Keneally (keyboards & guitar). The jam sessions they had were mind boggling and Mike Keneally is amazing!

They flew through (actually lost count) around 20 songs including his well known tracks such as "Satch Boogie", "Ice 9", and "Surfing with the Alien". Satriani also played a few tracks from his latest 2013 CD "Unstoppable Momentum" on Epic Records like the show opener "Jumpin' In" (only song I got to shoot photos during), "A Door into Summer" and "Shine On American Dreamer ". What can be said about Joe Satriani that hasn't already been said. The guy is a master guitar player with so many techniques and tricks it boggles the mind this guy is from planet earth! I mean he was a guitar instructor for Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett and Alex Skolnick to name a few. 

I was really excited to see Marco Minnemann on drums with Joe Satriani. Amazing drummer who plays with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) solo projects and tours. His drum solo was amazing last night! They had a great multi-media screen behind the stage that made things interesting to watch for certain songs. Cool fast motion videos of city scapes, nature, bridges, lights etc. With all the instrumental playing and soloing going on if your not 100% a fan of this style you'll get a little bored after awhile so the video screen was a great touch to keep eye interest to the stage. Over all I've seen Joe Satriani the past couple of years as a solo artist and with the supergroup Chickenfoot, last night was the best of his solo tours I've seen. Now lets get a G3 tour for 2014! Online:

Hank3 - Showbox Market - Seattle 10.22.13 by Stephanie Savoia

I wasn't too familiar with Hank3 before I walked into the door at the Showbox Market tonight. I had watched a few videos and looked at his previous setlist from earlier in the month. It gave me pause... 59 songs. 4 hour set - 59 SONGS. And I thought I was impressed with Markey Ramone's 39 song set! This set was insane. Awesomely insane though.

The crowd was rowdy from the moment I got in line to get in, but it was a good clean fun kinda rowdy. This show gave you Hank with 3 different bands. First Hank came out and played with his 5 piece Damn Band for a "country" set. Those lyrics are not what I would really call country. A wee bit suggestive (OK - Flat out suggestive and raunchy - and fun!). He is joined by Attention Deficit Domination while the Craig Baldwan film Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America plays on the screen. 3 Bar Ranch rounds out the show for a very metal mania stint.

I loved it. I got my shirt and I'll be grabbing the latest releases: A Fiendish Threat and Brothers of the 4x4. The single and double CD releases, respectively, hit stores back on the 1st of October. After what I saw tonight, I know they will be worth the pick up. Hank3 is the grandson of Country legend Hank Williams and son of Hank Williams, Jr. Online:

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New Metal Church CD out Oct 22

Yeah can ya believe it, if you told me in 1983 when I first discovered Metal Church from their 'Four Hymns' demo cassette that I'd be here in 2013 talking about a new Metal Church album I would've laughed in your face. I can't be more happier than anyone to say I was wrong. Oct 22nd the new Metal Church CD "Generation Nothing" releases to the world. The king's of Northwest metal back in the 80s are back! What's even cooler (as a life long fan) I was asked to do all the band promo & CD photography for the album! Check out images and links to order below. Here's the press release with two KILLER preview tracks!

Metal Church "Generation Nothing" marks the bands 10th full length studio release and boasts the return to the band's classic metal sound, says founding member Kurdt Vanderhoof, "It has elements of both the first album and the "The Dark", but still embraces the new sound of the band without chasing the past." 
Born out of the West Coast Metal scene in the 80's, Metal Church quickly became one of the standout talents of their genre. The band's first release simply entitled "Metal Church" postured the band as one of the pioneers of the thrash/metal scene, while their sophomore release "The Dark” was championed as one of the premier metal releases of the 80's. 
Now with the current band’s line up, Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Ronny Munroe (vox), Jeff Plate (drums), Rick Van Zandt (guitar) and Steve Unger on bass, "Generation Nothing" combines the best elements of the band’s early roots with modern day lyrical content and a revived hunger that delivers an electric assault of anthemic & epic metal songs! Videos for "Generation Nothing" and "Dead City" are currently in the post production stage and a world tour is in the works for 2014. Official release date for "Generation Nothing" is scheduled for October 22, 2013. 

As a life-long fan of Metal Church I was stoked to have been asked to do the band's new photography but knew I wanted to create something that would connect with the past yet be epically idealistic today. When Kurdt mentioned to me the new riffs and songs were very reminiscent of the first two albums meets the last couple modern Metal Church albums my mind raced. In my recent interview with One Louder Magazine [ click here to view full interview ] I partly explain the weird psychic-like idea I arrived at with this location my mother-in-law Kathy told my wife for me to check out. It's been nearly 30 years since the debut album released and with the new album called "Generation Nothing" I thought the church should be in ruins. Would you believe this is next to hole 18 of the 2015 U.S. Open?  

Metal Church Website: Facebook:

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NWOBHM Hits Seattle This Week!

SAXON then RAVEN & DIAMOND HEAD back-to-back nights at Studio Seven this week...are you kidding me!? Who says time machines don't exist?

Let's flashback it's 1980, No Metallica, no Megadeth, no Anthrax, No Slayer no American metal as we know it today. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal that started in those late 70s into 1980 in America with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard was great but what was going on overseas unknown to me yet were the bands like Saxon, Raven, Diamond Head, Motorhead, Tokyo Blade etc. In the early-mid 80s I finally discovered many of these bands through the underground tape trading scene, but it wasn't until one night listening to KISW 99.9FM when I heard Saxon's "Dallas 1pm" and I'll never forget it. It was just so damn good and different from everything else I've heard on radio with the bass line and classic guitar riff within a story about the shooting of President Kennedy in Dallas 1963.

Then a friend of mine in high school came over and had Raven's "All For One" album and that blew my mind & changed my life forever! Still one of the greatest metal albums ever, Raven's "All For One" was a blazing razor blade guitar riffing monster that still competes with anything in that genre released in the last 30 years! Also add Diamond Head with their mean cutting riffs and melodic vocals that spawned Metallica and many others. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal still goes strong in 2013! Also opening for Saxon is Chris Jericho's band Fozzy! Kick ass band featuring Stuck Mojo members Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere. Saxon haven't played Seattle since their two sold-out Paramount Theater shows in 1984 and 1986! 

See you all there! "Iron" Mike

Tuesday night 10/8/13 - Studio 7 Seattle - KISW's Metal Shop presents Saxon with openers Fozzy (aka Chris Jericho)Buy Tickets 7:00p – Doors 7:30p – 8:00p – Scream of Angels 8:15p – 8:45p – Halcyon Way 9:00p – 9:45p – Fozzy (aka Chris Jericho) 10:00p – 11:30p – Saxon

Wednesday night 10/9/13 - Studio 7 Seattle - KISW's Metal Shop presents Diamond Head with RavenBlood of Kings & Above Ground opening. Doors 6pm Show starts at 6:30pm. Buy Tickets


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My Interview & Dreamfest This Weekend

Every once in awhile ya gotta do a little shameless plugging on yourself so here I go. Check out my big interview at One Louder Magazine I did last month that came out yesterday. You'll find some interesting rockin' reading on me and my world:

Remember this Saturday & Sunday KISW 99.9 Loud & Local / Louie G's Pizza / Pyramid Stage & Lighting / Jazzbones Presents:

Ticket/Info - $$$ from Dreamfest is helping children burn victims (see King5 New Day TV episode below) while you get to see the best of the Northwest bands in Rock/Pop/Blues! Many of these bands are on the verge of breaking it big so catch em now!


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KISW PITG Day 2 Overview


Really excited for this day! Ya know my Alice in Chains bros are playing as well as the Walking Papers, Mom's Rocket and Windowpane! Starting the show off on the ColdCock Herbal Whiskey stage was Seattle's own Mom's Rocket! I've done photo work on their last 2 CD's so I know these guys pretty good. Bad ass hard rock band that really opened some eyes with their big full rock sound. What a killer sound system that stage had. Is Jason Celestine one of the best guitarist in the Seattle area or what!? The bald-headed Eddie Van Halen with his own style and flair!

Soon as they were done I had to go shoot the Walking Papers meet and greet so I missed a couple bands but did get to shoot a couple shots of Seattle's Osatia. Never heard of them but definitely wanna check them out more! Wasn't too worried missing the couple other bands because I knew I was going to the next stop on tour (Uproar) in Ridgefield to catch and shoot the bands I missed. Next band I saw was on the Zippo Encore stage and it was none other than (not scheduled) Mindset Evolution! Since their show yesterday didn't have anyone there for 3/4th of their set because of the gates opening a little late, they were asked and allowed to play again today. They destroyed it. Really seeing this band in the future of rock. Had a little fun with them before they hit the stage with a band shot.

After running around covering some KISW radio interviews, Alice in Chains meet and greet and the Walking Papers soundcheck,  I got back up the hill to the American Music Kisw Loud and Local Stage in time for Endino's Earthworm. Yes famed Seattle producer Jack Endino! A great blend of interesting garage guitar rock. Over to the Zippo stage to catch Danko Jones play. Me and Jack Endino gotta hang with Danko earlier. He's a big fan of Seattle rock.

There's no one like Danko Jones. Rock in roll that grabs you by the throat, tickles your ribs and as a favor puts a foot right up your ass. Ha! His sexually charged, tongue and cheek lyrics are pretty entertaining. "First Date" and "I Think Bad Thoughts" classics!

The Dead Daises hit the ColdCock stage and wow, veterans galore in this band. Guns 'n Roses guys Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer, Thin Lizzy's bassist Marco Mendoza etc. Singer Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS) had a broken leg and thumb but still jumped out of his stage chair to rock out when he could. Classic rock with a modern edge!

Off to the main stage. Unfortunately Seattle's hardest working unsigned rock band Windowpane went on the Loud & Local stage at the same time as the Walking Papers did on the main so I missed them. The Walking Papers supergroup features rock legend Duff McKagan (GNR) on bass, Barrett Martin (Mad Season/Screaming Trees) on drums, Benjamin Anderson (Keyboards) and Jeff Angell (Vocals/guitar) of The Missionary Position rounded out the band lineup. Pearl Jam's Mike McCready plays with the band when he can and was hoping for a surprise showing but it didn't happen. Not a big deal cause the band killed it as they usually do together with their heavy down tuned blues-based grit rock. One of the best new bands and albums of the year!


Next up was Coheed and Cambria. A band that incorporates its albums with corresponding comic books that tell a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, a story written by lead singer Claudio Sanchez. Claudio is also known for his crazy hair! The Cousin Itt of metal. Coheed and Cambria incorporate aspects of progressive/punk rock,  pop, metal and more. Never really caught my ear or eyes live with their style but they seem to get on a lot of recent tours so I might check them out more a little more.

Jane's Addiction was up next. Had a funny moment earlier in the day with them backstage as I saw guitarist Dave Navarro give their tour manager a fohawk cut. 

Perry Farrell & Dave Navarro with their other Jane's Addiction's members rocked it for a good hour playing all their hits and fan favorites. Underground/Mountain Song/Just Because/Been Caught Stealing/Another Soulmate/Three Days/Ocean Size/Stop!/Ted, Just Admit It/Jane Says

Then there was the band everyone was waiting to see, the mighty Alice in Chains! They shook the Gorge canyon's with this killer 13 song setlist of: Rain When I Die/Hollow/Again/Check My Brain/Got Me Wrong/Them Bones/Stone/We Die Young/It Ain't Like That/Nutshell/Man in the Box/Would?/Rooster. Spectacular LED video screen visuals with their set. AIC showed everyone who's still boss in the rock world!

For all KISW Pain in the Grass photos, videos, meet & greet pics and more visit! [Photos click here] [Videos click here]
Also visit KISW PITG photo galleries on Facebook! [Click Here]

Another KISW Pain in the Grass showing is done. This was definitely the ultimate one of them all!!

"Iron" Mike Savoia

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KISW PITG Day 1 Overview

Did you attend the two days of KISW's Pain in the Grass madness at The Gorge? We hope you did! No way you'll ever see a 2-day show of 25+ bands including the likes of Alice in Chains, Volbeat, Janes Addiction, Avenged Sevenfold etc. with parking included for $99.90! With the weather being as erratic as the current Seattle Mariners offense, we had no clue what to expect each day we got there.

Both days started off very Wizard of Oz like in the skies and the only day it rained was the first day right when Jolene announced Princess on the American Music Loud & Local stage BOOM! Hail, rain and everything you could think of came down but for only 10 minutes straight then the skies opened up and the sun ruled The Gorge the rest of the day. 

The band's ya missed..ready for this!? 

FRIDAY 9/6/13:
ROCKSTAR ENERGY STAGE: AVENGED SEVENFOLD 9:30 - 11:00 / VOLBEAT 7:45 - 9:00 / HIM 6:10 - 7:15 / ALL THAT REMAINS 5:05 - 5:45 / AIRBOURNE 4:10 - 4:40 FESTIVAL STAGE: BARONESS 3:30 - 4:00 / ATTIKA 7 2:50 - 3:15 / HEAVENS BASEMENT 2:10 - 2:35 / MINDSET EVOLUTION 1:30 - 1:55 AMERICAN MUSIC LOUD AND LOCAL STAGE:  THE PEOPLE NOW 3:30 - 4:05 / PRINCESS 2:45 - 3:15 / BLACKBEATBLUE 2:00 - 2:30
SATURDAY 9/7/13:

Day 1: Not only do I have the above list of bands to cover but between me, my wife Stephanie and Mat Hayward we had to also cover shooting radio interviews, side events and also meet and greets with the bands. Add that our ground base location was backstage near the main stage. Yes bottom of the hill from all the other events/stages going on above so we had our work cut out for us keeping hydrated and energy up. Me and Stephanie had our usual GU Energy to help us get through the day, but thanks to Rockstar and their Energy Waters backstage for us. Up the hill we go as the gates are about to open. New killer upcoming band Mindset Evolution opened the show on the Festival stage at 1:30. Gates opened at the same time so for 3/4 of their set there was no one there except photographers. The last 10min of their set it filled up and when they played their current hit "Burn it Down" (see new video) place went nuts! They would be rewarded to play Day 2 on one of the bigger stages and a better time slot at Pain in the Grass because of the timing issue so it actually worked out awesome for them. 

As Mindset Evolution was ending it was time to run up a little hill to the American Music KISW Loud & Local stage where BeatBlackBlue kicked off the local talent showing. If you thought grunge was dead ya gotta hear BlackBeatBlue! Jack Endino (Nirvana/Soundgarden) produced their new CD "Completely Different Animal" and its awesome! (Audio Samples) Singer/Guitarist Dave Perry live is so instable onstage, ya never know what's about to happen. Reincarnated Kurt Cobain?

Like I said above, as the 2nd Loud & Local band Princess hit the stage with KISW's Jolene's introduction, the skies roared with a 10 minute non-stop downpour that had many running for any cover they could find...including myself with all my camera equipment. That didn't stop Princess jamming their post punk grunge metal! Ending the day on the Loud & Local stage was The People Now. A progressive/alternative, cause-rock band you should check out. Kinda hard to describe them, Sick Puppies meets A Perfect Circle? Very dangerous band now that they've added guitarist Johnny Smokes on guitar! 

Back to the Festival stage and right in between Heaven's Basement and Baroness was a super favorite band of mind Attika 7! Outlaw biker rock band that plays heavy yet melodic groove metal/rock. "Blood of my Enemies" is one of my favorite albums of the past year! Headed by former Biohazard frontman Evan Seinfeld and Sons of Anarchy's "Quinn" and famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones on guitar I was ready for their show! Unfortunately Rusty wasn't there cause he was filming for SOA but that's ok they have Ira Black on guitar too. The man with the riffs and hair of the gods, ha! As I had to run to cover the other stage Stephanie stayed and saw the highlight of Attika 7's set besides Ira breaking his guitar strap. Evan kicked all the guys out of the pit and only allowed the girls in during "Devil's Daughter"! Stephanie got some quick video of the girls just having a little fun. [click here

Off to the main stage as Stephanie handles Airbourne, All That Remains & Volbeat meet and greets with KISW winners in the media room. Australia's Airbourne started the main stage with a 30 minute set that left everyone wanting more. Their AC/DC brand of Airbourne rock-n-roll had everyone jumping around especially at the end when singer/guitarist Joel O'Keeffe did what he's known for around the world climb! On "Running Wild" that's what he did all the way up the stage scaffolding and rocked out next to the Pain in the Grass logo! Check out this video:

All That Remains came out got the pit rollin multiple times, HIM played next (I became a new fan) and surprisingly rocked it which all led up to the 2 heavyweights Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold next.

Think you Rockaholics were ready? I think so!!!

VOLBEATTTTTTTTTTT!! Such a great band live! Volbeat's crowd might of been the most active of any band this day.

AVENGED SEVENFOLDDDDDD!!! BOOM! Now this was a spectacular visual show to end the night! 

With 11 hours of running around up and down hills, in and out of tight photo pits our feet and bodies were beat to hell. Back to the hotel to rest up for round 2 of the Pain tomorrow!

For all KISW Pain in the Grass photos, videos, meet & greet pics and more visit! [Photos click here] [Videos click here
Also visit KISW PITG photo galleries on Facebook! [Click Here]

Thanks to Stephanie for helping us out today with photos (as seen in this blog), tomorrow she's back to Seattle to cover Adam Ant and with one less of us shooting this event its gonna be an insane Day 2 covering Pain in the Grass for me & Mat! Watch for my Day 2 blog later today! 

"Iron" Mike Savoia



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KISW PITG Alice in Chains new videos

KISW's 2013 Pain in the Grass is here! Tomorrow and Saturday at the Gorge! All show information can be found on Tickets still available for both days...BE THERE and if you can't remember to watch for all our photos and my show blogs next week on and

Alice in ChainsAvenged SevenfoldJane’s AddictionVolbeatCoheed And CambriaAll That RemainsHIMCirca SurviveBaronessAirbourneWalking PapersDanko JonesMiddle Class RutAttika 7Heaven’s BasementMindset Evolution, Moms Rocket and The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show! Seattle area bands will also be on the American Music Loud & Local stage: WindowpaneBlackBeatBluePrincessEndino's EarthwormThe People Now, & Curse Of The North

Today Alice in Chains released 2 new music videos on the web!! One is for "Voices" which is a cool unique neon signed, lyric filled, band performance video filmed throughout Seattle and the other video is a concept video to shake your foundations of the truth of this world with the new album title track "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" Check 'em out and remember to see Alice in Chains Saturday night headlining the KISW Pain in the Grass show!

See everyone in the Gorge!
"Iron" Mike Savoia

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Black Sabbath Shakes The Gorge

Black Sabbath - The Gorge - WA 8/24/13

Who would've thought in the year 2013 I'd be saying Black Sabbath just achieved their first #1 Billboard charting album ("13"), they'd be touring the world as one of the biggest grossing acts or actually saying Ozzy is still singing and alive. With their crazy past it just doesn't make any sense I'm stating all this but to our joy we can say the Godfathers of Metal have tested and won against father time. With Ozzy always fighting with his addictions and Tony Iommi still fighting his lymphoma you just don't know when the Sabbath train will truly come to the end. With Geezer Butler on bass you have 3 out of the 4 original members on tour with original drummer Bill Ward never back in the band because of contractual issues. Rage Against the Machine's Brad Wilk did the drums on the new album and Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy's band) is doing the tour duties on drums. Tommy is amazing but how cool would've it been if you had the original 4 members (all in their mid 60s) playing again. I think the tour would've been even bigger than it has been, but since it didn't we'll take what we have.


Black Sabbath didn't disappoint a near capacity crowd at the Gorge with a 2-hour set that included many of the classics and new tunes off the amazing new "13" album, their first in 35 years! Check it out, it's one of my favorites of the year so far. The classic sound and vibe are still there after all these years. Check out the video for "God is Dead?"

Setlist: War Pigs/Into the Void/Under the Sun -Every Day Comes and Goes/Snowblind/Age of Reason/Black Sabbath/Behind the Wall of Sleep/N.I.B./End of the Beginning/Fairies Wear Boots/Rat Salad/Drum Solo/Iron Man/God Is Dead?/Dirty Women/Children of the Grave/Encore: Paranoid

I knew the band was gonna be a machine this night with Geezer/Iommi & the hard hitting Clufetos, but the wildcard was Ozzy who got sick towards the end of the set in Vancouver two nights before and had to cut the show short. As soon as Ozzy walked onstage I snapped my first shot of him and it was this huge smile, I knew right off the bat (no pun intended with Ozzy ha) this was gonna be a good night.


Opening with the theatric "War Pigs" there was so many good songs throughout the set, but my favorites had the be the haunting and powerful "Black Sabbath" when everyone in the crowd held up their lighters and cell phones during the intro bell blasts. That was so cool and when "Fairies Wear Boots" was played later I had my own little jamming moments in our special (what I call) crow nests section. Yes me & my wife were the only band guests up and side stage so we had our own 20x10ft platform to view down on the band and crowd. As a super long time fan and shooting the first two songs in the front pit to go from there to up here for the rest of the show was a little shocking as a long time Sabbath fan. Check out our view we had from my cell phone pic below! We saw Sharon across the way and thought maybe she'd join us but nope, it was all ours for the night.

Toni Iommi and Geezer Butler, the guitarist/bassist blue-print to every band in Heavy Metal today were so good tonight. The sound and tone were just amazing live and Ozzy was even better than his normal off-key singing this night. I mean he wasn't anywhere perfect but lets give Ozzy some credit, at 64 years old most guys wish they could even get on any stage at that age and jump around for 2 hours and do what Ozzy still does. The whole night Ozzy was having fun with the crowd and especially his band members as seen in the photo below with Ozzy & Geezer.

Overall anyone that was there I bet felt like they got their monies worths. Visially awesome stage with no fire, smoke or bombs anywhere in sight. It was all about the music tonight! I finally got to shoot Ozzy and better yet with Black Sabbath! Still pinching myself the day after!

For more Black Sabbath photos check out the gallery on KISW Photo Gallery and on my Facebook page for even more exclusive photos like Geezer's equipment: Savoia Photography Live

"Iron" Mike Savoia

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KISW's Pain in the Grass & Dreamfest 2013

September 2013 is your month to get outta the house you Rockaholics!!! KISW is sponsoring two major multi-day concerts you need to buy tickets for fast!

September 6&7th at The Gorge: KISW's Pain in the Grass 2013 and September 22&23rd at Louie G's KISW's Loud & Local sponsored Dreamfest 2013!

Confirmed artists to perform at the 2-Day KISW Pain in the Grass: Alice in Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Jane’s Addiction, Volbeat, Coheed And Cambria, All That Remains, HIM, Circa Survive, Baroness, Airbourne, Walking Papers, Danko Jones, Middle Class Rut, New Politics, Attika 7, Heaven’s Basement, Mindset Evolution, and The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show plus more! Add in some of our Seattle area local heavyweights on the side-stage like Windowpane, BlackBeatBlue, Girl on Fire, Princess, Endino's Earthworm, The People Now, & Curse Of The North and you have two days of national and local band talents for the ages! 
Advanced general admission tickets are $99.90 for a 2-day pass (this price includes the $12 parking fee). Tickets are $59.50 for a single day pass ( this price includes the $6 parking fee). Advance tickets are available through Day of show price is $110 for the two day on Friday. Friday and Saturday day of show price is $65. CLICK HERE for the official KISW Pain in the Grass 2013 website for all the show info! Watch the days following for all our photo/video coverage from Pain in the Grass 2013!

On September 21st & 22nd KISW 99.9 Loud & Local / Louie G's Pizza / Pyramid Stage & Lighting / Jazzbones presents Dreamfest 2013! The Local Music Event of the Year hosted by Louie G's in Fife, WA. Dreamfest is not only showcasing many of the Northwests best local bands on their huge arena-like outdoor stage from Pyramid Stage & Lighting, but are also raising money and awareness for the Burned Children Recovery Foundation in an effort to support the over 280,000 children burned annually in the United States. Donations help Phoenix House, Camp Phoenix, counseling and many other support services for not only the children but their families as well.

Dreamfest 2013 will be an all-ages, all-day into the night, two-day rock music festival featuring many prominent bands from Washington State. Louie G's famous pulled pork, burgers, hot dogs and incredible pizza will be orderable onsite and when you're done eating or throughout the day remember to get yourself a cup of  chilled "Iron" Mike chocolate pudding at Louie G's for only $1. All proceeds go to the The Burned Children Recovery Foundation! You know I love my puddin' so you should too! ;) Raffles, prizes, t-shirts and other prizes will be given away! See Louie talk about Dreamfest 2013 live on King-5 TV September 9th at 11am on New Day Northwest! Check out all the killer bands (many about to break out of our local scene and heard on KISW's Loud & Local with Jolene) and links below. Buy your tickets now to Dreamfest online at Brown Paper Tickets:

Day 1 (9/21/13):
Windowpane (Headliner)
Riot in Rhythm:
Amadon (CD Release):
The Fame Riot:
Ben Union:
The Fail Safe Project:
Jason Kertson and The Immortals:
The Crying Spell:
Mom's Rocket:
Insuburban Avenue:
Clear the Chaos:

Day 2 (9/22/13):
Randy Hansen(Headliner)
Nolan Garrett
Sweet Kiss Momma
C-Leb & The Kettle Black
The Approach
Lady Justice
Rikk Beatty
Suspicious By Nature
The Mural Project
Fistful of Dollars

Buy your tickets now to Dreamfest online at Brown Paper Tickets:
Dreamfest 2013 on Facebook:

See ya at both shows!
"Iron" Mike Savoia

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Walking Papers level Easy Street Records

In celebration of their debut re-release as regular & deluxe versions on Loud & Proud Records 8/6/13, the Walking Papers played a free show at Easy Street Records in West Seattle Monday night 8/5/13. Fans were treated with a seven song set (see photo below) with a meet and greet signing afterwards. You could also buy the new released CD a day early too. 

Awesome to see the turn-out at Easy Street Records, even pouring out to the street in support! It was hot and cramped like sardines in there and the stage, well lets say this, Duff assigned me to make sure he didn't fall off the stage ha! No close calls thank goodness!

The deluxe Loud & Proud Records iTunes version contains these extra bonus tracks: "The Butcher" (feat. Synergia Northwest Orchestra) [Live at the Moore Theater], "I’ll Stick Around" (feat. Mike McCready & the Synergia Northwest Orchestra) [Live at the Moore Theater], "Capital T" (Live at the Kill Room), and "The Whole World’s Watching" (Live at the Kill Room). 

The exclusive limited Best Buy Digipak version contains four exclusive live tracks, "Already Dead," "Two Tickets and a Room," "Leave Me in the Dark" and "The Whole World's Watching," featuring Mike McCready of Pearl Jam.

Make sure to check out the Walking Papers on the upcoming Uproar Festival Tour w/ Alice in Chains starting 8/9/13 in Scranton, PA and for us Seattle Rockaholics our next chance to see the band will be at KISW's Pain in the Grass 2013 September 7th at the Gorge so buy your tickets HERE now before it's sold-out!!!

The Walking Papers are basically a little (soon to be big) Seattle supergroup consisting of the incredibly talented & mesmerizing frontman Jeff Angell - Guitars, Lead Vocals (The Missionary Position) - Barrett Martin - Drums (Mad Season/Screaming Trees) - Duff McKagan - Bass (GNR, Loaded) and Benjamin Anderson - Keyboards (The Missionary Position/Rorschach Test). Their self-titled debut album, produced by Angell and Martin and also mixed by Jack Endino, was orginally released on Martin's Sunyata Records October 2, 2012 and also featured contributions by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready. Mike has been seen playing live with the Walking Papers numerous times in the Seattle area. Check out the pics from KISW's Pain in the Grass 2012!

Earlier in the day the band preformed "Leave Me In The Dark" live at KISW on the BJ Shea show:

Hear the full BJ on-air KISW 99.9fm interview:

Full set of photos will be posted on my Facebook page later today:

"Iron" Mike Savoia -

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Paul McCartney destroys Safeco Field with Nirvana Members

What a time machine last night in Seattle! Safeco Field, normally home to the Seattle Mariners baseball team, hosted its first public concert to a crowd of 45,000+. Not too shabby Safeco! Let's face it, I wasn't going to miss this show for anything. As a kid, remembering the 1965 classic Beatles Shea Stadium video footage, this was going to be the closest I'd ever come to seeing a Beatle in a baseball stadium environment. Was it worth it? Oh hell yeah even though I didn't score an official photo pass my handy little pocket camera came through for me and my reporting!

The first time Paul played Seattle with The Beatles was August 21, 1964. They played at the Seattle Center Coliseum to 14,300 screaming fans and rumor had it the stage was raised 12 feet for the bands protection from, the 90% attending, rabid teenage girls. Forward to last night, July 19, 2013. How popular are The Beatles still? It's crazy to think 1/4th of The Beatles can still sell out 45,000+ seat stadiums. Sure the age demographics of the crowd ranged from those aged 60+ (those original 1st Beatles Seattle concert attendees) to their kids (yes me those 40yo's) and all the ages way down to toddlers and teens (yes the grandkids of those 60+ attending that 1st Beatles Seattle show). There's your easy formula standing the test of time with The Beatles and their continued fan base. As the greatest and most influential rock band ever, they will always live on as legends, Sir's, and God-like in many fans eyes. Speaking of God-like, all these decades later yes there were religious whack jobs at the stadium gates protesting and spewing their gibberish s**t as fans pushed by ignoring them as they were entering the gates.

As Paul McCartney continues The Beatles and his own solo career's legacy at the young age of 71, I was shocked how lively, energetic and good his voice still sounds. Not many 70+ year old musicians can jam a near 3 hour set of classics while playing multiple instruments and singing every song without forgetting words or how to play the songs. Let's face it, look at that set list below, that's a TON to remember.

1) Eight Days a Week (The Beatles song)
2) Junior's Farm (Wings song)
3) All My Loving (The Beatles song)
4) Listen to What the Man Said (Wings song)
5) Let Me Roll It (Wings song)
6) Paperback Writer (The Beatles song) (Foxy Lady snippet)
7) My Valentine (Wings song)
8) Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (Wings song)
9) The Long and Winding Road (The Beatles song)
10) Maybe I'm Amazed  (The Beatles song)
11) I've Just Seen a Face (The Beatles song)
12) We Can Work It Out (The Beatles song)
13) Another Day  (The Beatles song)
14) And I Love Her (The Beatles song)
15) Blackbird (The Beatles song)
16) Here Today  (The Beatles song)
17) Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles song)
18) Lady Madonna (The Beatles song)
19) All Together Now (The Beatles song)
20) Lovely Rita (The Beatles song)
21) Mrs. Vandebilt (Wings song)
22) Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles song)
23) Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (The Beatles song)
24) Something (The Beatles song)
25) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (The Beatles song)
26) Band on the Run (Wings song)
27) Back in the USSR (The Beatles song)
28) Let It Be (The Beatles song)
29) Live and Let Die (Wings song)
30) Hey Jude (The Beatles song)
Encore 1:
31) Day Tripper (The Beatles song)
32) Cut Me Some Slack (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)
33) Get Back (The Beatles song) (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)
Encore 2:
34) Yesterday (The Beatles song)
35) Long Tall Sally (Little Richard cover) (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)
36) Helter Skelter (The Beatles song) (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)
37) Golden Slumbers (The Beatles song) (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)
38) Carry That Weight (The Beatles song) (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)
39) The End (The Beatles song) (With Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear)

Hat's off to Paul for taking care of himself over the years and keeping the heart young with his music. You can still see he loves what he does and his performance oozed that love. The show had a visual multi-media screen behind the drums and if you paid attention enough you saw images/video of those Beatles here and not here anymore. "Here Today" dedicated to John Lennon and Paul's ukulele intro to "Something" for George Harrison. He mentioned George gave him that ukulele so that made it that more special.

Times during the show I'd close my eyes and just listen, believe I was in Shea Stadium on that historic night with The Beatles, then the reality set in knowing John & George are gone, those teenage girls screaming insanity were grandmothers all around me and my own mortality will be soon enough. It was well worth it even for a second of a flashback tonight.

The highlight of the night, that blew everyone away ("Live & Let Die" was pretty awesome - see video above), was when Sirvana happened! After the first encore of "Day Tripper", complete chaos happened! Paul introduced past Nirvana musicians Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear to jump onstage to play the rockin' Grohl/McCartney written track "Cut Me Some Slack". It didn't end there Paul wanted them out more so they basically jammed the rest of the night with the amazing McCartney band on "Get Back", "Long Tall Sally (Little Richard cover)", "Helter Skelter" & finale medley "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End". Check out some of these moments on mine and my wife's video footage from our basic 3rd base location.

This was billed as the first concert at Safeco field but I know that back on September 16, 2008, The Beach Boys performed the stadium's first concert, although it was not open to the public. Technically the 2nd show was the Seattle Symphony who played a free concert there 9/11/02 to honor the victims of 9/11. How fitting cause the 3rd time was a charm! Was it ever in the 1st public concert with Paul McCartney!!! The Beatles are still an everlasting peace, love and hope soundtrack to many millions of lives on this planet through their music, thank you Paul for giving us middle of the road aged and younger fans a little taste of what we were too young or not even alive to see in concert back in the day with The Beatles. THANK YOU!

As a funny way to end my blog, I'll share ya one of my Beatles devotion fun. Two years ago I went to Abby Road and my wife took pics of me walking across the famous location made by Iain Macmillan's Beatles album cover. I combined our photos and look I was on location Aug. 8, 1969..NOT! I was 3 years old ha! ;)  Beatles forever!

"Iron" Mike Savoia - KISW 99.9FM Music Blogger/Photographer

Notes: Here's some other worthy links to other reviews/photos of the show from some of my fellow ex-The Rocket magazine folks Gillian Garr, Glen Boyd and Charles Cross: 
- The Examiner  - BlogCritics  - Seattle Times
Check out our fellow Entercom station 107.7 The End's show Blog too!

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Rockstar Mayhem Auburn WA Overview

Rockstar Mayhem - Auburn, WA 7/3/13
Review/Photos by "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

One of my favorite and longest days of the year is in the bag. For me, the Rockstar Mayhem Festival (along with my other press folks) is a 10 hour balls-to-the-wall day of running around  between 4 stages, 16+ bands and trying to shoot/cover it all. That's why I tag-team each year with my wife (Stephanie) to cover the Rockstar Mayhem festival for you KISW Rockoholics because if I didn't I'd be one of the passed out casualties trying to do it all. Add that I always know band members playing there so my Batphone is always going off having to go backstage to say hi or take some cool exclusive pics for my coverage. For the 6 years the Rockstar Mayhem Festival has been coming here, this was the first one we walked out of the White River Amphitheater feeling like our 10 hour day was more like 5 hours. That's a good thing cause what we do running here and there is taxing on the body. Add all the crowd surfing bodies flying over, banging your body, while shooting photos you'll feel it the next morning. Boy did I ever! Anyways enough chit chat lets get into the Mayhem! Stephanie talks about the side stages and I cover the main stage in our review below.

Thankfully Rockstar Mayhem has continued with the side by side stages. This is an incredibly efficient way to cover a show and lessens the possibility of injury to the crowd trying to make it from one end of a field/parking lot to another. First up on the Musicians Institute stage was Thrown Into Exile. The moment they took the stage I was face to face with Rob Zombie Jr. TIE’s vocalist, Evan Seidlitz, is a dead ringer for the headlining rocker on the tour. This was a fantastic band to open up the whole show. They demanded people come to the stage and the people listened. I’m used to the opening band being the unfortunate recipients of a handful of people since they start within minutes of the doors opening. This crowd was ready for the music right away and they had a couple thousand in front of the MI stage. Nice work fellas! Great cross between Killswitch Engage & Shadows Fall. Click here to check out "Not Alone" off their new EP.
As soon as their set was done, Huntress opened on the Jaegermeister Stage in support of their second album "Starbound Beast". The new album includes a song, “I Want to F*ck You to Death”, penned by one Mr. Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame. Singer Jill Janus vocal range was pretty darn impressive at 4 octaves. This is just an octave shy of both Mariah and Whitney. They have that 70’s rock visual appeal and Janus’ icy eyes are memorizing.

Returning to the MI stage we had Attika 7 who were thankfully added to the tour when Polish giants Behemoth had to cancel due their drummer Inferno’s surgery. Attika 7 was a great addition.  Fronted by former Biohazard frontman Evan Seinfeld, he took the stage on a motorcycle and used it as a prop during the show. I completely enjoy this band. I love the energy that drummer, Tommy Holt, always brings to their shows. I was surprised to see that Scott Reeder wasn’t with the band this time around. Zach Broderick has moved over to handle bass duties while Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, Metal Church) has joined Rusty Coones (Sons of Anarchy) on guitar. Evan is one of my favorite front men. I look forward to seeing them again 9/6/13 at KISW’s Pain In The Grass

Battlecross are the next up and coming band on the Jager stage. These metal mid-westerners have been around for a decade but the current line up has been solid for the last 3 years. Singer   Kyle Gunther could not get the grin off his face their whole set. I really like seeing musicians enjoying themselves on stage. Just because you are “Metal” doesn’t mean you can’t show the fans 
that you are having as much fun as they are.
The MI stage was back in action with Born of Osiris. This band had my FAVORITE bassist, David Darocha, of the entire day. This band had the most energy of the day as well. I am not a fan of the deathcore vocals, but it didn’t matter. They beyond entertained me. I couldn’t get the stupid grin off of my own face during the 3 songs we get in the pit. 
We headed back over to the Jager stage for Butcher Babies. High energy to say the least. I loved that there were multiple bands with female vocalists on the tour. The only distracting thing about  them was the Go Pro’s attached not only to the bass and guitars, but both Carla and Heidi had them on the end of their mics. They noticeably sang to the cameras at times instead of the crowd. That said, their show was solid and I finally got to see them perform live. 

Motionless in White was next. This band sounded great. They have their appearance down. I’m a big fan of the make-up and armor. And they succeeded in pointing out to me that I have a ‘thing’ for bassists. Devin ‘Ghost’ Sola kept grabbing my attention. The band as a whole just had a very entertaining chemistry on stage. Slipknot meets Marilyn Manson on a metalcore trip is the best description.

We were starting to head into the home stretch back on the Jager stage with Job For a Cowboy. Sadly, I just didn’t connect with this band. I tried to find something to connect with on a visual standpoint since the music was just entirely to heavy for me but I just never found it. 
Emmure took to the MI stage with their distinct style of metal. I liked their combination of music stylings. You could clearly hear the deathcore mixed with rap. They had very cool music. I was  really different and unexpected. If I had not seen them, I would have imagined them to appear like the Motionless In White guys. Their visual show didn’t match their sound, but it worked.
The headliner on the Jager stage was Machine Head. I love Machine Head. It’s pretty disturbing how much my dad looks like Robb Flynn! The last couple of times I’ve seen them, they have been on the main stage at White River so they were way above my head. It was so much fun seeing them so close, but they should've been a mainstage act! 

Closing out the MI stage was Children of Bodom. Going on 20 years active, this Finnish band ended the side stage shows with style. With amazing riffs and solos, the band sent the crowd into a tizzy before they headed over to the main stage acts.  
Ok it's "Iron" Mike" main stage talk time!

Amon Amarth - How can you not like a band that brings a Viking ship onstage to play on?!? Hailing from Sweden, Amon Amarth imagery and lyrics mainly focus on Vikings, their mythology  and their history. In Europe they understand this, it's their heritage, here in America not much so. Will Amon Amarth become big in America? Probably not to the big masses with their killer  tolerable extreme metal, but their cult following is gonna grow leaps and bounds from this tour. Billboard already showed that with their "Deceiver of the Gods" album debuting last week at #19 on the U.S. charts! Yeah that's a couple places higher than my Queensryche guys did. So maybe America is ready for Vikings, Metal and Beer!? Live, they smoked a 35min set that included: "Destroyer of the Universe", "The Pursuit of Vikings", "War of the Gods", "Deceiver of the Gods", "Death in Fire" & "Twilight of the Thunder God".

Mastodon - Of the 4 bands on the main stage, Mastodon were the least visual in stage props except for their huge Mastodon backdrop, but musically they held their own to any band up  there. Opening with the classic "Black Tongue" Mastodon galloped through a 45min set of their heavy and unique instrumentation of rock/metal that has built them a huge following. They have the thrashing progressive song "Island" in the new Disney "Monsters University" movie so new fans are jumping on board right and left finding out what Mastodon is all about. Would've loved to see them play this live. Expect the band to start recording their new album later this year.

Five Finger Death Punch - This band is here to stay. They never disappoint live. Fantastic all-chrome prop stage including a drum set lifting rack! What I love about this band is the  individuals are unique from each other and the fans really enjoy/relate to them. This creates career longevity. Add in their dedication "Bad Company" to the armed forces and FFDP are here to stay. Their hour set covered the FFDP catalog: "Under and Over It", "Burn It Down", "Hard to See", "Bad Company", "White Knuckles", "Drum Solo", "Lift Me Up", "Coming Down", "Never Enough", "Far from home intro" & "The Bleeding" ended the show. Pre-order the new FFDP album "The Wrong Side of Heaven & The Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1 " out July 30th! Click Here!

Rob Zombie - What can ya say that hasn't been said. Rob Zombie puts on one of the best rock shows on the planet. This was a little bigger production than normal and his horror-inspired multi-media visual spectacle didn't disappoint! If ya missed the show no worries YouTube has ya covered. Not the same experience as being there live, but ya get the picture, view video.  His hour+ set included all the favorites like "More Human Than Human", "Thunder Kiss '65", "Dragula", "Superbeast" and the Grand  Funk Railroad cover of "We're An American Band." My new Zombie favorite is his new single "Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown". Great tune! Check out the video here! New album "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor" out now!

Totally bummed I never got over to this stage to see Scorpion Child. I recently heard their new self-titled debut and loved the classic guitar-driven rock that crossed the Led Zeppelin/Kingdom Come/Whitesnake/Rainbow essence. I did get over to the stage once to see Seattle's own Deathmocracy! Melodic, black, death, and progressive metal for the masses! Bassist Kenny Bender is Queeensryche's bass/guitar tech so it was cool to actually see him rocking it onstage instead of behind the scenes of a show.

Overall one more awesome experience at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival! Watch for Mayhem video footage from White River at:

ROCK ON! "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

For full-show photos please visit photo gallery and KISW on Facebook at this gallery. Also our personal Facebook concert photo pages on Facebook will have even more exclusive photos of all the bands: "Iron" Mike: & Stephanie:

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Rockstar Mayhem Ready To Slay July 3rd!

It's that time of the year again for the onslaught of all traveling metal festivals in the USA - Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival! This years version ( July 3rd - White River Amphitheater - Auburn, WA 1PM start) again features 4 stages full of metal to shake your skull and what brains you have left from previous Mayhem's.  If you haven't heard enough promoting of Mayhem on the KISW 99.9FM airwaves then I guess it's my turn to blog you on the side of head with more info! ;)

This years line-up consist of (hurts to say this but please note Behemoth will not be playing due to medical emergency to drummer Inferno - read news):


Click here to Buy Mayhem VIP Ticket Packages!  Click here to Buy Mayhem Tickets!

We all know about the bigger names of the festival so let me inject ya with some videos of the lesser known and newer bands to the U.S. crowds ya might wanna check out! Watch for me & Stephanie in the photo pits and in the crowds as we cover the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival here on & Facebook! Here's last years little flashback of our Mayhem!

See ya in the pits! Iron Mike & Stephanie.





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Record Store Day

Hey it's 4/20! What does that mean? It's international Record Store Day! Well for some its also Cannabis Culture Day but for us music heads this is our day! Bands and independent record stores around the world release rarity and limited edition vinyl for the masses to fight over, in many cases maybe one copy a store! Today I headed up to my favorite record store, for what seems like close to 30 years, West Seattle's Easy Street Records and the wife Stephanie headed to my other little favorite record store Hi-Voltage in Tacoma. Yeah we had a little list each of what we wanted and didn't really succeed at all, especially with the expanded 2-LP Mad Season Record Store Day release. That's okay I scored 2 copies of the Mad Season "River of Deceit" 10" red vinyl LP last year on Record Store Day.

This year Stephanie got David Bowie's "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" 7" for Record Store Day and a used picture disk find of her favorite punk band, D.O.A's Bloodied But Unbowed. She also found me 1 of  the 1000 Testament 7" picture disks featuring them doing covers of the Scorpions "Animal Magnetism" and Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" at Hi-Voltage Records! My big find was by my favorite musician on the planet with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and his RSD exclusive picture disks. This release features the demo versions of two tracks from Wilson’s latest solo album The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) – the songs "Luminol" and "The Watchmaker". These demo versions have never been available on vinyl before and were pressed on a heavyweight (180g) picture disc! Super cool collectable stuff this day brings for us music heads on Record Store Day!

Mike McCready and Barrett Martin of Mad Season were at Easy Street Records signing copies of the their special LP too! That was awesome to see the turnout around the block and in the store! Vinyl sounds soooooooo much better than CD's or crappy MP3's! Miss the good old days of sitting for hours staring at album artwork, listening to the album and enjoying music while cataloging my library of albums. You can put that iTunes in your pipe and toke it! Nothing will ever beat vinyl in sound or joy of having it in your hands! Support your local record/music stores year around! - Iron Mike

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Rocktographer Exhibit Seattle

20 of us local music photographers picked our favorite photo to exhibit. You vote in-person for the best shot through April at the Triple Door's Musicquarium Lounge. Winners announced first week in May. Check out some great concert prints in 16x20 frames, vote and have a drink or two with some food at this great hangout! Triple Door - 216 Union Street - Seattle, WA 98101. Thanks for any shameless plugging, Facebook sharing, Twitter sending to help in getting bodies down there to vote for my Duff McKagan (#20) crowd surfing shot in the Key Arena or any other  photo that excites ya! Who will be the 2013 Rocktographer of the year? For more on the story behind my photo see my recent KISW blog:

Spearheaded by Rocktographer and Wild Ginger Bellevue General Manager Mat Hayward, the event was developed to shine the spotlight on the incredible concert photography talent found in the Seattle area. Here's an article on the event and the photographers listed from Greg Roth at SMI (Seattle Music Insider):

Thanks KISW Rockaholics!! "Iron" Mike

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Soundgarden in Seattle Today

Well if you were one of the lucky 50+ KISW listeners that won their way into this secret private acoustic event with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd you left with one big smile! How often can ya say you went and saw Soundgarden do 5 song acoustic set and met the guys for your lunch break? That's exactly what happened today courtesy of KISW 99.9FM at the new, incredible 1920's, prohibition inspired, Aston Manor Social Club in the Sodo district.

All the lucky patrons had a drink or two awaiting the performance. No one knew exactly where it would be taking place inside the venue. Little did they know we all had to sneak through a huge secret entrance hidden in a book case. Being escorted through the doorway by Ryan, I felt like I was leaving the building and going into the secret Batcave. Ya know I had to yell like Robin "Holy Soundgarden Batman!" as Chris and Ben started soundcheck in this magnificent room!

After soundcheck, all the KISW winners were let into the room and the mighty Jolene laid the hammer down with her announcement - no cell phones, cameras, etc. for the show. Guess that was my job ;) She introduced the guys and Chris & Ben made their way to the stage to perform an awesome 5-song acoustic set that included: "Burden In My Hand", "Halfway There", "Black Hole Sun", "Black Saturday" & "Fell On Black Days". Chris sounded amazing. He didn't have to compete vocally with the usual barage of guitars and drums. Ben's monstrous low end groove complemented Chris' acoustic and vocals.

After the set was over, Chris & Ben met all the KISW winners, signed their badges and then off they went. it was great to see them both.

Remember to stay tuned to both and KISW Facebook pages for exclusive video from this event and various photos being posted. Also check out my Facebook page for todays, full show, photo gallery [Click Here] - Remember to check out Soundgarden online [Official Website] [Facebook]

"Iron" Mike

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Duff McKagan - A Punks Revue - Show Experience

UPDATED 6.5.15 - Movie premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival - it's awesome!! To stay up-to-date on the movie's release date visit:

Tuesday night, Duff McKagan’s performance/spoken word show, “It's So Easy & Other Lies, A Punk’s Revue” returned to Seattle for one mega special night. What was different about this one? It was the fifth time Duff & friends have played this intimate format and as part of the film, they shot the show for an upcoming movie documentary based on his best-selling autobiography "It's So Easy and Other Lies."

The night featured an amazing multi-media exploration through Duff ‘s life and career told through excerpts from the book, musical accompaniments, performances and imagery. Seattle area musicians and long time friends of Duff accompanied him through this spoken word journey. His usual Loaded band mates Jeff Rouse, Mike Squires and Burke Thomas, local pedal slide guitar wiz Paul Hutzler, guitarist Jeff Fielder and the string quartet consisting of Danah Olivetree, Seth May-Patterson, Andrew D.B. Joslyn and Alina To. Special guest Mike McCready from Pearl Jam also appeared at the end of the show.

Duff's book "It's So Easy (And Other Lies)", which came out October 4, 2011, has sold over 200,000 copies. California film company Rainstorm Entertainment is handling this documentary based on the life of this former Guns N’ Roses bassist which (along with this performance) include interviews with all of his closest friends and colleagues including world renowned musicians such as Mick Jagger, Slash, Elton John and film-makers such as James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few. Christopher Duddy (“Cougar Club”) will direct and produce along with Steven G. Kaplan for Rainstorm and McKagan.

Duff shares his story of excess, angst, struggle and triumph detailing his rise to the outer limits of fame and fortune to his struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction. He details his personal crash and burn, his immaculate turnaround to sobriety and to his success as business man and most importantly loving husband and father. Imagine sitting in front of a huge audience of fans, wife, kids, family and friends in attendance and there you are opening up about your whole life of incredible highs, near death lows and everything in between. As you could imagine, Duff's emotions were all over the place during the performance. From the photos I took documenting the show, you don't even have to have subtitles to explain the emotions you'll feel just viewing them. (see show photos here)

It takes big balls to do what Duff did. Such a big production, such courage to open up about his life. But it makes sense for McKagan to do his self-therapy this way. The show was one fantastic, smooth and moving event. From the ambiance, the amazing music arrangements, the perfect visuals on screen all coordinating with Duff's words. As an audience member, you went through his whole roller coaster of emotions along with him. For myself, I actually came crashing down with joy when towards the end of the production my Duff crowd surfing photo came onto the screen and stayed displayed for the last 10+ minutes of the show. The moment became very powerful when I saw Duff look up where I was and gave a salute. Just a very powerful moment for me and I have to proudly admit, some tears of joy.

As a photographer, you always try to capture emotion and powerful moments without the need of explanation. That night (12/16/11), in the sold-out Seattle Key Arena, Duff and his band Loaded did something unthinkable to some people and actually opened for his former band Guns N' Roses. I knew it was gonna be a special moment and from all the press photographers on hand (from in and out of town) they did too. What was explained to all the photographers before the show was 3-songs and out, except for me. I knew this moment was huge and I had to deliver but how? This was Duff's night! This was Duff conquering all the demons from his past and into all the goodness that keeps him straight in his life with his true loves - his wife Susan Holmes and their daughters Grace and Mae Marie. This show was a full circle in his life and career and to be allowed to be the only photographer per Duff to shoot the whole show, I was waiting for something that would go down in his documented history and boy did it come! Like a baptism with the hometown fans, Duff left the stage and with guitar in hand went to the fans and crowd surfed while playing. Lucky I always shoot with two camera bodies and one had my 16mm fisheye on it. The moment came and within a blink of an eye Duff's conquering moment captured!

Who knew a little over a year later the shot would still have a powerful impact on him. Especially something so close and personal in his life, this show event at the Moore Theatre. As the show ended with the whole cast of stage members giving thanks and that photo still in the background is something I will never forget and always be thankful to one of the greatest, inspirational and luckiest living rock stars we know here in Seattle with Michael "Duff" McKagan. Thanks for showing us anything in life is achievable, even at the bottom of the barrel! I walked out of the Moore with even more respect for a man that has given us a lifetime worth of rock music and still going strong with his band Loaded.


A day after the Moore event, Duff sent out a Twitter message that I'll never forget. I can't express the appreciation and validation, especially since I recently quit my day job to do music photo documentation full-time.

Iron Mike Savoia

To buy Duff's “It's So Easy & Other Lies, A Punk’s Revue” book click here at Amazon
To stay up-to-date on the movie's progress visit:
To stay up-to-date on Duff McKagan's Loaded:

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NAMM Day 4 1/27/13

NAMM 2013 - Day 4

It’s the last day of NAMM. Thankfully, it’s also a quiet day. We don’t really have much on the docket. It’s our day to walk around and really be able to talk to vendors and get more photos of products. The Dean Guitars section is always one of the most visited places in NAMM. Never know who you'll run into there. Check them out online:

One cool thing happened when Megadeth's Dave Mustaine stopped his autograph session with hundreds of fans in line and got out from behind the autograph table at the Dean Guitars booth to chat with a fan in a wheelchair that was in line as he signed her an autograph and took a picture with her :) 

Ran into Buckcherry guitarist and friend Steve D. at the Rapco Cables booth.

Now here's a new product I saw I really thought should be talked about. Ever seen musicians fingers from playing guitar, bass etc? Sometimes not the prettiest of sights with cracks cuts and wearing that make their tips sore. Here's a cool product called "Rock-Tips" that's just like the stuff we bowlers use in league and on the PBA Tour (Professional Bowlers Tour) called New Skin.
A safe new alternative to using toxic glue on your fingertips! Check out their awesome website for a lot more information and ordering:

How would you like to change a drum head in 45 seconds!? Yeah I'm NOT joking...check out Tru-Tuner cause this is what you've been looking for drummers..WOW! Check out the website: and video below!

Stopped by the Krank Amps section and found Queensryche Michael Wilton inside the test room goofing around (see video below). **Updated 5/2/13 - unfortunately Krank Amps have closed their doors. Repairs under the Lifetime Warranty are being handled by Krank's parent company, (this sounds funny) Kinetico Quality Water Systems.**

Remember Poison's drummer Rikki Rockett? Check out his Rockett Drum Works - U.S. Made Custom Drums! Need a custom drum set made check out

Want your own designed 3D guitar? Customized by you, inspired by nature! Work directly with designer Olaf Diegel to customize your 3D printed guitar.

All of Olaf's guitars and basses are designed to have a rich, beautiful sound. Amazing pickups from Seymour Duncan and sustainable wood choices for the neck and fretboard (in maple, mahogany, and rosewood) ensure gorgeous tones. Check out the video below the Steampunk Guitar rules!

As NAMM 2013 draws to an end we said our byes and headed to the airport for our trip back home. It was a very busy 5 days and we were ready for our own bed! The body does take a toll with all the walking, running and very late nights. Until 2014 see ya next time NAMM!! Remember NAMM's mission is to strengthen the music products industry and promote the pleasures and benefits of making music. Go support NAMM with your membership!

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia - KISW NAMM Reporters


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NAMM Day 3 1/26/13

NAMM 2013 – Day 3
It’s day 3. The busiest NAMM day of them all! We slept in as much as we could today but I did have to be to the show before 11 to meet up with David Ellefson at Beamz. You gotta check this cool device that you play with light beams with your hands! See video below.

Stef headed over to EMG to catch Kerry King and Phil Demmel. Rob Flynn was supposed to be there as well, but he didn't’t make it. She managed to get over to SIT Strings for Shinedown and Theory of a Deadman signings for their 11am signing too. This is the hardest thing about NAMM. There are overlapping appearances that we try to get too. At 11am today, we had 5 different appearances we were interested in getting to. We made it to 3 of them.

 At Noon I was at Samson for Shinedown and Stef was back over at SIT Strings for David Ellefson, Willie Adler, Traa Daniels, Max Cavalera & Keri Kelli. She tried to get Viv Campbell at Engl, but he wasn’t there before she headed over to Samson to meet up with me and the Shinedown guys. The line was nearing the end to she jumped in to see the guys. She got her picture with her guitar pick necklace and Eric. She had one of his picks in it.

I have to give it to Stef. One of her favorite bands is Avenged Sevenfold and they were doing a band signing in the Schecter booth. She went up and go the attention of one of the Schecter employees (The room was closed for the signing). She asked if she could get in for a few photos. He took her business card, went inside and came back to escort her in! Go Stef! He told her to come back later and he’d get her into the Nikki Sixx signing too.


We met up at the Sennheiser booth for Dilana’s set. She is so great. We were treated to 5 songs. She did some of her originals and a cover of The Veronica’s song “Mother, Mother”.

Stef caught up with Tommy Thayer (Kiss) for a photo op and then back to Schecter for Nikki Sixx. Well, she tried to get in for Nikki but his management was not letting any press in at all. For a “photographer”, he shows little respect for other photographers. Sucked.

We got passes to the Schecter NAMM Party (Chris Poland, Jeff Loomis, Prong & Exodus) but Stef was done for. We got back to the hotel room and I got ready to go. She drove me over to The Grove and was going back to the room to take care of her aching feet, but I had her wait with my cameras to try to get a media pass. I went up to the locked gate to ask how they were handling the photo passes for media cause I didn't have one yet and someone at Schecter overheard me ask the security and said "Really dude? I know your work get in here" and handed me passes and got me in the door before they let the crowd in. That was my Hollywood moment and good-guy payback from the night before across the street when I paid for a homeless mans dinner :)

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

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NAMM Day 2 1/25/13

NAMM 2013 – Day 2
Even though it’s Day 2, it’s the first day that you’ll experience big crowds at the booths and traffic jams at all the intersections. This is the day where Stef and I really have to divide up our day to cover more.
Before we started running around for appearances, we headed over to Dean to get our passes for NAMM Jam from Curse & Elliott. Then Stef started her day off dropping by the EMG booth to catch a shot of Zakk Wylde, over to the Steve Clayton booth for Kyle Gass of Tenacious D and then over to Grover Jackson to see Tom Dumont doing their appearances.
Lines were short for a Friday, so Stef stood in line so she could get unobstructed shots of Mike Inez (Alice In Chains), Rex Brown (Pantera) and Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X). Next stop was the Monster booth for Kerry King, Dean Markley for Orianthi (Alice Cooper) then Stef met up with me at Samson. They didn’t have much going on at Samson, only Mike Portnoy, David Ellefson, Phil Buckman, Frankie Bello and Scott Ian ;)
Once the Samson signing was over, Scott asked Stef and I to walk him up to Fender/Jackson for his next appearance. We grabbed a couple of the security guards at Samson so we could get Scott out of the area quickly. There were people trying to stop him until we crossed out of the more rock band area over to the woodwinds. Suddenly, no one tried to stop him any longer. It was pretty funny.
Stef and I split up again. She went back downstairs while I went over to Schecter to catch up with Jeff Loomis & dUg Pinnick. Stef headed over to Engl to see Bumblefoot but ran into our buddy AC Alexander (Lizzy Borden) instead and had a great little visit with him. She scrambled over to Monster to try and see Slipknot but by the time she got there 7 was the only one left.

Wayne Static was going to be up next at the Monster booth along with Evil D. There wasn’t much of a line at Monster so Stef jumped in line again to get more up close shots.
Peavey had a couple of the guys from Black Stone Cherry doing a little acoustic set that I was able to capture. At the same time, Stef was over at Remo seeing Mike Portnoy. As soon as she was done there, she was on a mission to see Steve Stevens. She tried to see him at 3 different scheduled appearances but he was either too late or no showed to them so she was pretty bummed. Especially since you know that you also get to see Josie when you see Steve.

I had one more big appearance to shoot at Samson before we headed back to the room for a bit of a rest before heading over to The Grove for the Dean Guitars NAMM Jam. We got over to The Grove with a little time to spare for dinner so we stopped in the McDonalds nearby.
While eating our dinner, I spotted a homeless man trying to find some food inside the restaurant garbage can. I thought he must really be hungry to come inside to look in a garbage can. I got up and gave him 5 bucks to grab some food. He thanked me and immediately got in line. He was there for a long time so I went back up to him to see if he was OK. He was trying to make the most of the money to get a full meal. I told him to order what he wanted and gave him the balance. We were on our way out when he was waiting for his food and I told him goodbye.
The NAMM Jam this year was headlined by Shinedown. Opening the show was Wayland followed by Rusty Cooley, Michael Angelo Batio, Laura Wilde and Kyng before Shinedown took the stage. Back to the hotel room to crash!

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

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NAMM Day 1 1/24/13

NAMM Day 1 – January 24th 2013
We got to the media room bright and early to get the hottest thing at NAMM – a locker!! We met up with some of our photo friends from across the globe and did a little visiting before the doors to the exhibits opened up.
At this point, Stef and I divide and conquer! We walk the 1 million + square feet of exhibits finding as much new and interesting gear and music appearances we can to photograph and report on for you – the Rock-a-holics! This is the calm before the storm day. Less people around so there is more time to shop and take in the demos for a little longer.
Stef’s first mission was to get up to the Schecter guitars room since she couldn't find any appearance information online ahead of time. Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater was demonstrating on Synthology pianos at the Llio booth. Stef and I both ended up there. She made her way over to TC Electronic to catch Soren Andersen demoing the Flashback X4 Delay pedal. 

At Noon, Lita Ford made a signing appearance at Dean Marley Strings. She was so funny when she saw me walking by and I said hi. The photo says it all. She's still cool as ever! 

I was lucky enough to have access (along with their own photographer..Hi Tracy) at the Samson/Zoom booth signings for all the days so I got some pretty exclusive shots of some pretty big rock stars and friends. Look who my first set of super heroes were! Bassists that rules the world!

L-R Geezer Butler (Sabbath), Frank Bello (Anthrax), John "JD" DeServio (BLS), Eddie Jackson (Queensryche), Phil Buckman (Filter), Billy Sheehan, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), Stu Hamm.

We stopped by the hotel for a little bit before heading out to the Observatory for the Bonzo Bash. It was great to see such a large crowd there. Both of us has photo passes but the pit was so small that neither of us got to move around for different angles so we got some pics and left before another long day of NAMM ahead of us. Full Bonzo Bash Photos Click Here!

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NAMM - Media Day Report 2013

The NAMM Show – Media Day Edition 1.23.2013

Last year, we were on one of the last flights out of snowy Seattle and had to fly from Seattle to Denver and finally to Orange County. This year, we made it to media day!
Thanks to NAMM for having a pretty good rental car promo code for a compact or larger car. I thought that would pretty much guarantee us a compact – WRONG. The car company translates compact or larger to whatever they have most on their lot when we arrive. Stef – our designated California driver – was living the dream in a Ford Crown Vic. You got that right...Streets of San Francisco riding in Anaheim!

We got to parking lot 1, made our way over to the Hilton to get our NAMM badges and headed into the Anaheim Convention Center. We walked into the press room just in time to catch Tara Busch’s demonstration of the Stylophone S2. I love the Stylophone and Stef really liked the British Flag version.

Then Peavey Electronics announced and demonstrated their new Vypyr VIP amplifier. This amp is the first one that will actually work for acoustic, electric and bass guitars with the turn of a switch. Mr. Alex Skolnick of Testament and the Alex Skolnick Trio demonstrated each guitar type for us. This is a great amp for you musicians that want to consolidate your gear but not lose anything sound wise in the process.


Next up – Grover Jackson (yes, the Grover Jackson of Jackson/Charvel fame) and his new guitar line, the GJ2. Tom Dumont of No Doubt has been road testing the prototype of the new Zora guitar and actually had the prototype on hand to compare next to the production version of the guitar. Tom did a little demo for us on the production model. Currently the guitar body and the Jabanero Pickups are made in house with plans to expand the rest of the parts being made in house as well. The other guitar debuted by Grover Jackson was the Glendora model.

Dean Guitars’ Curse Mackey introduced Dave Mustaine and his new double neck signature guitar. Dave was pretty entertaining and even handed the guitar to one of our friends to test the weight after she asked him how heavy it was. He did some posing with it, but we weren’t treated to a demo. I saw Mustaine the first time he played his prototype live back on 4/26/11 at The Big 4 in Indio, CA (see photo below). 

We headed out of the demo area and started to see some of the preview booths. We came upon Alex Skolnick having a little jam session with Malcolm Turner(bass) & Jon Barnes(trumpet). Alex was using the new John Lennon amps from Fargen. There are 2 versions, white and black, and a couple of artwork versions currently. The white amps are very limited production and will retail for $5K. There are 11 in each artwork being made and Yoko Ono will be getting one of each which leaves 10 of each for sale. The black amp will be the production version and retail for $2700.

Lanakai will be releasing ukuleles this year with a USB port. They can be hooked right into your computer for recording.

We found the AlphaSphere and immediately thought of our kids fighting over it. It’s like an electric drum synth in a big sphere with LED lights in the middle for a little atmosphere.

If you are into woodwinds, we saw the most updated piccolo I had ever seen. Instead of round hole covers, they were square. Made by Powell Sonaré, Stef was over there asking questions for quite awhile. She said the demonstrator had a bit of an adjustment period but the square covers also had a bit of a cradle to them so the fingers set in them nicely.

Back over to the stage for NAMM President Joe Lamond and former New York Yankee/Latin Grammy nominee Bernie Williams having a chat about the importance of music education.

We were also treated to a very rare treat. Elizabeth Pitcairn played us the theme from Shindler’s List on the 1720, ‘The Red’ Mendelssohn Stradivarius.

To end the Media Day presentations Muse Research's Bryan Lanser, Vice President of Business Development, introduced the incredible Receptor VIP. A road-worthy plug-in player used by just about everyone in the music business you know that want to bring their sounds from the studio to live situations. Check out the video courtesty of Skinny Music TV on the presentation. Amazing!

Time to check into the hotel and make our way over to Disneyland for a little relaxation before the next 4 days of The NAMM Show!!

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

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Cliff Burton & David Ellefson new basses revealed at NAMM 2013

With a little help from my famous metal bassist friend David Ellefson (Megadeth), we headed over to the Aria Guitar section at NAMM to see the revealing of the Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass. We didn't have much time since both of us had to get back upstairs to the Samson booth for David's autograph signing, but we had enough time to record a quick video and also get some photos of the bass and with Cliff's dad Ray. Cliff Burton was Metallica's bassist for their first three groundbreaking albums, Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets. Cliff died on September 26, 1986 in a tour bus accident (watch story here) but his legacy and style of playing bass live on even to this day. His famous bass solos featuring a Morley Wah pedal (along with a Big Muff Distortion) were inspirational to millions of Metallica and metal fans around the world (see solo video with original Aria bass).

Check out this video I recorded with David Ellefson introducing the new Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass replica for the first time (view exclusive video here) at NAMM '13!
For the official bass press release with spec info please click here!

Now let's have Megadeth's bass man David Ellefson talk about his new Jackson Signature Kellybird coming out soon!
Check out the two videos below. This bass is so cool looking! I was lucky enough to have shot David live last year with his prototype.
Keep up-to-date on the latest Jackson guitar/bass news and this Ellefson Signature model release at:

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NAMM Convention Quickie

Hey Rockoholics! 

We're gonna have all kinds of cool stuff to report on from NAMM 2013!!! Today was a pretty amazing day with all the rock/metal stars at the and cool new products ya might be interested in if you're in a band!  Too bad the media room wireless crashed on us all so no remote updates. It'll be better to soak all this stuff in and then report next week on everything we've seen and who we've been hanging out with! We got VIP passes to Shinedown at the Dean Guitars NAMM Jam tonight so off we go! Been non stop! Here's some sample pics for now...keep checking my blog the next days!

Iron Mike (& my sidekick Robin..I mean wife Stephanie ha ha)

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Jerry Cantrell jumps onstage with Duff & Walking Papers

If you missed the SOLD-OUT Walking Papers show last night no worries! I caught the EPIC special guest guitarist of the night. Usually Mike McCready plays with the Walking Papers (as he did on the Walking Papers debut CD and at KISW's Pain in the Grass 2012) but last night he was gone so the band pulled a BIG surprise! Alice in Chain's Jerry Cantrell jumped onstage and jammed the dark heavy Walking Papers classics "Your Secret is Safe With Me" & "Two Tickets" at the Crocodile Cafe. Check out the videos below and go check out the band online and buy the killer debut CD
I'll be posting some live photos from the show on my Facebook concert photography page too!
Iron Mike

Seattle-based Hard Blues Rock band WALKING PAPERS features:

Jeff Angell (Post Stardom Depression, The Missionary Position)
Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Skin Yard)
Duff McKagan (Guns & Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded)
Ben Anderson (Rorschach Test, The Missionary Position)

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Folk metal hits Seattle Sunday with Evuleitie/Wintersun

Seattle, don't forget this Sunday Swiss New Wave of Folk Metal pioneers Eluveitie play El Corazon! This KISW Metal Shop sponsored show is gonna be epic! Also on the bill is Finland's Wintersun, an extreme progressive metal band with a new amazing album titled "Time I" (hear full album) and German Viking metallers VARG

What's exciting about Eluveitie on this tour is they are playing their new concept CD "Helvetios" (hear full album) in it's entirety each night! Never thought a metal band with flutes, violins, hurdy-gurdies, mandola, mandolin, whistles and bagpipes could be so awesome! Add some hot chicks oozing with talent in the band and you have a dual combination of male/female diversity for the big time! "Helvetios" is one of my favorite album releases of the year. Between Chrigel Glanzmann's razor rasp and Anna Murphy's angelic vocals, there's something for every metal fan with Eluveitie! Eluveitie also released a second record this year with The Early Years, a collection of re-rerecorded and re-mastered early material. 

Meet both bands at a pre-show in-store signing at Silver Platters in Northgate (Sunday, December 2nd 3 - 4 PM Silver Platters 9560 1st. Ave. NE Seattle, WA. 98115 (206) 524-3472

Time to get your Celtic mosh on! ;) Buy tickets online now for the show..nearly sold out as most of tour is already! See ya there! Iron Mike

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Queensryche encores with Michael Schenker

If ya missed the great Michael Schenker Group show at Studio Seven in Seattle Sunday ya probably heard that Queensryche guitarists Michael Wilton & Parker Lundgren made a special guest apperance and jumped onstage (flying V's and all) to jam the UFO classic "Doctor Doctor" with Michael Schenker (UFO, Scorpions) and his band. If ya missed it no fear Iron Mike was near! ;) See video below. See full news on Blabbermouth click here

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35 Years Ago Today Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash

Today marks the 35 year anniversary of one of rock music's greatest tragedies. The plane crash of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  At the time, the band had 10 on-stage members: Ronnie Van Zant, Cassie Gaines, Steve Gaines, Gary Rossington, Artimus Pyle, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson, Allen Collins, Leslie Hawkins and Jo Jo Billingsley.

Ronnie Van Zant, Cassie Gaines, and Steve Gaines died, along with their road manager Dean Kilpatrick, and the pilot and co-pilot. Jo Jo Billingsley was not on the plane.
Gary Rossington, Artimus Pyle, Allen Collins, Leslie Hawkins, Billy Powell and Leon Wilkeson survived, but with very serious injuries.

Gary Rossington (pictured above 9/27/12) and Ronnie Van Zant's brother Johnny Van Zant still carries on the Lynryd Skynyrd legacy all these years later. Their latest album "Last of a Dyin' Breed" just came out on Roadrunner records and the band is currently on tour. See photos from their 9/27/12 Kent, WA show on Click Here!

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FREE New Medicine show this Wednesday

In a last minute venue issue New Medicine had to cancel their 21 and over Seattle show for this Wednesday 10/3 BUT as a big fan I couldn't let that happen! One quick phone call to New Medicine singer Jake Sherer to see what it would take to secure the band to play and once I knew the figure I called Mr. Dreamfest Louie G and made a deal with him (out of our own pockets) to bring the band and play a FREE ALL-AGES show for the fans at Louie G's 10/3. Only stipulation to get in the doors, you have to bring some non-perishable food to support our short-in-supply food banks otherwise you'll pay $5 at the door! Thinking this over, we really wanted it to be a different experience especially on a work/school night. So not only will it be an early start (7:30pm) there will be no opening acts! A pure headline full New Medicine show for the fans! Plus meet the band after the show, get your picture with the band (by your's truly) and get back home and in bed at a decent hour!
You've heard New Medicine music on MLB broadcasts, MTV, KISW  (see Jeetz's interview with the band below), seen  them on tour opening for Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Halestorm, Shinedown, Hollywood Undead, Evanescence, Chevelle etc. now here's a rare opportunity in one of best local staged and food venues you'll ever see! Thank you Louie G for accommodating this with me and making sure one of the best angst punk rebellious radio rock killing bands plays the Seattle area! It's gonna be one frat-rocking party at Louie G's Wednesday! See everyone there! Here's the show info:
Hopefully you'll be recovered from KISW's Pain in the Grass show yesterday to attend this. I know I need a day or two to recover ha! Watch for all the PITG photos soon on!  Iron Mike


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Dreamfest 2012 Festival Louie Gs 9/15

Have ya ever seen the statement "Support Local Music - Occupy a Venue"?? Well September 15th will be the GREATEST local rock music ALL-AGES event you could support in 2012! Louie G's Dreamfest 2012 in Fife, WA is gonna outdoor showcase a ton of Seattle's best rock/alternative/metal bands on one big killer stage with staging/equipment/lighting provided by Pyramid Stage & Lighting! Not only will you get exposed to some of the best rock Seattle has to offer at the moment, the event is also a huge food drive for Northwest Harvest! Non-perishable food donations will be collected at the door for Northwest Harvest! Save $5 off your show ticket at door if ya do! Check out this KISW Loud & Local sponsored event headlined by KISW's own New Originals! BUY TICKETS! What more can ya ask for with a ourdoor day of sun, music and food all wrapped into one? Event gates open at 2pm, show starts at 3pm! Be there and remember to bring your non-perishable food for Northwest Harvest! Check out the bands below! Visit their websites and crank the music! 

The New Originals -  visit website -  You all know this not-so-serious fun cover band! Made up of some known local musicians like Kyyle Cort (Superfekta) and Glenn Cannon (Windowpane) with KISW personalities/employees like Steve The Producer (drums), Ryan Castle (drums), Steve "The Thrill" Hill (Men's Room - bass), etc. Gonna be a party with The New Originals!

Klover Jane -  visit website   

Witchburn -  visit website   

Riot In Rhythm -  visit website  

The Fail Safe Project -  visit website  

Syztem Seven -  visit website   (debuting new line-up)

Jason Kertson & The Immortals -  visit website  
Amadon -  visit website  

The Fame Riot -  visit website 
Amanda Hardy -  visit website   

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Walking Papers benefit with Duff & McCready

The weather was gorgeous, and a tad hot, for a great benefit at Slim’s Last Chance last night. Performing on the Slims’ outdoor stage were Jeff Angell & Barrett Martin’s Walking Papers, with special guests: Duff McKagan, Mike McCready, Benjamin Anderson and Jeff Rouse followed by To the Glorious Lonely.

Who was benefiting from this shin dig? That would be Tim Medvetz’s The Heroes Project. An organization supporting active & retired military and their families. Duff will be joining Tim and Marine veteran Kionte Storey on a climb up Mt. Rainier. The door price of $15 and show posters at $10 directly went to help pay for this climb as well as getting Kionte down to Antarctica to climb Mt. Vinson. Did I also mention that Kionte is a single leg amputee? Talk about inspiration! 

Walking Papers took the stage just after 6pm to a packed house opening with the first song off of their new CD ‘Already Dead’. Jeff and Barrett were joined by Benjamin Anderson and Duff for the first three or four songs. Then Mike McCready joined them for another 4 songs. Jeff Angell left the stage for the final song and Jeff Rouse made his way on stage to take his place on vocals for Mad Season’s ‘River of Deceit’. A proper ending to an incredible performance. 

I hadn’t seen Walking Papers before and I’m glad that I’m the one who got to be there. Sorry Mike ;) I did feel for the guys all dressed in full musician attire and in direct sunlight. I know how hot I was, so I can only imagine how hot they were! It’s great to be at a show where the musicians are completely relaxed and totally enjoying what they are doing. I grabbed myself one of their CD’s (only available at these weekend shows until the release date 10/2/12) so I can keep enjoying this new band.

Sponsor KISW had a great presence with Jolene (taking a well deserved night off for fun!), Thrill, Mischa and Ryan Castle in attendance. Queensryche members Michael ‘Whip’ Wilton , Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren were also there in support of the show. 
Slim’s provided everyone with a great venue for this sort of outdoor BBQ with your friends kinda feeling. Add in their freakin’ killer chili and BBQ from sister restaurant Pig Iron next door and you have a one stop food, spirits and entertainment locale. For more photos from the show visit KISW on Facebook!
Who are Walking Papers?
Jeff Angell - Post Stardom Depression, The Missionary Position
Barrett Martin - Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara
Their guests?
Duff McKagan - Loaded, Velvet Revolver, Jane’s Addiction, GNR
Mike McCready - Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Temple of the Dog
Benjamin Anderson - The Missionary Position, Rorschach Test, Pamela Moore
Jeff Rouse - Loaded, To The Glorious Lonely, Vendetta Red, Alien Crime Syndicate

Blogger: Stephanie Savoia 

NOTE: Thanks to my other half (Stephanie) in covering this event/blog for me and the KISW ROCKaholics while I was covering the young future of Seattle ROCK in 15yo Jason Kertson and his band The Immortals at their debut CD release show in the south end at Louie G's. What a killer, packed-out, all-ages show!! More on this kid, his band and the upcoming Dreamfest 2012 show he is playing with KISW's own band The New Originals and many others on 9/15 at Louie G's in Fife! That's a whole separate blog though! Iron Mike

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Hot Rock Shows Friday Saturday

As I sat in my car today on I-5 going nowhere through Fort Lewis listening to KISW, a SUPER RARE occurrence happened! Looked at radio and it was 99.9 looked at temp gage and it was 99 degrees! WOW! 

While Seattle bakes in record temps Friday & Saturday lets not forget some HOT shows on tap to attend while trying to stay cool!

2 shows Friday:

1) Walking Papers/To The Glorious Lonely - Slims Last Chance - Seattle EARLY 6pm start! Walking Papers features Jeff Angell (The Missionary Position), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees/Mad Season), Duff McKagan (GNR/Loaded) and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam/Mad Season/Shadow). Tickets are $15 DOS and available at the door. Proceeds benefit The Heroes Project. This 21 and over show starts at 6 PM. Opening is Jeff Rouse (Duff McKagan's Loaded) side band To The Glorious Lonely. Watch for Walking Paper's debut CD to release October 2nd! The band also have a show at The Crocodile later this night also opening for Sweetwater.

2) Jason Kertson & The Immortals ALL-AGES CD Release show - Louie G's - Fife, WA - Attend the show above then hop on I-5 and straight shoot it to Fife to see the future of Seattle rock with 15yo kid sensation Jason Kertson and his band The Immortals (Troy 19, Jake 17). You've heard them on KISW Loud & Local, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) mentors the band, you won't believe these are teens playing! New CD "Afraid" (listen) produced by legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino (Nirvana/Soundgarden). Also on the bill Klover Jane, Fail Safe Project and soon to be TV reality stars Riot in Rhythm. Jason & The Immortals hit the stage around 9:30!

1 Show Saturday:

Kiss/Motley Crue - the co-headline tour hits the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn. Expect a new Motley Crue movie (based on their tell-all autobiography, ‘The Dirt’) and CD in 2013. Check out Jolene's new interview with Tommy Lee for the show - Listen here!

Kiss have their 20th studio album 'Monster' releasing in October and a new 'Monster' $4k book shipping soon! See website! It's three feet tall and two and half feet wide! As tall as a guitar! BUY tickets to the show! The Treatment open the whole show. 

Stay cool these next 2 days and watch for photos here from all these shows on KISW! 
Iron Mike

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Aerosmith & Cheap Trick Still Rocking The Goods

Here we go again, another year gone by and some of the great rock bands of our 70s/80s past still kicking ass in (correct this is not a typo) 2012! Yeah 2012, can you believe it!? Opening the show was Cheap Trick! As they hit the stage, screaming from the sound system with a pleasant female voice was “Please welcome the best f**king rock band you’ve ever seen, Cheap Trick!” Original members Robin Zander - Lead Vocals & Guitar/Tom Petersson - Bass/Rick Nielsen - Lead Guitar came out and did an great set of hits including "Dream Police," "I Want You to Want Me," "The Flame" but the show stopper was "Surrender" when our very own Duff McKagan jumped onstage and played guitar with the band! Thanks to Duff's wife Susan Holmes McKagan for getting this shot onstage of Duff & Rick and letting me use it for the blog! Aerosmith's Brad Whitford even came out and played on "Ain't That A Shame".

As an old Cheap Trick fan original drummer Bun E. Carlos was sorely missed with his iconic looking stature and cigarette toking playing behind the band but tour drummer Daxx (Rick's son), did a kick ass job! Let's face it, 75% of the time you are looking at guitarist Rick Nielson anyways so no Bun E. was tolerable. Rick is still as active as ever on stage (except his jumps might be in inches now instead of a foot plus) throwing probably 300+ guitar picks out to the crowd during the set. Tom still is as classy as ever on bass and even though Robin's voice has shown some range age, he's still the man behind the great hits we all know, love and sing and was great. To view Cheap Trick show photos go to KISW's FACEBOOK or WEBSITE and visit   

Aerosmith, what can ya say? Steven Tyler still has it, Joe Perry still kills it on the 6-string, Joey Kramer still pounds with the best, Tom Hamilton is still one of the coolest cats in rock on bass and Brad Whitford, Mr. cool calm and collectively dangerous on guitar. Forty years of music and look at just some of the songs in the setlist: Draw the Line/Love in an Elevator/Same Old Song and Dance/Livin' on the Edge/Last Child/Rag Doll/Come Together/Rats In The Cellar/Sweet Emotion/Walk This Way/Dream On/Train Kept A-Rollin' etc. Just to think this band was nearly done not long ago before Steven took the judging job on American Idol. Thank goodness they patched things up and are out there saving the asses of rock arenas around the world. Scares me to think what's gonna happen to rock arena shows when icons like Aerosmith, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, etc. go away. Aerosmith still have a lot in the tank and if Steven Tyler can keep healthy I see them selling out arenas for years to come.

The best-selling American rock band of all time (150 million records sold) did not disappoint the Tacoma Dome with their "Global Warming Tour". Great visual show and simple yet effective extended stage to let Steven and Joe rock right in the crowd! Expect the new Aerosmith CD (their fifteenth studio album) "Music from Another Dimension", to be released on November 6, 2012. To view Aerosmith show photos go to KISW's FACEBOOK or WEBSITE and also visit to keep up on all the new Aerosmith CD and tour news! 

See everyone at the next big rock show August 18th with Kiss/Motley Crue at the White River Amphitheatre - "Iron" Mike -  KISW Blogs - Facebook


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Iron Maiden Conquers White River

The Maiden England World Tour 2012-13, which is based around the video of the same name finally hit the Seattle area Monday night! If I told you in the early 80's as a kid listening to Iron Maiden's Killers album (you know the plastic vinyl that spins around on a turntable with a needle in the groove making better sounds than todays CD's/MP3s) that in 2012 I'd be seeing them in concert and better yet, shooting the band, I would've told ya you're nuts!

It's amazing this band is still touring the world and bigger than ever! Hell they even have their own Boeing 757-200 airplane flown by singer Bruce Dickenson called "Ed Force One" to tour the world! The secret, its not album sales or radio airplay, it's the live show that brings the millions and millions of fans to its concerts. You have over 30 years of older fans like myself and then add their kids and you have a non-ending cycle of fans not many bands in the history of metal have ever achieved. 

Two years ago when Maiden played the White River Amphitheater I was really disappointed with their setlist. It was like the anti-favorite songs (except for a few here and there) setlist but this time around THEY KILLED IT! Look at the setlist difference from 2010 to 2012!

The Wicker Man/Ghost of the Navigator/Wrathchild/El Dorado/Paschendale/The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg/These Colours Don't Run/Blood Brothers/Wildest Dreams/No More Lies/Brave New World/Fear of the Dark/Iron Maiden Encore: The Number of the Beast/Hallowed Be Thy Name/Running Free 

Moonchild/Can I Play With Madness/The Prisoner/2 Minutes to Midnight/Afraid to Shoot Strangers/The Trooper/The Number of the Beast/Phantom of the Opera/Run to the Hills/Wasted Years/Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/The Clairvoyant/Fear of the Dark/Iron Maiden Encore: Aces High/The Evil That Men Do/Running Free

See the difference? The crowd was in a near frenzy from start to finish with that set. The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, Phantom of the Opera & Run to the Hills all back-to-back in the set was amazing and add they also played The Prisoner and Aces High! This was Iron Maiden at it's best! The guys were energetic running around (more so than bands 1/2 their age) and Bruce Dickenson still kicking those vocals and screams like many years ago. Is there a more iconic band mascot to band ever than Eddie? Think not! Eddie appeared in many forms throughout the set in either stage backdrop or huge prop figures. See the video below for some of the cool Eddie festivities! Also view show photos here at (CLICK HERE) or on KISW's Facebook page (CLICK HERE). One of the greatest concert bands of any musical genre ever, Iron Maiden deserve all the success!

Visit Iron Maiden online:

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Rockstar Mayhem Festival Aftermath 7/3/12

Rockstar Mayhem Festival - White River Ampitheater - Auburn, WA 7/3/2012
Bloggers: "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia - Festival website:

Ok with our fourth straight year covering the festival we know we could sit here all day long going through everything that happened but we don't wanna overbore ya with our yearly fairy tale of awesomeness so we'll keep it short (somewhat) in a quick cell phone pictorial overview.  Might be a little Anthrax heavy blog but hey they are my favs for a reason ;)

Yeah you see it right, we started off the day on the good foot picking up Anthrax buddy Scott "NOT" Ian at the airport and headed to the show venue. Stephanie sat in the back of the Jeep shaking her head with a smile realizing this is really happening and what a day it's gonna be!

As we arrived at the venue the skies just started pouring rain. We parked next to the Anthrax tour bus and hopped on a golf cart to go get our passes for the show. Wet seats, fast driver and we held on for dear life trying not to fall off even laughing. Somehow I got a shot off on the cell phone.

Me & Stef had these handy Rockstar Mayhem VIP wrist bands (thank you Scott) which got us everywhere we wanted to go and meet up with many friends backstage, so in appreciation I gave the Anthrax glow star the salute! 

The most sought-after photo pass of them all. Only 3 issued by the band and there was like 25-30 photographers there. I'm sure someone wanted to kill me for it...HA!! Wait till ya see ya see all my Slipknot pics though, some classics!

Look closely we got photo bombed by Mr. International himself Neil Lim Sang! Don't ask me how he did it. That little opening between me & Duff and he did it!

Got goose bumps being up there, it was that impressive hearing the roar back to Anthrax at the end of their non-stop energized set! If ya didn't get enough of Anthrax or missed them they are back to Seattle 9/19 with Testament & Death Angel at the Showbox Market! Tickets on sale now!

I've been hit by a flying Hello Kitty doll (X-Japan), little rubber lighted ducks (AIC) etc. in the photo pits but this...I can handle ;)

(snickering) Stephanie braved the downpour from under the Rockstar drink tent to go get some pics of  (as she said) "he's hot" Tim of As I Lay go girl! (I stayed dry with Anthrax ha!)

Upon A Burning Body killed it! The song "Texas Blood Money" and the quick intro intertwined lyrics of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" was brilliant! Just loved these guys classy look and conviction live!

Stephanie finally got to meet the metalhead jokester Craig Gass...ha! 

Cool moment backstage as Shawn (Clown) presents Dean Karr with his new photo book that's out now! 
Check it out!

Fun times in the Slayer dressing room with the one and only Kerry King of Slayer. Check out Metal Shop's interview with Kerry HERE!

This was the tent to be at all day! Rockstar drinks free all-day long! Meet your favorite bands for autographs and grab some Rockstar on the way out. Everything was there for the asking! Let's give Rockstar Energy Drinks some HUGE props for sponsoring this great yearly tour and for getting me through the day! Join them on Facebook and visit their Website! Remember also 9/22 the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival hits White River with Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach, Adelitas Way + P.O.D., Fozzy, In This Moment etc.

Not very often you have this many photographers known within the rock community all in the same place from different states or countries at the same time. Combined (at least) 110+ years of experience in the music photography photo pits! Definitely one of my favorite shots of friends in a long time and boy did we have some fun this day. Those Rockstar cups, yeah they contained some secret Nitro jacked-up Rockstar fluid that had me buzzing the rest of the night...thanks Zetterstrom! 

Motorhead - Stephanie pointed out how nice it was for a change to shoot the band in light! Everytime we've shot Motorhead it's usually dark and with Lemmy & Phil usually wearing hats ya get the dark face shadow effect. Not today! Highlight of the show was when Duff McKagan jumped onstage and played "Killed By Death" with the band. See Daniel Zetterstrom's great photo of Lemmy & Duff in the moment below. Also check out the video on YouTube!

Slayer was at the top of their game! The upside down crosses made of Marshall amps was visually crazy with the flames that shot out them. It was entertaining watch full rows of seated fans headbanging in unison during "Angel of Death" Never a dull moment musically and watching the fans at a Slayer show!

This night and tour was all about the return of Slipknot! With the 2010 death of bassist Paul Grey many thought they'd never come back. Time has healed enough that they are back but most noticeably there is no bassist onstage during the show. They figure you can't replace #2 onstage right now so the band hired a touring bassist that won't be seen onstage but behind drummer Joey Jordison.  Another noticeable figure missing onstage this night was guitarist Jim Root. Just as the tour started the band announced he had a appendix burst and has to stay home for health reasons. Interesting cause in 2009 that was the exact same excuse used when the band had to cancel KISW's Pain in the Grass show hours before the show because drummer Joey Jordison had the same issue supposedly. Does this band ever have an off night live? Doubt it, the energy and insanity on and offstage with the crowd is nuts! The band will release Antennas to Hell, a "best of" collection documenting its inimitable career, July 24 on Roadrunner Records.

Already looking forward to next year! For our complete photo coverage of Festival please visit these pages and check out the MANY more cool exclusive shots: - KISW Facebook - Iron Mike Savoia Facebook Gallery - Stephanie Savoia Facebook Gallery

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Rockstar Mayhem Festival Preview

Are you ready Rockaholics!? There's gonna be some huge fireworks going off the night before the 4th of July! Another year gone by and another favorite day in July many of us look forward to each year with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival! Tuesday, July 03, 2012 White River Amphitheatre (Buy tickets or VIP ones HERE). Watch my blog, and for my & Stephanie's tag-team blog/photo coverage of the Mayhem Festival chaos!  All the info and extra news about the festival with links is below so check it all out! 

Horn's Up! 
Iron Mike - KISW Blog - Facebook


Jägermeister Stage:
(opening rotation of UPON A BURNING BODY (6/30 – 7/11), I THE BREATHER (7/25 – 8/04), BETRAYING THE MARTYRS (7/13 – 7/24))
Sumerian Stage:

-->>Also for you Slipknot fans Corey Taylor will be at the University Book Store to host a book signing. The event starts at 7pm on Monday July 2nd at 4326 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105. 

-->> Get 9 free Mayhem artist songs for iTunes now!

-->> Remember the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival is again proud to announce Metal Of Honor, an awareness and fundraising effort focused on the needs and challenges of our active duty military, veterans and their families. Check out the info HERE!

-->> The 2012 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL is presented by ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK and is sponsored by Jagermeister, Sumerian Records, Zippo, Ibanez, Hot Topic, Matador Beef Jerky, Air Force Reserves, Revolver Magazine, Century Media Records, Metal Blade Records, Roadrunner Records, the Keep A Breast Foundation, Living The Dream, Monster Products, Snagola, US Army, SJC Drums, and

-->> Revolver magazine's 2012 Mayhem issue hits the store stands July 10th! See the cover of Slayer vs. Slipknot now!

-->> If after the Mayhem Festival is over and ya want some more how about the Mayhem Metal Cruise in December!? Lamb of God, Machine Head, Anthrax, Hatebreed and more! Check out the information HERE!

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Rising West officially Queensryche

As officially reported this morning on Rising West is now officially Queensryche and have parted ways with Geoff Tate! When more officially released news is reported we'll keep ya updated but for now go check out the Billboard article:

Before the band legally got the Queensryche name back to use they performed under the name Rising West a week and a half ago at the Hard Rock Cafe. If ya missed the KISW Mens Room interview a day before the show here it is:

See Todd perform his first show with the band: Queen of the Reich

Here's the bands 1st official promo released today (shot by yours truly) with bands press release.

Horn's Up!
Iron Mike - KISW Blog - Facebook


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Rising West (Queensryche) with new awesome singer

You've seen the internet reports from the Queensryche camp and the separation/fight of the band from original singer Geoff Tate but I'm not here to give ya the scoop nor do I care cause what I saw this weekend ROCKED! What we have now is Geoff Tate doing his solo stuff and the rest of the Queensryche band forming Rising West with new singer Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory. With the band cancellation of tonights show in Salt Lake City (opening for the Scorpions) it seems Queensryche's days with Geoff Tate are over. After you hear Todd sing the Ryche tunes (click here), especially the old ones you won't care too much either.

With the two debut shows this past Friday/Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe I was blown away! I haven't been to a Queensryche show with that much energy and passion from the crowd in years! Reason one obviously was Todd's voice, which has the power and style Tate had back in the early days but with his own style, and second was the song selections that we haven't heard in years live! Rising West played Queensryche songs from the 1983 EP through 1990's "Empire" including an Iron Maiden encore of "Wrathchild" which sent the crowd rabid! Check out the videos below and photos on and KISW Facebook! Also friend them on Facebook!

For even complete photos from soundcheck to live check out my Facebook page! Iron Mike


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Metal Day on KISW today!

For some of us, we'd love it if it was Metal Day everyday on KISW but we'll take what we can get and a full day of metal is what you'll get! Turn on the radio or listen online at!

Here's some Metal concert clips I've filmed in the past year for ya to crank too! ;) Remember Metal Shop with Kevin & Ian every Saturday night 11pm-2am on KISW!

Horn's Up!
Iron Mike - KISW Blog - Facebook

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KISW LoudnLocal acts fill out Stryper bill Sunday

Yes you read it right, Stryper the yellow and black attack of the hair metal 80s and Christian music world are back in Seattle this Sunday! Still going strong after 25+ years Stryper will be playing El Corazon Sunday (6/3) with local Seattle acts The Crying Spell and Post Modern Heroes. The Crying Spell are back home from their recent 2 month European tour opening for the legendary Killing Joke and Post Modern Heroes are back in full force with new guitarist (Maxi) after nearly a year layoff. Both bands feature key members from past Seattle heavyweights Second Coming and Point One! Also on the bill is the heavy prog Seattle band Metameric.

Stryper opened a a lot of metal heads eyes last year with their album called "The Covering" which was a collection of twelve cover songs from bands that inspired Stryper and helped shape the band's sound and musical identity. Those bands included (ready for this?) Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, UFO, Kiss, Ozzy, Van Halen, Sweet, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Kansas, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden! The album's first single, a cover of Black Sabbath's hit "Heaven and Hell" (listen) knocked a lot of critics on their asses. Click here to hear samples from the whole album. The band is still made up of its original members singer/guitarist/main songwriter Michael Sweet, drummer Robert Sweet, lead guitarist Oz Fox, and bassist Timothy Gaines. Stryper has sold over 10 million copies of their records over the years and its reported that two-thirds of their albums were bought by non-Christians. Guess you can't deny a good band no matter what they are singing about. Oh and remember, you still might get hit in the head by a flying bible (band still tosses the small ones out in crowd) as I did 25 years ago in the Moore Theater...ha! Tickets $27.50 in advance or $30 at the door. Buy here.

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Chickenfoot Concert Preview

Next Wednesday at the WaMu Theater comes the rock super group Chickenfoot, featuring guitarist Joe Satriani, drummer Kenny Aronoff (in place of Chad Smith currently out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers), former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and frontman Sammy Hagar! Supporting their their newest record "Chickenfoot III"  (eOne Music/earMUSIC/Edel) this is the bands first full US run since 2009 and for the second time the band has partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, to encourage fans to help alleviate some of the effects of the economy. In addition to ensuring a fair priced ticket, the band will make donations to a local food bank in each market and encourages fans to do the same. To find your Feeding America member food bank, CLICK HERE.

To read more on the band check out the band's websites:

Opening the show is the Kentucky-bred hard rockers  Black Stone Cherry, one of the most stage active bands I've ever seen on stage. The band is supporting their current Roadrunner Records release Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Visit the online at

Doors open at 6:30 show starts at 7:30.

Buy your tickets now!

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Queensryche members form new band Rising West

Well you're reading this right, Queensryche without Geoff Tate is now called Rising West. Now before you freak out on who could possibly replace Geoff Tate let me tell ya to hold on to your pants! When ya hear the new singer Todd La Torre (Crimson Glory) sing some sample 'Ryche tunes below you'll understand why the band can now play songs they've never played in years. He's Tate via 1984 vocal pipes!

First shows are June 8 & 9th at the Hard Rock Seattle. The band will perform rare and classic hits from the first five QUEENSRŸCHE albums and plans on hitting the studio sometime early summer to begin recording its debut album. Two nights with Rising West, featuring Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and Parker Lundgren of Queensryche with Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre! Click here to buy tickets!

More news later! "Iron" Mike

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Local Seattle Rock Bands Making Noise


Have ya heard the noise (some worldwide) that current Seattle Loud & Local rock bands are making at the moment? Let's catch ya up Rockaholics!

Windowpane Just finished a tour opening for Five Finger Death Punch! After their late 2011 tour stint opening for Queensryche, Windowpane hit an even bigger market on the latest Five Finger Death Punch tour in the western states and Canada. If ya missed the recent Paramount Theater show check out photos here. Watch for 2 big show announcements at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle June 8/9th with Windowpane! Visit Windowpane online here! Also buy their CD's/MP3s at

The Crying Spell just came home from their 2 month tour in Europe opening for the legends Killing Joke! They are currently talking to 2 Grammy award winning producers on recording the new CD hopefully out late 2012 or early 2013. The Crying Spell's current video for "Android Lust" is current racking up the video hits with its mesmerizing 80s meets 90s European rock vibe that blows up at the end like a Sex Pistols/U2 bomb! Check out this uniquely different sounding rock band especially if you're a guitar geek! Eric Snyder is The Edge on metal steroids! See this local guitar god live (video) with his Gretsch hollow body and Vox amp combo like you've never heard before! CDs/Merch:

Witchburn just finished opening the Crowbar/Prong U.S. tour! Probably the hardest working band outta Seattle. The band also recently completed a Europe/Spain tour, dates at SXSW, and tons of local shows. Check out this Heavy, down tuned, southern fried, whiskey soaked sabbra cadabra of a band. Jamie Nova on vocals is about as perfect as you'll get wanting a female to front your rock band. The passion, the voice and the looks to knock you out! Same with Mischa on guitar. No other chick in metal laying down riffs like her! If you haven't already it's time to go get burned people! Buy their EPIC CD "This Is How We Slay Our Demons." I personally put together this whole amazing CD package, worth every penny! The band is currently writing material for their new CD!

Fall From Grace - New CD "The Romance Years" now out! The band is currently on tour opening for Eve 6 in the United States and then 2 months starting in June with Saving Abel!!! Awesome guys!! The band recently created a Kickstarter program to help offset the costs of tour so go support the guys HERE! Check them out online and buy that new great CD!

Jason Kertson & The Immortals - Hailed by many as "The Next Thing" outta Seattle, Jason Kertson is a 15yo rock phenom on guitar. His YouTube Videos the past couple years have shocked many with his man voice and talents including the ability to play two acoustics at once! See Video! He currently has over 30 full songs written and recently jumped in the studio with his drummer Troy Wageman and recorded a new debut 6 track EP CD with legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino (Nirvana/Soundgarden/Witchburn). New band member and bassist Jake Kelly was just added so The Immortals are set! For the past year Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has been mentoring him so that alone tells ya how special this kid is! See his latest studio video to get a taste of the Immortals ROCK! See Video!  The CD masters are here and let me tell ya, it's gonna blow you away! CD should be released next month. Stay up-to-date online:  YouTube Channel

Riot in Rhythm - All kinds of news happening for these young up and coming hard rock/metal heads from Tacoma! National tour this Spring/Summer, National reality TV show in the works,  endorsements, etc. Awards for their music video: Best Music Video for "What I've Become" - Buffalo-Niagara Intl Film Festival & People's Choice for "What I've Become" - World Music Independent Film Festival SEE VIDEO! "Riot In Rhythm: The Making Of Rockstars" is a never done before concept created by manger/producer David DeLay of a behind the scenes look into what it takes to become rock stars. This tour/TV show will give an insider's view of what rock bands go through trying to "make it". Think of it as VH-1's Behind The Music BEFORE they are famous. Read more on this show and also pledge and help them with the touring costs on their KickStarter program HERE! Support and go buy their full-length CD!

Klover Jane are filming a new video for their single "Tattoo'd Kandy" on Father's Day 6/17 from 5-8pm at Louie G's in Fife! See how YOU and your Dad can be in this video being filmed by multi-award winning music video producer Kari Pearson (No Doubt, Lemmy, Bush, Metallica). There will be food, provided by Louie G's Pizza. This is an All Ages event. Children 13 years old and younger will be admitted free with an adult who pledges to be part of the video. Upon wrapping up the video shoot Klover Jane will perform a set of music in thanks for the fans who are in attendance. Go pledge now and be part of the fun in supporting one of the best unsigned American rock bands out there! Online links:

Amanda Hardy - 15yo solo singer/guitarist with this amazing voice has now put together a full band of rock musicians and currently finished recording her demo CD with Producer/Engineer Scotty Olson (Deftones/Queensryche/Jerry Cantrell). Check her out online and hear some of the great new songs she recorded posted up at Reverbnation!  YouTube Channel

Underride - Recently finished a national tour with Burn Halo and currently supporting their latest CD "Distorted Nation" Check out this rock show at: &

Remember to listen to KISW's LOUD & LOCAL with Jolene every Sunday night 11pm-12am!
You can hear all the previous shows online in the podcast section at:

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Mike McCready & UFO tribute band Flight To Mars Seattle 5/23

Flight to Mars - 10th Anniversary Tour - A UFO Tribute Band Featuring Pearl Jam's Mike McCready & Special Guests Supporting CCFA Camp Oasis and Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness.

Visit Flight To Mars Online:

Look who jumped onstage with Flight To Mars Tuesday night in San Diego: Ace Frehely of KISS! Who will it be in Seattle? Be there, rock out and supprt a great cause!



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Mike Starr Private Memorial Photos

In remembrance of his passing 1-year ago today, I received the family OK to release my photos from the private Mike Starr memorial held last year at Level 3 in the the Seattle EMP!  It was a HUGE honor to be the only person allowed in with any photo or cell phone device to document the memorial exclusively for the family. Enjoy and remember Mike & all those others that have left us way too early from our Seattle Music Community! VIEW EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS HERE.
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Gigantour Roadtrip Summary

Finally getting this blog up after like a week & a half of being sicker than a dog with tons of photo editing to do. Two straight nights out with Megadeth, in two countries, that's a first in my book. Ok, its not so hard when we're talking Abbotsford, BC (Canada) and Kent, WA (USA) but not many concert photographers can probably state that, ha! The 2012 edition of the Dave Mustaine created Gigantour featured a monster lineup from around the world! England's Motorhead, Denmark's Volbeat, Italy's Lacuna Coil and of course America's Megadeth!

Abbotsford, BC (Canada) - Cold and rainy Canada. I went over the border at the wrong location but found my way to the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre thanks to the Jeep’s GPS. Glad I didn't get up there any earlier than a hour before show time cause the passes didn't arrive to the front box office till 10 min before doors opened. Luckily, I ran into my fellow rock photographer friend Neil Lim Sang and his Motorhead crew buddy got us in the doors so we could make the Lacuna Coil set in time. It started 1/2hr after doors opened. Otherwise we wouldn't of made it waiting in the huge line to get in. What cracked us up the most as we got to the photo pit was we had an individual photo pass for each band and that didn't include our VIP passes! Megadeth's photo pass alone was a huge 8x6 inches!! I gotta hang with Megadeth Webmaster Dave McRobb and his gang at the soundboard during the show. That was cool! Later I met up with my buddy David Ellefson backstage after the show.

Kent, WA (USA) - Another cold but really windy day. Fans in line welcomed open doors when the ShoWare finally opened an hour before show time unlike Abbotsford where it was only a 1/2hr. So Lacuna Coil got a decent early crowd for this show. Overall a better show I thought for all the bands. Megadeth mixed their set list a little from the previous night. I really like the Kent ShoWare Center for shows! Both me & my wife Stephanie got to shoot this show so it was easier for me not to worry too much about coverage. I was all over the place in the arena and she covered whatever I couldn't. I ran into so many KISW Rock-A-Holics saying ‘hi’ there I nearly lost my voice by nights end. Hilarious walking right into Lemmy on my way from backstage to photo pit. We chatted for a second. Last year we had some fun filming at the Showbox Sodo for Duff McKagan's movie and bassist Jeff Rouse's movie skit. Lot more photographers at this show than the night before. After the show, we went backstage with local 15yo artist Jason Kertson and we gotta hang with David Ellefson & Dave Mustaine for awhile which was great. Mustaine has been mentoring/managing Jason and his band The Immortals this past year.

Lacuna Coil - With only a 6 song set to open the shows, the band really had to make a statement with the slow filling crowd which only had the arena at about 40% full.  Slamming through a set list of Our Truth/Upsidedown/Fragile/Kill the Light/Trip the Darkness & Spellbound each night, Lacuna Coil nailed it all! The dual female/male vocals from Cristina Scabbia & Andrea Ferro was great!  The band can explore many musical textures within their rock.metal musical context with two vocalist! Cristina was so intense yet had some fun moments with the crowd. Recently Lacuna Coil have been nominated for the Revolver Golden Gods “Best International Band” award - vote. Check out their latest video for "Trip The Darkness"  at the bottom of this blog and visit the bands official website!


Volbeat - What was super exciting for me about Denmark's Volbeat is they had to add a guest guitarist in for the tour after Thomas Bredahl left the band. In his place was the legendary Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Shermann! It’s been years since I've seen Hank play and he didn't let me down. It’d be nice to see Volbeat add him as a permanent member! I hadn’t really heard much music from Volbeat and I was blown away with their set! Great band and the songs are a mix of rock in roll, metal, rockabilly, punk and ______ (fill in the blank). The Johnny Cash tribute of "Sad Man's Tongue" got the place jumping but when they ended the night jamming Slayer's "Raining Blood" the place went crazy! Too bad it wasn't the whole song and not just the intro. Set list both nights were the same: A Warrior's Call/Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood/The Human Instrument/Sad Man's Tongue/Hallelujah Goat/Who They Are/Fallen/The Mirror and the Ripper/Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza/Still Counting/Raining Blood (Slayer cover) (Snippet, Intro only). You gotta check these guys out! Check out their latest kick ass video for "A Warrior's Call" at the bottom of this blog! This track recently went #1 on the Active Radio Charts! A milestone in the U.S. with the band's first chart topping single!


Motorhead - "We are Motorhead and we play Rock in Roll!" 35 years on the road and it's still LOUDER than ever! How can Lemmy still hear?? The legend Lemmy, guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer extraordinaire Mikkey Dee rammed a quick 50 min set of Motorhead classics including "I Know How To Die" off the new album The World Is Yours. The set list both nights were the same: Bomber/Damage Case/I Know How to Die/Stay Clean/Over the Top/The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/The One to Sing the Blues(w/ drum solo)/Going to Brazil/Killed by Death/Ace of Spades/Overkill. One of the highlights of the show was Mikkey Dee's drum solo. One of the best in the business and the fire extinguisher smoke trick was so cool how the drum set evaporated the big smoke blast so quick. Its hard not to argue that Motorhead's ending 3 song set of Killed by Death/Ace of Spades/Overkill could be the best in the biz for a live show. Both nights the places just lost their minds! Motorhead just keeps kicking ass! Tomorrow March 5th, the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour will officially announce Motorhead to the 2012 Main Stage right before Slayer on the bill!! So if ya missed them this time don't miss 'em this summer! Long live Lemmy!


Megadeth - I've been blessed to work with Megadeth many times over the years and it's hard to imagine all these years later I would be saying in 2012 they are bigger and better than ever! My first Megadeth show was in August 3, 1985 at the Seattle Mountaineers Building with fellow Canadian greats Exciter! To support their 13th album release, (properly titled) "TH1RT3EN", the band on their Gigantour brought out an amazing stage lighting & video system and set list to knock all the fans head off. Only complaint I had was there were no songs from the 1st album Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! Us super old-school fans are still here, but hey at least they mixed up a couple tracks from one night to another which a lot of bands never do. Is there any better guitar duo in metal than Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick? I think not. They still blow my mind night in and night out with their playing.

Abbotsford, BC setlist - Trust/Foreclosure of a Dream/Hook in Mouth/Skin o' My Teeth/Head Crusher/Public Enemy No. 1/Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)/Guns, Drugs & Money/Ashes in your Mouth/Five Magics/A Tout Le Monde (with Cristina Scabbia)/Symphony of Destruction/Peace Sells/Holy Wars

Kent, WA USA setlist - Trust/Foreclosure of a Dream/Hangar 18/Sweating Bullets/Head Crusher/Public Enemy No. 1/Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)/Guns, Drugs & Money/Hook in Mouth/A Tout Le Monde (with Cristina Scabbia)/Angry Again/Symphony of Destruction/Peace Sells/Holy Wars

One of the funniest/greatest moments came at the Kent show. The night before I told my wife David Ellefson pulled out this amazing looking red/black Jackson bass (I guess he plays just for the show ending "Peace Sells & Holy Wars" on the tour). So I texted him jokingly to open the Kent show with that bass so I could get some close-up shots of it since we work a lot of my images into his online communities and Jackson guitar workings. Two minutes later I get a reply "I can play the Kellybird for the first song tonight for you then switch back to my silver one after that." Stephanie was like "No freakin way!"  I was stoked and honored! Then to top it off after the opening song of "Trust" he waves off switching after the song and plays it for the first 2 songs!! Rock in roll moment for me! Check out the show photos and see how cool this bass is. I got to shoot the rest of the show from the soundboard so there are some cool full stage shots too! VIEW SHOW PHOTOS Even though the next tour won't be around the Seattle area it was announced - a co-headline tour with Megadeth & Rob Zombie is taking place in May! To stay up-to-date on all Megadeth happenings check out the amazing Megadeth website at

In other Megadeth news proud to announce another book release from my fellow rock photographer buddy Bill Hale! Due on March 13 via VH1 Classic Books, "Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place", by Bill Hale with foreword by Dave Mustaine, gives the audience a front-row seat into the early days and meteoric rise of this young band who would become one of the most influential groups of all time and, with Anthrax, Slayer, and Metallica, consistently touted among the best "thrash metal" bands ever to cross the stage. Some of the early photos in this book are amazing to see.

Also see some of my photography going to print in David Ellefson's upcoming book titled "Unsung" featuring original lyrics and images never before published with Megadeth!


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Schenker & Anvil this Weekend Megadeth Motorhead Volbeat & Lacuna Coil Tuesday

Looking to rock out this weekend?? Seattle area folks have 2 days to choose from the Michael Schenker Group as they hit Tacoma Saturday and Seattle Sunday night! A founding member of the Scorpions and lead guitar player for UFO in the 70s, Schenker has been recording under the MSG monikor since 1979! A guitar hero and ledgend around the world, this Temple of Rock CD world tour is gonna be an amazing setlist of classic UFO & Scorpions tracks along side his solo stuff! Even more amazing is Robin McCauley is on vocals! More MSG information visit:

2/18 MSG Live at The Backstage in Tacoma! Opening acts: Mechanism, Dread Effect & Villians of Yesterday!
2/19 MSG Live at Studio 7 in Seattle! Opening acts: Stonebender, Custom and Thrilliant!

The Canadian legends Anvil also play Tacoma at the Backstage Sunday night with openers Underneath The Waves, Degree of Disorder, Tatarus & A Lesson in Chaos!

In what proves to be one of the best hard rock/metal lineups for 2012 Megadeth's Gigantour hits the Kent ShoWare Center this Tuesday 2/21. Featuring headiners Megadeth with Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil opening. Go to for complete band information and ticket purchasing. PLEASE NOTE EARLY START: LACUNA COIL HIT THE STAGE AT 6:30PM

See ya there! Iron Mike

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Dave Mustaine Responds to Press' False Endorse Reporting

Like wildfire on the Internet today don't believe everything ya read! Dave Mustaine Endorsing Rick Santorum NOT TRUE!  Ya think he would endorse a guy that has declared war on Heavy Metal?

Remember Megadeth play Kent, WA this Tuesday at the ShoWare Center! Show info/Tickets

Dave released this today through MSO PR 2/15/12


MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE has issued the following statement to clarify reports that he has endorsed Rick Santorum for president:

“Contrary to how some people have interpreted my words, I have not endorsed any presidential candidate.  What I did say was that I hope to see a Republican in the White House.  I’ve seen good qualities in all the candidates but by no means have made my choice yet.  I respect the fact that Santorum took time off from his campaign to be with his sick daughter, but I never used the word ‘endorse.’”

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Megadeth David Ellefson Book

With the Megadeth Gigantour right around the corner bringing Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil with them to the ShoWare Center 2/21 in Kent, Wa (buy tickets here) thought it would be a good time to talk some Megadeth.

The current cool news comes from bassist David Ellefson. He has a personal self-released book called Unsung that will be out soon. The book will feature original lyrics and images never before published, soon to be available for all his fans’ enjoyment. Unsung will also include my share of photos for the book too which is an amazing honor! You can LIKE his Facebook page for book updates at:

Here's a cool interview with Dave Mustaine backstage before the Madison Square Garden show couple days ago.

Check out Megadeth's new funny video for Public Ememy No. 1 off the new killer CD THR1T3EN


Visit Megadeth Online at:

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GHOST play Seattle Monday

One of the most talked about rock bands of 2011 worldwide was Sweden's GHOST! James Hetfield & Duff McKagan have even praised the band and their 70s meets 80s styled devilish classic rock! One listen to their debut album Opus Eponymous and you'll hear why this beautiful combination of satanic rock mixed with pop sensibility is so catchy. Classic Mercyful Fate was instantly a big thought in my head with this band but what separates them from the rest is the melodic straight-forwarded tone of singer Papa Emeritus. Seen onstage as the Satanic Pope, Papa delivers just a one tone vocal style that some how works from song to song. The band is filled out with nameless Ghouls. No one truely knows who these guys are. Check them out at the El Corazon Monday Jan 30th as they play their first Seattle show ever! Expect me with the likes of Lenny (Zero Down), Jolene (KISW) etc. in the front row of service rocking with Ghost! Don't be afraid it's only Rock-N-Roll ;)  Check out their twisted version of The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" below!

PS: Had to share this funny photo of Ghost playing against Trivium in Foosball on their recent UK tour! Thanks to fellow Belgium photo buddy Tim Tronckoe for this classic shot!


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NAMM Day 4 Anaheim, CA 1/22/12

NAMM Day 4 1/22/12
Today was the day that we'd catch up on photo editing (videos later) and seeing innovative gear. Well be having a final blog over viewing a lot of those companies we’d enjoy sharing a little more in-depth with you all. We know how many of you are KISW listening musicians.
As I stayed editing Day 3 blog in the NAMM Press Room, Stef headed into the hall and found the Voyager folding travel guitar. It is the only full sized guitar that can fold in half and fit in to a backpack as a carry on. Then she found her way over to a guitar that has a screen built in to it from Visionary. The screen makes all kinds of wacky psychedelic movement. Porcupine Tree guitarist Steven Wilson has been seen playing one. Check out this video.
She also ran into the Dube. A square drum that can be hit on all sides. It can be made in many custom colors and comes in four sizes. She also came across a 3 string guitar that is billed as a guitar that can’t play a wrong note. Is that like auto tune for people that can’t sing?
After she finished her innovation hunting, She made her way over to the Peavey booth to wait and wait and wait for Michael Anthony’s (Chickenfoot/ex-Van Halen bassist) signing. Then I found her and got her to come along on a little photo shoot with guitarist A.C. Alexander from Lizzy Borden. The shoot started with A.C. borrowing a new Music Man Silhouette double neck guitar from the Ernie Ball wall. He literally pointed to it on the wall and they got the ladder and took it down for him. Then we had to sign it out. Luckily, A.C. was set up as an Exhibitor so he could actually sign it out of the main floor. We ended up in a couple different locations. So with thousands of people walking around we were a viewing spot wherever we went. Fellow rock photographer Karen Mandall from Las Vegas bumped into us which was cool!
Our first location was inside though at a cool textured cement wall. After about 15 minutes or so, we made our way out of the main venue to the stairs where we spent another 40 minutes getting shots from a few angles. The day before I did a couple shots of David Ellefson (Megadeth) for his upcoming self-released book here. Very cool location! Once we were satisfied with the shots we got there, we headed to the Engl booth for some shots with their amps.
We finished up with A.C. and made our way over to Dean to shoot a signing that included the bassist of Shinedown, Wayne Static, Jeremy of Five Finger Death Punch, etc. and was supposed to include Dean Roland of Collective Soul. Dean was not there however. This was bad since that was the whole reason Stef wanted to go to the booth today. He was the only member of her favorite band she didn’t get to see this whole weekend.
I headed over to Yamaha to try and get with a rep I have been working photos with for Jeff Rouse and Mike Squires of Duff Mckagan’s Loaded. After I left the Yamaha area I saw this gal in super high heels texting while walking. I knew what was going to happen next and it happened! Curb and crash! Not a pretty site.
By this time, the mostly calm day had come to an end and our NAMM adventures were over. It was time to clear out or locker and catch a ride to the airport for our flight home. HUGE thanks to our personal NAMM drivers Gary & Jill from!

I’ll be doing a final overview blog in the next week or two and I’ll include some video samples from all the days. Photos from this day will be posted later but for the first three days go here, ya might be surprised who ya see!  View photos at KISW Facebook!
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NAMM Day 3 Anaheim, CA 1/21/12

Holy Cow! Fatigue from the last 3 days set in today at NAMM. The 4 floors and 1 million square feet of vendor booths are catching up with us. Just after 2:30 today we all started to feel the pain of long days, tons of walking and late night shows/parties.

I have been focusing on a few artists that I've been working with and Stef continued to travel the mammoth convention center in search of interesting appearances and gear photos. Today got us shots we'll be sharing from Scott Ian, Lita Ford and to a full Anthrax signing. There was Skid Row, an acoustic set from Joe and Lzzy of Halestorm, John Dolmayan, Duff/Squires & Bumblefoot, Steve Stevens, Matt Sorum, Jimmy Ashurst and Billy Morrison. Not to mention running into some of my buddies like world famous rock photographer Robert Knight (, Mike Portnoy, Mark Goodwin (Sick Puppies) and Stephanie into Art Alexis and Stix Zidinia while out and about. She attempted to get a shot of Tommy Lee, but the shot she got will let you see how impossible it was. Complete pandemonium to see Tommy. 

Today was so busy that neither one of us ate after our quick breakfasts until dinner. It's constantly go go go here at NAMM if you want to see as much as you can. Luckily Sunday is a calmer day and we can concentrate on the gear. The reps will also have more time to talk with us.

After dinner, it was time for a stroll through Downtown Disney on our way to the House of Blues for Steel Panther. Is it just me, or is there something a bit wrong about walking through the 'Happiest place on Earth's" property to see Steel Panther?? Nah...I think it's just me! It was packed to the rafters. Good turnout for the guys. 

Time for some more photo editing and some shut eye before the last day at NAMM and traveling back home.

View photos at KISW Facebook!