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Pain in the Grass Dance!
I'm usually the one catching the moments behind the lens but you know how Pain in the Grass goes with lots of cameras around a full-bar like a hop, skip, and a jump away from backstage at the Rollin' Smoke House BBQ area feature for the KISW/Palace Law Premium Experience! I'll just let the photo/video speak for my excitement of the long day events...ha!! Thanks to fellow photographer Jeff White for catching the funny moment in click sequence! Oh and thanks for all the love from YOU in the crowd!! You finger well! HA!! Another great Pain in the Grass year with TONS of exclusive show/backstage/sponsor/meet & greet photos coming soon to!!

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Pain in the Grass Saturday!
One of the few days in the whole year I truly look forward to! The KISW 99.9fm Pain in the Grass show! This year is a fantastic diverse lineup of Korn, Queensryche, FFDP, Chevelle, Hinder, All That Remains, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Witchburn & Like a Storm. Make sure to get there early cause Like a Storm, Witchburn & Duff McKagan's Loaded are gonna bring it BIG TIME to open the show! For more info/links on each band please go here: Also watch the many blogs from the KISW clan days following the show for exclusive backstage and onstage stuff!

Tickets are on sale NOW through, Ticketmaster outlets or charge by phone at 800.745-3000.

KORN 9:45 PM

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Local Rockers Windowpane on TV!
Let's give it up for local rockers Windowpane for performing live on King-5 TV this morning on the New Day NW show! The band performed an acoustic version of "House of Cards," and also chatted with show host Margaret about their upcoming U.S. Tour! Check the TV video out!

Remember this Friday: KISW Loud and Local Presents Windowpane Friday, August 26th Showbox Market With Kiss The Gunners Daughter, Catatone, Van Eps and Riot In Rhythm. Tickets are $13 ADV / $16 DOS and available through Ticketmaster. This is an all ages show. Doors open at 7PM.

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Happy Birthday Dimebag!
Happy Birthday Dimebag! He should've been 45yo today. Best known for his world-influencing metal guitar work with Pantera, on December 8, 2004, Dimebag was shot 3 times onstage by a crazed fan while performing with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. The killer was shot to death onstage by police after he killed 3 other people at the show. Read up on the history and legend of Darrell Diamond Abbott:

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Metallica's Greatest Influence Diamond Head play Seattle tonight!
Ask anyone! If it wasn't for Diamond Head we would've never had Metallica! You've heard Metallica play Diamond Head classics like "I'm I Evil?" "It's Electric" "The Prince" "Helpless" etc. over the years. Here's video of Diamond Head in 1980 doing "I'm I Evil" and Metallica in 1983 (W/ Dave Mustaine) doing the song also! One of the originators of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Diamond Head play El Corazon tonight Monday 8/15/11 with local metal heroes Zero Down! You've heard them on KISW's Loud & Local now see 'em live in their New Wave of British Heavy Metal element with Diamond Head tonight! I just finished the cover photo for the upcoming Zero Down CD and sent it off yesterday! Gonna be AWESOME! Can wait to share it with you all here soon! It's 2011 but TONIGHT it's the early 80s wave of NWOBHM at El Corazon! Show the spirit wear your Diamond Head, Raven, Saxon, Tank, Motorhead, Venom, etc. shirts! See ya in the front tonight! Horns up!

"Diamond Head were 50% of what ended up being Metallica" - Lars Ulrich, Metallica

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Locals Riot in Rhythm need Vote for Win at World Music and Independent Film Fest
Everyone supports local music right? We know KISW's LOUD & LOCAL sure does and Riot In Rhythm have been featured/played many times on the show with Joleen! Well Riot In Rhythm were entered in the WMIFF People Choice Awards for Music Videos and are currently leading with 2 days left of voting by only 100 votes! Lets send them onto victory LOUD & LOCAL style by voting HERE and let the world know Seattle music is more alive than EVER! They were also invited to come to Washington D.C. to play the awards show also so lets make sure they win! Check out the video Directed by David DeLay for Riot In Rhythm's song "What I've Become" off their debut CD. Check them out online too at: &


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Weekend of 80s Metal Rocks Seattle area! New Anthrax!
Who said the 80s is dead? In the world of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal its more alive than ever! It's amazing all the bands still around today kicking it as this past weekend in the Tacoma/Seattle area's showed. Who would've thought in 2011 you'd see a bill at the WaMu Theater of 3 bands that started in the 80s in Slayer/Rob Zombie/Exodus? Add on top of that how about 2 shows from one of the king theatrics of the 80s Sunset Strip hair-metal craze in Lizzy Borden!? Yeah the Seattle area rocked this weekend right along with the loud Seafair Hydros and Blue Angels!!! Here's some video samples from the shows and a big thanks to Alejandro Torres for supplying me the video samples he got from the Slayer/Rob Zombie/Exodus show as I was shooting a (it was rocking too) wedding Saturday night til 9pm. I was able to make the Lizzy Borden Friday Tacoma show at the Backstage and Saturday night tour ending show at El Corazon. Freaking amazing Lizzy was, voice sounded incredible, band killed it and those memorable songs! Oh and some early insider news. New Anthrax CD out 9/13 and look for the Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel tour to be around here in October or November! Hear new Anthrax tracks below!!

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What a double dose of metal theatrics you could have with the 80s shock-rock metal return of Lizzy Borden tonight at the Backstage in Tacoma and then Rob Zombie with Slayer tomorrow in Seattle at the WaMu Theater! Make it two nights with Lizzy if you run over after the Zombie/Slayer show to the El Corazon in Seattle tomorrow night as Lizzy will also be playing there! Back in the 80s when the whole glam hair-metal was blowing up with a zillion bands like Motley Crew, Poison, Ratt, Dokken etc. there was 2 bands that always intrigued me more with their over the top theatrics in the Alice Cooper & Kiss vein. W.A.S.P. and Lizzy Borden. Lizzy Borden was the real deal, great memorable songs, crazy theatrical show and one of the unique best voices you'll hear from that genre! Tonight there will be theatrics, blood, kick ass dual guitars, dancers, killer classic tunes like "Me Against The World," "Give 'Em The Axe," "American Metal," and newer stuff like "Under Your Skin" and "Tomorrow Never Comes." Backstage Bar in Tacoma LIZZY BORDEN with our local killer bands Mechanism, Stonebender, Ravens Rant and a special Burlesque show!! See ya there tonight (cameras ready to go) for some true American Metal!! Get there early, this will sell-out!


LIZZY BORDEN 25 years ago!

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