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Iron Mike/Randy Johnson/Judas Priest?
Iron Mike, Randy Johnson & Judas Priest? What the heck could this combo of names be about? How about Judas Priest wanting to feature my and the ex-Seattle Mariner pitching great Randy Johnson's photos on Judas Priest official band site! How cool is that! That would be a cool blog to do of me & Randy both shooting a show together! Something tells me he might be in alot of peoples ways upfront ha! Always nice to get a call from the Priest! I feel baptized again ;)

View more Judas Priest photos on KISW here too:

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Steve The Mad Drummer Moore making a special guest appearance on The Office
THE MAD DRUMMER HITS NBC TOMORROW NIGHT! Thursday Nov 10th make sure to check out Steve "The Mad Drummer" Moore making a special guest appearance on “The Office” at 9pm Eastern and Pacific time (8pm Central and Mountain). If you don't know who he is come out from under your rock and watch what nearly 14 million others have of this drumming phenom doing some ZZ Top! 

Here's his solo from last years Woostick 2010 show in Kirkland, WA at Juanita High School!

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