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Seattle Skyline Returns With Rainier Beer R

Tonight history was made in Seattle with the 13 year absence of the iconic "R" on top of the old Rainier Brewery off I-5 in Seattle. For nearly 5 decades the iconic red "R" lit the Seattle skyline, but when Tully's Coffee bought the old brewery building they brought down the "R" and put their own green "T" in its place. For us older Seattleites it was like a daily punch in the stomach every time ya drove down I-5 and saw the lighted "T". Well after 13 years on September 18, 2013, Tully's (under new owners) decided to replace the green "T" with a replica of the red "R" sign. The green "T" sign was removed on September 30, 2013, and the new red "R" sign was installed tonight by Western Neon! Read the history (since 1878 - 11 years before Washington became a state) of this historic beer company HERE. If it wasn't for Rainier we probably wouldn't have half of the beer companies we have here including KISW's Men's Room beer by the Elysian Brewing. If you are old enough to remember the classic Rainier Beer commercials of the 70s/80s you know how ingrained it is in our blood. The greatest commercial of them know:

View all the classic commercials on YouTube at the Rainier Beer channel:
Remember the Rainier Beer Grazers?

Here's some photos from the Restore The "R" Neighborhood Crawl Tuesday and tonights Installation Party! To view a complete album of photos from both days CLICK HERE

....and of course after we shot all the photos we had to party some Rainier beer too!!! See King 5's video coverage HERE of the event.

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

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Joe Satriani Living Colour Hank3

How do I achieve covering 2 shows at the same time on the same night? Easy job when ya have a fellow concert photographer wife ;) Last night I covered the Joe Satriani/Living Colour show at the Paramount Theater and Stephanie covered the Hank3 show at the Showbox Market. Here's out quick thoughts and photos from the shows:

Joe Satriani / Living Colour - Paramount Theater 10.22.13 by "Iron" Mike Savoia

Talk about an insane flashback! I found out just days before the show that Living Colour were opening the show! Currently celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the classic album "VIVID" the band played a 40min set that included "Funny Vibe", "Open Letter (To a Landlord)", "The Cult of Personality", some Hendrix and one of my favorites of the night with "Desperate People" (see video). Doug Wimbish's bass solo was pretty badass too, but the moment of the night for me came in a 22 year ago flashback! The photo says it all. Same venue, same spot nearly 23 years ago with film and last night with digital. 

The original 4 members  - Vernon Reid (guitar), Corey Glover (vocals), Will Calhoun (drums) & Doug Wimbish (bass) - are still monster players and haven't lost a beat live. I remember Corey Glover being a little more active onstage but then again that was 2 decades ago. The most important thing though is he still has that awesome powerful voice and still hits some notes guys half his age wish they could! Living Color are currently finishing up a new album and they'll be back out touring the states in 2014! Online:

Headliner and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani hit the stage  before 9pm with his amazing touring band consisting of Marco Minnemann (drums), Bryan Beller (bass) and Mike Keneally (keyboards & guitar). The jam sessions they had were mind boggling and Mike Keneally is amazing!

They flew through (actually lost count) around 20 songs including his well known tracks such as "Satch Boogie", "Ice 9", and "Surfing with the Alien". Satriani also played a few tracks from his latest 2013 CD "Unstoppable Momentum" on Epic Records like the show opener "Jumpin' In" (only song I got to shoot photos during), "A Door into Summer" and "Shine On American Dreamer ". What can be said about Joe Satriani that hasn't already been said. The guy is a master guitar player with so many techniques and tricks it boggles the mind this guy is from planet earth! I mean he was a guitar instructor for Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett and Alex Skolnick to name a few. 

I was really excited to see Marco Minnemann on drums with Joe Satriani. Amazing drummer who plays with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) solo projects and tours. His drum solo was amazing last night! They had a great multi-media screen behind the stage that made things interesting to watch for certain songs. Cool fast motion videos of city scapes, nature, bridges, lights etc. With all the instrumental playing and soloing going on if your not 100% a fan of this style you'll get a little bored after awhile so the video screen was a great touch to keep eye interest to the stage. Over all I've seen Joe Satriani the past couple of years as a solo artist and with the supergroup Chickenfoot, last night was the best of his solo tours I've seen. Now lets get a G3 tour for 2014! Online:

Hank3 - Showbox Market - Seattle 10.22.13 by Stephanie Savoia

I wasn't too familiar with Hank3 before I walked into the door at the Showbox Market tonight. I had watched a few videos and looked at his previous setlist from earlier in the month. It gave me pause... 59 songs. 4 hour set - 59 SONGS. And I thought I was impressed with Markey Ramone's 39 song set! This set was insane. Awesomely insane though.

The crowd was rowdy from the moment I got in line to get in, but it was a good clean fun kinda rowdy. This show gave you Hank with 3 different bands. First Hank came out and played with his 5 piece Damn Band for a "country" set. Those lyrics are not what I would really call country. A wee bit suggestive (OK - Flat out suggestive and raunchy - and fun!). He is joined by Attention Deficit Domination while the Craig Baldwan film Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America plays on the screen. 3 Bar Ranch rounds out the show for a very metal mania stint.

I loved it. I got my shirt and I'll be grabbing the latest releases: A Fiendish Threat and Brothers of the 4x4. The single and double CD releases, respectively, hit stores back on the 1st of October. After what I saw tonight, I know they will be worth the pick up. Hank3 is the grandson of Country legend Hank Williams and son of Hank Williams, Jr. Online:

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New Metal Church CD out Oct 22

Yeah can ya believe it, if you told me in 1983 when I first discovered Metal Church from their 'Four Hymns' demo cassette that I'd be here in 2013 talking about a new Metal Church album I would've laughed in your face. I can't be more happier than anyone to say I was wrong. Oct 22nd the new Metal Church CD "Generation Nothing" releases to the world. The king's of Northwest metal back in the 80s are back! What's even cooler (as a life long fan) I was asked to do all the band promo & CD photography for the album! Check out images and links to order below. Here's the press release with two KILLER preview tracks!

Metal Church "Generation Nothing" marks the bands 10th full length studio release and boasts the return to the band's classic metal sound, says founding member Kurdt Vanderhoof, "It has elements of both the first album and the "The Dark", but still embraces the new sound of the band without chasing the past." 
Born out of the West Coast Metal scene in the 80's, Metal Church quickly became one of the standout talents of their genre. The band's first release simply entitled "Metal Church" postured the band as one of the pioneers of the thrash/metal scene, while their sophomore release "The Dark” was championed as one of the premier metal releases of the 80's. 
Now with the current band’s line up, Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Ronny Munroe (vox), Jeff Plate (drums), Rick Van Zandt (guitar) and Steve Unger on bass, "Generation Nothing" combines the best elements of the band’s early roots with modern day lyrical content and a revived hunger that delivers an electric assault of anthemic & epic metal songs! Videos for "Generation Nothing" and "Dead City" are currently in the post production stage and a world tour is in the works for 2014. Official release date for "Generation Nothing" is scheduled for October 22, 2013. 

As a life-long fan of Metal Church I was stoked to have been asked to do the band's new photography but knew I wanted to create something that would connect with the past yet be epically idealistic today. When Kurdt mentioned to me the new riffs and songs were very reminiscent of the first two albums meets the last couple modern Metal Church albums my mind raced. In my recent interview with One Louder Magazine [ click here to view full interview ] I partly explain the weird psychic-like idea I arrived at with this location my mother-in-law Kathy told my wife for me to check out. It's been nearly 30 years since the debut album released and with the new album called "Generation Nothing" I thought the church should be in ruins. Would you believe this is next to hole 18 of the 2015 U.S. Open?  

Metal Church Website: Facebook:

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NWOBHM Hits Seattle This Week!

SAXON then RAVEN & DIAMOND HEAD back-to-back nights at Studio Seven this week...are you kidding me!? Who says time machines don't exist?

Let's flashback it's 1980, No Metallica, no Megadeth, no Anthrax, No Slayer no American metal as we know it today. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal that started in those late 70s into 1980 in America with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard was great but what was going on overseas unknown to me yet were the bands like Saxon, Raven, Diamond Head, Motorhead, Tokyo Blade etc. In the early-mid 80s I finally discovered many of these bands through the underground tape trading scene, but it wasn't until one night listening to KISW 99.9FM when I heard Saxon's "Dallas 1pm" and I'll never forget it. It was just so damn good and different from everything else I've heard on radio with the bass line and classic guitar riff within a story about the shooting of President Kennedy in Dallas 1963.

Then a friend of mine in high school came over and had Raven's "All For One" album and that blew my mind & changed my life forever! Still one of the greatest metal albums ever, Raven's "All For One" was a blazing razor blade guitar riffing monster that still competes with anything in that genre released in the last 30 years! Also add Diamond Head with their mean cutting riffs and melodic vocals that spawned Metallica and many others. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal still goes strong in 2013! Also opening for Saxon is Chris Jericho's band Fozzy! Kick ass band featuring Stuck Mojo members Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere. Saxon haven't played Seattle since their two sold-out Paramount Theater shows in 1984 and 1986! 

See you all there! "Iron" Mike

Tuesday night 10/8/13 - Studio 7 Seattle - KISW's Metal Shop presents Saxon with openers Fozzy (aka Chris Jericho)Buy Tickets 7:00p – Doors 7:30p – 8:00p – Scream of Angels 8:15p – 8:45p – Halcyon Way 9:00p – 9:45p – Fozzy (aka Chris Jericho) 10:00p – 11:30p – Saxon

Wednesday night 10/9/13 - Studio 7 Seattle - KISW's Metal Shop presents Diamond Head with RavenBlood of Kings & Above Ground opening. Doors 6pm Show starts at 6:30pm. Buy Tickets


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