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Pearl Jam Delivers a Home Show for the Ages

How hot was this ticket to Pearl Jam in the Key Arena? Tickets online were going anywhere from $250-$1500. Even found one person posting their tickets on Stubhub for $25,000! Obviously they didn't want to sell them, but if some dumb local rich fool was desperate for their awesome seats it could've been a big possibility, but no one replied. After I shot the first three songs of the set I had to leave the back stage area of the arena and reenter with my ticket through one of the entry doors. Numerous people were out there and I had 3 different fans wanting to buy my ticket. Offered $300, $500 and as I was going down the stairs to the door another person yelled $750 cash! Sorry no money could stop me from watching this show especially since my wife (Stephanie) was already in her seat and the band had given us tickets to the otherwise sold-out show since the day they went on sale. 

How about this for a setlist that went from 8:45pm to 12:15 am! Setlist: Pendulum / Nothingman / Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town / Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd cover) / Corduroy / Lightning Bolt / Mind Your Manners / Given to Fly / Pilate / Garden / Getaway / Even Flow / Sirens / In My Tree / Do the Evolution / Unthought Known / Black / Let the Records Play / Spin the Black Circle / Lukin / Better Man / Encore 1: After Hours (The Velvet Underground cover) / Let Me Sleep (First time since 1994) / Future Days / Daughter / Chloe Dancer (Mother Love Bone cover) / Crown of Thorns (Mother Love Bone cover) / Breath / State of Love and Trust / Porch / Encore 2: Supersonic / Got Some / Rearviewmirror / Alive / Kick Out the Jams (MC5 cover w/  Mark Arm & Steve Turner (Mudhoney), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) / Eruption (Van Halen cover) / Yellow Ledbetter

I like to keep my blogs short and too the point so I'll just mention some highlights to this monster Pearl Jam 37 song, 3.5 hour set on the last day of the U.S. "Lightning Bolt" album tour.

- Opening the show was Seattle's Sub-Pop legends Mudhoney! Supporting their ninth studio album released earlier this year called "Vanishing Point", the band cruised through a killer short set highlighting their classic fuzzed-out punk grunge rock with: Slipping Away / Here Comes Sickness / 1995 / Sonic Infusion / When Tomorrow Hits / In 'N' Out of Grace / I Like It Small. 
- Vedder sharing his amazing near drowning experience in Hawaii and bringing out the girl (Ashley Baxter) who saved him all those years ago before “Future Days.”
- Joking around about their Macklemore charity competition where they're combining forces with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and the Slog this holiday season to help raise money for the Orion Center, which houses homeless teens in Seattle WA.
- Soundgarden's Kim Thayil and Mudhoney's Mark Arm & Steve Turner jumping onstage with Pearl Jam to blast MC5's "Kick Out the Jams." Even Tim DiJulio (noted Seattle guitarist) got to see some action. [See crazy side stage video] Oh and the drunk guy that gets onstage I think is former Mudhoney/Melvins bassist Matt Lukin. Yes "Lukin" that Pearl Jam tune!
- Highlight of the show for me was hearing Pearl Jam play Mother Love Bone covers “Chloe Dancer” and “Crown of Thorns.” Made me reminisce of how good that band was and to the Seattle singers like Andrew Wood that are no longer with us.
 - I was amazed at how many different countries were represented in Seattle at the show by all the flags. All the people behind me when I was shooting in the pit were from Brazil! It gave the Key Arena a cool overall vibe, like a good old soccer game crowd jumping up and down, singing etc. Check out my iPhone video coverage (yes 30min worth) below to get a feel for the crowd vibe. It was amazing! Check the video also for the amazing lighting rig play the band does onstage and Eddie going 30ft up hanging on for dear life even after a couple bottles of wine he had on stage.

One of the best overall rock shows I've ever seen in Seattle. Check out show photos on KISW's Facebook page or even more on my concert photography Facebook page Savoia Photography Live. Only disappointment I had (besides what classics I could've photoed if I shot the whole show) was they didn't play "Jeremy"! I wanted to hear Jeff Ament start that bass line and hear that crowd roar. Oh well can't always get what ya want. I know the fans waiting outside in the freezing weather that didn't get in had a lot more to complain about than my lucky ass! ;)  "Iron" Mike -


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Vaginal Knitting Funky Slayer & Bday Ozzy

Ok if that blog headline didn't catch your eye then nothing will, but the intranet this morning had some hilarious simulations for my eyes and ears on various Facebook feeds. The first one was like "WTF"! Introducing the wonderful world of Vaginal Knitting...never knew there was such a thing and I'm kinda gagging on the thought of this weird activist hipster art. This chick is spending 28 days (yeah I'm not even going there) doing a performance art called "Casting off my Womb" in Australia. I'm not even embedding that YouTube video here (view at your own personal discretion - nothing bad) but I will embed two awesome 70s Funk meets 80s Metal mashups by a YouTube creator called WaxAudio

I grew up on early 70s Funk/Soul Train before I truly discovered rock/metal music so this is rather hilarious to me seeing Slayer's South Of Heaven and Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine mashed for "South Of The Grapevine" and Metallica's "Master of Puppets" with Herbie Hancock's "Doin' It" mashed for "Master Of Doin' It". 

Oh yeah happy 65th today to the one and only Ozzy!

To end this blog with a good laugh, did ya hear this last night in the Seattle Seahawks slaughter of the New Orleans Saints game? The game was delayed because of this HA HA!! Unlock the mute button in the upper left corner of the video to hear. It's a continuous sound bit. 

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