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Tom Morello & Chris Cornell Together in Seattle

Yes you read that headline right! Former Audioslave members Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) played together in Seattle last night for a 15Now benefit concert at (yes you re reading this right) El Corazon! I couldn't acheieve a photo pass from organization so I did the next (or better) best thing for you folks that couldn't be there with us 800 other hot sweaty lucky peeps, video. Since cameras were not allowed my iPhone5 did the kick ass job to cature video of this historic show in Seattle ;) Enjoy your next hour of rockin entertainment which the video includes:

Now in the Fire cut (Rage Against the Machine)
Save the Hammer for the Man (The Nightwatchman)
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding (Nick Lowe)
Imagine (John Lennon)
One (U2 with a bit of Metallica - One lyrics)
I'm the Highway (Audioslave)
Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave)
Your Time Has Come (Audioslave)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen)
Cochise (Audioslave)
This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

Enjoy ! "Iron" Mike Savoia - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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Century Link 9.7.14 - CCFA Flag Football Tourney - McCready McKagan

Even though the Seahawks won't be playing at Century Link Field tomorrow for NFL Sunday (they crushed Green Bay on Thursday night 36-16) they'll still be football happening on the field! Come on out and join us as Pearl Jam's Mike McCready host's a huge flag football tournament at CenturyLink Field benefiting the Crohn's’s & Colitis Foundation of America! Players and spectators alike can watch the 12 noon Rock and Jock Celebrity Game, featuring Mike McCready, Duff McKagan, might get the best workout. Nike+ FuelBand ready! Ha!

Tickets can be bought at the door, kids 10 and under are free, come on out and help raise money for CCFA! You ask what is Crohn's & Colitis? Click HERE to educate yourself on these near unbearable diseases. Mike McCready know's far too well as he's dealt with Crohn's disease for most of his life. Check out this great article on the Seattle Seahawks website HERE. It'll tell ya some more on the former Seahawk's and other attending. Come on out and support this great benefit on probably one of the last great days of summer in Seattle!

Watch my Instagram and Twitter accounts for on field updates from Century Link!

See you there!
"Iron" Mike Savoia

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Men's Room 2000th - NFL Gameday - Soundgarden Invade Seattle

What an amazing day in Seattle yesterday! Not only was it opening day in the NFL at Century Link Field with our Defending Super Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks vs. the Green Bay Packers, but it was our KISW's Men's Room 2000th show broadcast! In this day and age of radio broadcasting shows that's an amazing feat to achieve especially with a group of on-air personalities. Congrats to Miles, Steve The Thrill Hill, Thee Ted Smith & Ben The Psycho Muppet.

In celebration, they broadcasted live outside of Elysian Fields (home brewer of their Men's Room beer) with all their fans and all the people going to the game, the free Soundgarden/Pharrell Williams concert and all the cool NFL Gameday stuff. The guys had a blast with everyone and even had Seattle Sounders FC goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann sit in on the broadcast and meet with fans. Great dude!

At 3:20pm during the broadcast Soundgarden started their concert and that's when things got loud! Here was our view from the broadcast table (I zoomed 400mm in).

I went around the outside of the fenced area to get some big crowd shots and Stephanie was inside on the stadium side of the stage front row to get some photos.

It was Soundgarden's Kim Thayil's Birthday too! He had to be more than happy playing this show as seen in Stephanie's photo.

NFL Gameday Village was in town too so in Pioneer Square they had all kinds of cool interactive things going on for kids and adults with live ESPN broadcasts and special guests. Name these Seahawk greats below ;)

Overall a fantastic day to be a Seattleite with KISW rockin the airwaves and the Seahawks crushing the Packers 36-16 on a beautiful warm sunny day. The only complaint I had...parking lots charging more than game tickets for parking! It ranged from $60-$140 for event parking near the stadium. Are you serious? Know what i say to that...PUNT!

Go Hawks! Oh and watch for my blog Monday on my report/photos from Century Link Field for the CCFA Charity Flag Football Tournament! I'll be official photographer for some team that includes "Those Seattle Dudes" Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Duff McKagan (GnR) and Jerry Cantrell (AIC) to name a few. They'll be some KISW/Entercom folks on the field playing too so if ya wanna come out Sunday and watch you can buy tickets at Century Link at the door and children 10 and under or free! The Rock and Jock Celebrity Game starts at noon! Benefits helping tackle Crohn's and Colitis! More info HERE.

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Soundgarden & NIN Show Review

The Soundgarden/Nine Inch Nails co-headlining tour finally happened! Remember 20 years ago back in 1994 when Soundgarden backed out of the planned Nine Inch Nails tour supposedly because the announced Chris Cornell had some vocal issues? "Superunknown" had just debuted at #1 on Billboards Top 200 and Soundgarden were on top of the music world and Nine Inch Nails were at the top of their game too so it was disappointing to many it never happened. So to actually be blogging about a Soundgarden/NIN tour in 2014 is a miracle! This being the last show of the tour at the White River Amphitheatre you would've thought there would've been more people there (approx. 12k) with both these bands playing, but with the recent traffic and parking woes at the White River, Bumbershoot and Dave Matthews at the Gorge also going on those may have contributed to what I thought would've been a for sure sell-out. I have a feeling people stayed away at the last minute too especially with the announcement Soundgarden are playing a free show outside Centurylink Field for the Seahawks game this Thursday. NIN was just here 9 months ago too and sold out the Key Arena. Either way still a great turn-out even though the weather went monsoon for awhile on the people up in the grass area of the venue.

Opening the show was Cold Cave, a dark synthpop act headed by Wesley Eisold and touring partner Amy Lee. Their short set feature two keyboards worth of cool synth sounds and Wesley's melodic yet intense vocals. I like that 80s synth stuff so I'm definitely gonna check Cold Cave out. Hopefully this stuff we heard live is gonna be off their new album due out soon.

In a Big Unit surprise, as I was walking out of the photo pit after Cold Cave, to my surprise my fellow photographer buddy (all 6'10 of him) Randy Johnson jumped out at me from backstage to say hi as all of us photographers were leaving. Randy has been shooting the last couple of Soundgarden shows on this tour and got back into photography after his baseball career ended. Always been great to talk photography & music with him these past years on the phone. He surprised me for sure! Check out his concert and other world traveling photography at


On this co-headlinging tour, Soundgarden hit the stage first. What a spectacular light and visual show both bands gave us. For us concert photographers shooting it was heaven to the eyes when Soundgarden came out with their monster visual effects and lights. Their "A" game was on tonight!


Great to see Matt Cameron playing with them tonight too since he hasn't been with the band at all in 2014 because of his Pearl Jam commitments. Matt Chamberlain has been tour drumming for Soundgarden this year.

The band just looked primed and ready. Chris Cornell was on fire from the beginning, running around and rocking out while Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd roamed around in their subdued yet raging ways. Shepherd showed some real emotion at the end of the set pushing over his amps on his way off stage, a sign of happiness maybe that the tour is now done? Ha! Little surprised they didn't have any special guests come out on stage this being Seattle and the last show of the tour. Soundgarden's set: Searching with My Good Eye Closed, Spoonman, The Day I Tried to Live, My Wave, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Hunted Down, Fell on Black Days, Mailman, A Thousand Days Before, Burden in My Hand, Rusty Cage, Beyond the Wheel. 

This time around Nine Inch Nails were scaled down to 4 members including Trent Reznor. I actually liked it better, more raw. Trent was raging tonight onstage. Rumor has it this might be the last NIN show for a long while so I think he was leaving it all out onstage tonight as if it was forever.

With the technology of today and Nine Inch Nails electronic-influenced music, is there any other band giving us this awesome live experience combo of visual/music during a concert? Think not (Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree is my other favorite live experience), Trent's vision is just plain awesome and visual director Rob Sheridan makes it all come alive. If you have photosensitive epilepsy, this would be the last band on the planet you'd wanna go see live. It's intense! Hope this isn't another NIN hiatis, just too damn good of a band live to go away. (See pics from last NIN Seattle show)

Nine Inch Nails set: Copy of A, Sanctified, Came Back Haunted, 1,000,000, March of the Pigs, Piggy, Terrible Lie, Closer, Gave Up, Disappointed, Find My Way, The Great Destroyer, Eraser, Wish, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like a Hole, (Encore) Hurt

Check out the full show video below from last years VEVO Presents: Nine Inch Nails Tension 2013. Filmed 2 weeks after the Seattle show last November.

Thanks to Lynden for the White River audience video show overview posted on YouTube. 

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