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Is there too many sports? 7/30/13

    So it does not take a super smart person to realize that I am a big sports fan, but sometimes I ask myself is it too much. You look at all the different types of leagues and TV shows I start to wonder is it too much. I like a few sports that I watch almost religiously which are college football and soccer. Now clearly the number sport in the USA is the NFL and I get why all the coverage is on every network about the NFL so lets just take that out of it. I think my point is more to now you have MMA making a big impact and you also have all the extreme sports as well. I like a lot of the sports I just don't know when I have time to watch them. Hell I am lost these days even with baseball which I grew up playing and loving. I also should mention woman's teams and things, my buddy coaches as an assistant to the Reign which is the professional woman's team in Seattle. I went to a match and had fun but with all these other sports I wonder does the league really have a chance. I don't even watch NASCAR but you can't talk about popular sports and not talk about NASCAR, or this weekend you have the drag races. The other good news is that Fox is making another sports network to compete with ESPN who just sucks lately. I like watching live sports so all the extra sports are fun but at some point all this different leagues can't all be making money and some will end up folding and be gone.

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07/30/2013 2:22PM
Is there too many sports? 7/30/13
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