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New Friends 8/1/13

    Summer time is a lot of things and one of those things is new friends. The thing is I feel like people are just more apt to go out and do things in the summer time and when your out your going to meet some new people. New people can be hit of miss though and that's the tough part. It is like when you meet a buddy and think well this guy is cool and when you see him drunk for the first time you might realize that he is not cool. Also maybe you are the new friend, I did myself a few ears back, made a new buddy got way to drunk the next time we hung out and creeped the guy out. So in that case I was the bad new friend. The other thing about new friends is you have to figure out if they would get along with your other buddies as well. Now that is all the bad stuff with new friends but also there is a lot of good. Sometimes you spend a summer day like solstice with two new guys and before you know it you have two new friends. I go to some festivals in the summer and there I have my festival buddies which are completely different from my normal friends. It is also funny because when I see my festival buddies I tell them how much I love them and good to see them even though we only hang once a year. I hope your summer is rolling along and your having fun out there

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08/01/2013 2:23PM
New Friends 8/1/13
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