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It's always Sunny 9/24/10

    What up blogger? So how you been? I have had a rough week myself dealing with some personal stuff but in all any week on the air is a good week right. So Ben and I found this show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when I first moved here in 2005 and we thought it was great. There was another show that started at the same time called Starved and I really liked that one too but it was cancelled as where it's always Sunny has become a huge show. The thing I like best about it's always Sunny is how the people on the show were bad people to start and they are still terrible people to the end. This weeks show was awesome again and I also like the fact those guys on the show came up with the show. You try going to a sporting event now and not see green man or someone in the same costome but in a differnt color. I am going to UPROAR tomorrow and a BBQ with some of the guys from Son's of Anachey. Yeah go ahead and start to hate me I get it. HOLLA

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09/24/2010 2:31PM
It's always Sunny 9/24/10
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