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It's always sunny 9/23/11

    What up blogger? Man everytime I think summer is gone it fires back up with this nice weather. look I am not going to lie to you I love fall and fall weather but I am not going to complain about it being too hot for fall. We are going to have fall for weeks this year like always. They are called the next two months.

    So last night was the second show of the year for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and man that show is sick. So last year I guess the gang was not happy with how the season went or maybe they did not push it far enough but trust me they are pushing it as far as they can these days. Last night on that show I had turn my head at one point because it was too much. The show is awesome and funny and this year is great so far but don't ever watch with the kids. Have a good weekend everyone and have a beer with me if you are going to the Husky game tomorrow

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09/23/2011 2:07PM
It's always sunny 9/23/11
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