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It's almost time 11/20/13

    I will blog a lot about this as it gets closer but we are defiantly in the Holiday season now whether you like it or not. Last week I had blogged that I thought Christmas was coming too early with all the shopping and things but I have seen lights up and it is here already. I will still wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up lights myself but some people are already on it and getting it done. Last night I heard a Christmas song and thought OK I guess it is OK for this now. The day after Thanksgiving I will be into full on Christmas mode after putting the lights up I always go down to Westlake Center to watch the Christmas tree get lit. After they light the tree they also have fireworks downtown above Macy's after they light up the giant star on the building. It is also the day the train display in the Macy's window goes up and kids of all ages enjoy looking at the trains. I say kids of all ages because I like them as well but try not to get to close so that little kids can actually see the trains. So I would say this weekend get in some fun with your buddies and eat OK because next week we are waist deep in holiday season suckas  

11/20/2013 2:44PM
It's almost time 11/20/13
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