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Its time for a swim 8/24/12

    I like to swim in water. Seems like a simple thing to say right, but when is the last time you jump into some water. Now a lot of people are reading this and hopefully saying I do that all the time Ted. I hope that is the case that people are getting out there and swimming in all kinds of stuff. Now I am not here to tell you that you should be swimming laps or stuff like that but just suggesting that you get in for a swim where-ever. Someone recently asked me what I have been up to and I said swimming in different bodies of water.


    This summer I have been lucky to do some cool things in different waters. I like to try new stuff and try out opportunities. Ben and I were lucky enough to get to go down King County Aquatic Center and jump off the platform dives. I only went up to the 7 meter dive as my man Ben did go all the to the top off the 10 meter. The 10 meter for the record is almost 33 feet up and the 7 meter is about 23 feet up. On Sea-Fair weekend I got in some good swim time in lake Washington. I have a pool in my building so I can swim in there all the time which is nice. I got into a river just a couple weeks ago up near Darrington. The whole point of this blog is that getting in water feels great and I really believe is relaxes you. So to you this weekend I say be safe in rivers and lakes but get out there and jump in some water man. It will be cold again soon and you wont have the chance 

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08/24/2012 12:48PM
Its time for a swim 8/24/12
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