Jeetz B.U.I. #62

Couple weeks ago I was approached to do an endorsement for The Seattle Auto Show and I jumped on it in a heartbeat because though I don’t consider myself a “Gear head”, I do like checking out all the newest models of cars. Part of the deal with my endorsement was I would be supplied with a brand new car to test drive for 9 days. And when I was told it was Ford F-150, my first reaction was “Cool, but I already own a newer truck but I’ll keep an open mind.” Then they brought me the F-150 Limited Edition and my reaction was…….WOW!!! My next thought was whoever signed off on giving ME of all people this incredible machine should be fired on the spot. This is what the Queen of England should be test driving. Again, I have a newer model extended cab truck and the minute I stepped into the F-150 I was blown away because I’ve NEVER seen that nice of a truck before. The exterior sported this badass burly body and a jet black paint job and chrome trim. The interior dash control board made Captain Kirk’s ride look a golf cart. I was pretty sure this thing could take me to Mars. Fully interactive touch screens AND voice command made running any of my options easy as pie. How about the interior you ask??? Yeah, Red and Black leather interior is about as Rock and Roll as it gets! Nice touch. Not to mention I could easily fit 8 people in that truck, and each seat had its own climate control. And you just KNOW I opened this thing up on the freeway and this thing GET’S UP AND GOES!!! All I’m saying is make sure you have your seatbelt on before you stomp on the gas pedal if you don’t want whiplash. I’m so impressed with how top to bottom SICK this truck is that it will definitely be at the top of my list when I’m ready to buy/trade-in for a new rig. Check out a list of just some of the options on this thing:


- The 2013 Ford F-150, part of America’s best-selling truck lineup and the light-duty

segment’s fuel-economy champ, has a full payload of best-in-class

including horsepower, torque, towing and payload capacity for most engine/body


- Ford is the first and only manufacturer to equip its entire full-size

pickup truck lineup with fuel-saving sixspeed automatic transmissions

- Ford’s innovative SYNC connectivity technology improves the driving

experience while allowing drivers to keep both hands on the wheel, with:

• Voice command of mobile phones and music players

• 911 Assist

• Vehicle Health Report

• Helpful on-screen displays including Caller ID

• Optional navigation, traffic information, Operator Assist and more


Check out these pics I took of me and the rig:


So make sure you go check out this sick ride and many others at The Seattle Auto Show Nov. 14th thru Nov. 18th at Century Link Field Event Center.

And once again, HUGE thanks to the Seattle Auto Show and Bickford Ford in Snohomish for supplying me with the Ford F-150 Limited. And I stand by my statement that someone needs to be fired for entrusting me with this spectacular automobile!

Thanks, and have a kickass day!!


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11/09/2012 1:17PM
Jeetz B.U.I. #62
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