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Jersey Shore 5/5/11

    What up blogger? So yeah I see you right now looking at the title of this blog and your thinking damn more Jersey shore talk. Well the real reason I titled this blog Jersey shore is because I am going there tomorrow. I am going for a wedding which if you are a listener then you know I go to a lot of weddings. I will be there for less then 48 hours but Kamm is a good buddy and it will be fun. The funny thing is about wher he lives on the shore is nothing like you see on tv. They are in specfic towns full of orange people like snookie and Pauly D. I guess you can say that about a lot of places also. I feel like if you like in Tacoma or up north in Everrt you don't think Seattle is a good repsentation of you. Anyhow I am going and if I have time then you beat your sweet ass I will pound a jagerbomb and fist pump a little. That is it for today and I will holla at you people leter. I thank all 20 of you that read my blog

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05/05/2011 9:37AM
Jersey Shore 5/5/11
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