Jesus Loves Gene Simmons!!

Jesus Loves Gene Simmons!!
I’m speechless…enjoy!!
GENE SIMMONS: Apparently Jesus Is a Fan
Here's a little known fact -- Jesus is a Gene Simmons fan. Well, at least that is what singer-songwriter Michael Disciple says. He has written and recorded "Jesus Loves Gene Simmons," and posted a video of the song on YouTube. For close to seven minutes he sings "Jesus Loves Gene Simmons" along with a few other verses that are hard to make out. The video shows him singing and playing his guitar in the fields of Alabama interspersed with images of Jesus. And, he was smart enough not to put any images of Simmons in the clip. But, apparently Simmons likes it as he has posted it on his website along with a billboard Disciple erected in Virginia advertising tthe song.

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07/23/2012 4:49PM
Jesus Loves Gene Simmons!!
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08/22/2012 6:56AM
Michael Disciple here. Thanks for posting my video and I pray more people will hit on it so Gene and Nikki will get to listen and see the whole video. They are so busy I'm sure they didn't get the chance to really listen to the vids. Hope yousaw Nikki's video which he mentioned on his show...
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