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Jimmy Johnson 2/4/10

    What up blogger?  So I can't lie to you people I am not a fan of  Nascar. I know I can hear you people down in Eunclaw talking about Kasey Kane and their is a lot of Nascar fans up here in the northwest. I am just not a fan I tried for a little to get into it but it just did not do much for me. Now I will tell you this I would love to go to a Nascar tailgate and drink some beers and holla at the bitches. So on HBO (if you don't have HBO it's 1-800-comcast) called 24/7, you may have seen this show before with boxers. Now they are doing the show based on Jimmy Johnson and the lead up to Daytona. I do know this about Nascar Jimmy Johnson is the best driver no questions asked. The guy has won four titles in a row. FOUR just want to make sure you saw that FOUR titles in a row. Anyhow it seemed funny to me that a guy that is that good is hated by so many fans in Nascar. I get standing behind your team even in bad times but it seems to me that Nascar fans hate the pretty boys that win a lot. Jeff Gordon was the man for a while but people hated him and now they all hate Jimmy Johnson. Here is my thing I have been watching the show and I like the guy. I mean hell he works his ass off and is good. I think most people just like him because he is not a good ol' boy from the south. He is a Cali guy. Eithier way Jimmy dust off a spot for me on your bandwagon If there is one. Oh yeah I almost forgot even if you hate Jimmy Johnson it's a great show

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02/04/2010 3:32PM
Jimmy Johnson 2/4/10
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