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June weather 5/21/13

    Ok Seattle we have had some fun and now is the tough part, June. See every year since I have lived here which is eight years now it seems June is the toughest month to deal with. I think that during the fall and winter we expect so bad weather and don't bitch too much. Now June on the other hand is a different story since most of the country will be out enjoying warm weather and we are still sporting hoodies. June is the only month that gets to me a little bit but I could be wrong and June could bust out into this crazy awesome month of sun and warmth but I am not expecting that at all. So why am I writing this to bring you down? No not at all I am writing this to remind you when it's July 4th and still chilly just remember that July 6th will turn this city back into the most beautiful place to live in the world. Once the summer does break it will all come back to you, the outdoor patio's and lakes. Boat rides and road trips, if you know someone with a boat I assume you know someone with a car. Grilling with buddies and playing sports. Maybe you want to throw the football around or maybe have a kick about, hell maybe your a Frisbee guy. My point is don't let June get you down because the summer is going to be here soon.

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05/21/2013 2:35PM
June weather 5/21/13
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