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Justified 4/6/11

    What up blogger? How have you been people, I have been ok but damn that NCAA championship game was a dud. Was it a dissapointment to me? Yes, yes it was but alas I did make homemade french dips and had a few close buddies over so it was not all that bad. Anyhow I am blogging today about Justified because my mom won't leave me alone about his show. Every Thursday she ask me if I had watched the show. I usally replie with no I missed it and she will not take that as a answer. I am being honset here people my mom has gone crazy. Today I get to work and there is a email from my mom saying I have to mention the show and blog about it so here you go mom you crazy woman. Now this is a show I am happy my mother is into because he past favoites included Pacfic blue which was a show about bike cops on a beach in Cali. Not cool cops on motorcycles like on Chip's but real bikes. So I have to give her credit that this show is much better and I am telling all of you so that she gets of my back already about this show. Damn I am 30 already mom

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04/06/2011 9:39AM
Justified 4/6/11
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