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LIfe and Seattle 2/8/13

    So last night I went to the Soundgarden show, just starting with that because it was awesome. Sometimes in life you have to stop and enjoy the time right now and where you are. Now I know I blogged about Seattle a couple weeks ago but man I love this city. It was such a great week, 5 point, Queen city grill, Soundgarden, Rendezvous, Dick's on Sunday, wore a Mother Love Bone shirt. I have been out doing it big and when I was at the show last night I realized how much some of these bands mean to this city. I think about what cool things we get to do in this city and it makes me proud to live here. Hell it's not just the city, I was Anacortes a couple weeks ago loving life. I tell a LOT of people I love the West Coast but in truth I really love Seattle.


    See that's thing about life sometimes is if you stop to enjoy right now too much it can hurt you but if never enjoy the now you going to hate life as well. I think that I want everyone to enjoy their lives and go do stuff. Maybe your reading this and saying, well Ted I have to go to kids soccer games this weekend. I get that sort of and would tell you enjoy those times as well because you will miss them when your kids are older and hate you. I am not saying everything is awesome and fun and trust me there are some not fun things in my life as well but hey if you and friend was a beer grab one. If you kid can score a goal teach them a celebration, life should be fun and exciting not just lived

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02/08/2013 6:33PM
LIfe and Seattle 2/8/13
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02/09/2013 7:40PM
Live life now, baby!
Well said, my brother! Stop and smell the roses! Peace!
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