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Last Second Shot 5/17/12

    So the NBA and the NHL are in playoffs right now and a lot is made of LeBron James and the fact he did not take the last shot in a game the other night. Now I am not going to sit here and say that I like LeBron is the most clutch player in the world but I also don't think he is the worst. Does every final shot have to hit by the star of the team. I remember the shots Jordan made but do I really remember the ones he missed and the end of games?


    Here is the deal is that I do think LeBron is a great player but I do think at some point he is in his own head at the end of games. He is not doubt the MVP this year and he is a great player but I am not sure I want him taking the final shot. On the other end of things is Kevin Durant who to me is a natural leader and clutch shooter. Here is the deal and difference between the two guys. KD has been in Oklahoma City the last two summers making his team better and running drills with them. KD also said last night in the press conference that when its time to hit that final shot he wants it. He said what you want to hear that he wants to take that shot and if he misses he will take that shot again at the end of the game because he has that confidence. LeBron just seems to disappear when the game is in the final min. Maybe at this point I should also point out I am a Kevin Durant fan and have been for a while and just really wish he was doing all this from Seattle still where I live. Also KD is a P.G. county boy like myself so I got to love the guy.

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05/17/2012 4:41PM
Last Second Shot 5/17/12
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