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Local Bands Up In Your Dome Piece: No Living Witness

Last night, Ian and I were lucky to have Olympia metal band No Living Witness raging in the studio with us. As soon as they rolled up wearing Vital Remains, Despised Icon and Dissection t-shirts (plsu mo'!) I knew we had made instant BFF's.

The reason these dudes (and dudette) rolled through the studio is because they just released a, dare I say, crushingly brutal self titled EP and if you know what is good (translation: harmful) to your ears, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this thing. I know, I know, we are all poor these days and the idea of stealing music is just so so enticing, but they will be out on the road in just a short while and as we all know, gas ain't cheap. Fund their tour and get yo self some bomb ass music, player. What a hook up. What does it sound like, you ask? Think of this for just a second: Do you remember the first time you ever tasted your favorite soda? Now imagine that feeling mixed with the first time you ever watched Top Gun. That's a high endorsement. Translation: Technical death metal that will shred your face off.

If you wanna hear a few tracks off their EP, navigate over to this weeks podcast where you can jam out to three of the 6 songs.

Thank you to No Living Witness. You can contact them and stalk them here:

Here's some photos No Living Witness took while up in the studio last night!

08/01/2010 11:05PM
Local Bands Up In Your Dome Piece: No Living Witness
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