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Lock 'Em Up

Just a thought.  Maybe we should start locking people up that look nuts.  Seems like the crazy looking ones always do something well.... Crazy.

For example, here's the guy who shot up a Florida school board yesterday. Tell me he doesn't have "I'm gonna do suptin' stupid" written all over him.

Who was surprised when we found out this face ate people?

Here's a shocker. This guys is bat sh*t crazy.

Let's get proactive people. Who knows what these guys are capable of...

12/15/2010 6:56AM
Lock 'Em Up
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01/12/2011 12:49PM
KISW » Crazy Eyes
[...] can’t help but think of a post I did a back in December when I look at this photo.  Check it out. Share This: | [...]
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