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Louie 7/22/10

    What up blogger? So this week there has been much to say about my freinds in the morning BJ Shea expirince. Those guys are working there ass off to figure out what is going to work for their show in the future and right now. I like their show now and before so give it some time with the changes and you will see that, that show is awesome and will be awesome. I owe a lot of how well I have done myself in radio to those guys. BJ has been behide us in the Mensroom since we got to Seattle and BJ the Mensroom will always stick behind you also. Our station would not the great station it is with out them. I just had to put that out there since I do really like those guys and yes even RR. Just playin Dub.

    Now onto Louie. Louie is a show by LoisCK and it is great. Louie kind of prides himself on makeing you uncoftably and makeing you feel odd when you watch his show but if you can take it it is a great show that is written very well. I would say sit back and relax and prepair your mind for something you have not seen before and get ready for odd moments and you too will be all about this show.

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07/22/2010 2:25PM
Louie 7/22/10
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