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MMA 4/26/13

   Man I am fired up for this weekend. For starters it is a great sunny day out there today and that already has me in a good mood and have dinner plans with a buddy. The other reason I am so excited is tomorrow I am the MC at Cagesport MMA at The Emerald Queen Casino. The event is awesome and I get to walk down the ramp like one of the fighters with not one but two ring girls on my arm. Now after the action get's started I get to sit right up on the apron, which is what they call the seats on the cage. That's the other great thing is I get to go into a cage with a mic and talk to people. Other than fighters who really get's in a cage? Now I hope to see some of you all down there for the fights but if your not don't forget that Saturday is also UFC 159 which features Jon Jones VS Chael Sonnen. I like Sonnen as a entertainer and fighter but I think he is way over matched in this one. I think Jones will go in there and do his job. I am predicting a TKO in the forth round of this fight in favor of Jones. The other fight I am looking forward to on this card in the Roy Nelson fight. I cheer for big country for one reason alone and that's he look likes a average dude with his belly hanging out. Win one for the fat boys Roy. 

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04/26/2013 2:05PM
MMA 4/26/13
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