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March Madness 3/9/11

    What up blogger? So how have you been out there? Man what a wild week. First to start off the week my Lamborghini got stolen out of a car place. Then I got news that people that have meet me think that I am a d**k. Oh what thats not me thats tv's Guy Feati or how ever the hell you say his last name. I am just haveing fun with that fact his car got stolen since when I met the guy he was far from cool or nice to people. Anyhow the NCAA torneyment starts next week and some teams have already punched there tickets into the big dance. I want to encouge you to get invloved in a pool. Now of-corse you have to deal with the people who don't care about college hoops untill now but hey this torneyment is for everyone and I have not watched enough to make any really smart calls myself. I think the point I am getting to is that March Madness is like the Superbowl weather you like college hoops or not you will watch some and have a fun timeand f you are in a braket then it becomes even more fun. Men,wemon, kids, old people everyone should get into it.

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03/09/2011 10:20AM
March Madness 3/9/11
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