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Mascot's VS Robots 7/14/11

    What up blogger? For those of you that is the way i start every blog not because its the way I do it but because I care how you are and whats going on. Now before we get into the mascot's vs robots discussion don't forget I tweet daily and they are not always funny and don't think too much into them...they are just tweets @theetedsmith is how to find me.

    Now onto the mascot's vs robots thing. I am not quite sure how we got on this today but if you think a bunch of mascots fighting robots is not cool and awesome they I have to think you are dead inside. I mean come on man just imange that these killer robots are coming to big cites and small towns (that means you indiaola) to kill and eat your dogs. I have decided thats what they will do kill people and eat dogs. So now who can protect us and bamm here comes Butch cogar and the Husky and even the Duck to protect you. Now one thing we would have to change is the mascots would HAVE to be able to speak. Now it's not just local mascots eithier. You bet your ass tuesdio the Maryland Terp is gonna be killing robots like beast. He hate robots and loves humans and dogs. Now who can be the leader of this mascot miltia. My first thought is Mickey Mouse of-corse but I don't know if he has the mean and evil streak we need to fight back against these evil robots.  I have givein this over 4 mins of thought and decided that the mascot I and other will follow to lead us in the greatest battle for freedom against robots will be The San Diago Chicken. Yeah the Chicken. He started mondern mascotry as we know it and he can be flat out mean sometimes to people. I would not mind seeing the duke blue devil get killed by a robots though.

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07/14/2011 2:22PM
Mascot's VS Robots 7/14/11
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