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May Day 5/2/13

    What is the world about these days is my big question? I ask this because last night was the May Day march on immigration then later in the day some people had a unscheduled protest that ended in some broken glass and 18 people arrested. I ask what is the world about because the May Day march is some very important thing in our country but no one seems to care. I went down last year and marched along side my brothers and sisters in a sign of solidarity for immigration reform. The others are a very small group of people looking to cause trouble and gain attention. Now I could on and on about how the local news was horrible all last night and almost giddy that something had happened between the cop's and the bad protesters. The cop's by the way were looking for that fight as much as the protesters were. Last night I watched as the mayor of Seattle brought up the actual planned march about immigration but the news and the cop's just wanted to show the little violence there was. The really sad thing to me was Facebook last night. Everyone was posting about how they should beat people up and get jobs etc. In turn what happened is every single one of you who felt the need to pop up on your soapbox and give attention to these bad protesters just made it so these people will be back every year. Also for crying out loud can we stop calling it a riot, it was at best a disturbance. Ask someone who has lived through a riot if that's what it looks like. I am just upset because it was a huge day for immigration in the USA and again we got nothing done, nobody even seemed to care. We have real problems right now in this country but we seem happier just to bitch about stuff and make fun of "hippies". Violence is never the answer in these types of things and that's why you saw none at the real march and protest. Protesting on the other hand is about as American as you can be in my mind. That's what the Boston tea party was a protest and no one has to get hurt. Stay strong people and remember with social networking the way it is, you set the tone so think about what your posting. If it's just a drunken post about your ex no worries

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05/02/2013 2:28PM
May Day 5/2/13
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05/05/2013 11:41PM
/excellent commentary and insights, Ted.
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