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Mayor Ford 11/14/13

    Up in Toronto they have a mayor like most cites do but unlike most cites this mayor smokes crack. Mayor Ford is his name and I am sure you have heard of him by now but it is amazing the guy can't stop saying stupid things. He was caught on video a few months ago smoking crack in a crack house and now the news is getting worse. His excuse for smoking crack that night is he was hammered drunk. Now I am not one to say shame on you as I have done things while drunk I regret but I am not the mayor of a countries largest city. I get wanting to go out and party but I think when you sing on to be in political office the rules change a bit. Now with that said I do like how honest the guy is when they ask him question's, yesterday he said "I never said I want to e** her P***y" that was a quote. The guy is clearly living a bit out or control and it is catching up to him. It will also overshadow any good he has done for the city. The story is so crazy to be honest I am not sure what to think about this guy. I respect the fact he wears jerseys to press conferences because I like sports but I am not sure I want the drunk guy in the jersey to be my mayor. In the end I hope the guy gets some help since it seems like he has a drug problem  

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11/14/2013 2:25PM
Mayor Ford 11/14/13
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