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Memory Lane 6/20/13

    Sometimes in life it can be hard to forget about someone in your past. Now for me it is often a girl and that's why last night was so personal and great to see. Years ago when I was living in PG county I remember watching Spike Lee's movie "Do the right thing" and while it is a powerful movie with a message I really remember one thing and that is Rosie Perez. Now if you remember the scene with the ice cube then I am sure you remember how hot she was. I still think she is hot for the record. Now I have never met Rosie before in my life but to me she was always an important part. Do I even have to reference the movie "White men can't jump" yeah she was awesome in that as well. Billy, I can hear it in her voice and it still makes me smile and wonder why Bill ever risked it all when he could have her. I feel a lot of other men can name the woman that got them fired up for the first time as well. I guess for girls in my age group my Rosie thing is like NKOTB. Also just should mention that crazy ass Mariah Carey is always a favorite of mine as well from the old school. That Honey video is all I have to say about that.

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06/20/2013 2:30PM
Memory Lane 6/20/13
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