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Metal Shop Blog #14 01/23/09

Hahah Steve what the hell is that last excuse for a blog you posted?  Ravioli for dinner?  Haha man, some really enlightening stuff to discover all over that one!  You really outdid yourself, bro!

Anyways, here's a real blog.  What it's about, I haven't even figured out yet.  But I do remember a week or so ago we mentioned Dave Mustaine's coffee on air and said we'd blog about it.  So I guess I'll tell you a bit about it:


That's really all that needs to be said, but I will elaborate a bit further.  One day while working up here in the toaster buildings (I work up here full time every day in addition to doing Metal Shop) I received a package addressed to me personally.  It was a large box, which isn't typical for us to receive.  Usually the packages we get only have CDs in them and they're always small envelopes.  This was a big ol box, so I knew it was gonna be something unusual.

When I first opened it there was a typed letter on top from Dave himself explaining the product, why he decided to make his own coffee and some info on the charities that benefit from the purchase of the coffee.  Underneath that was some packing paper and a full bag of Dave Mustaine's Peruvian Blend.  Full beans, not grounded.... the real deal.  One the front of the package is a red silhouette of Dave shredding it up.  I had real nice laugh at that when I saw it the first time!

It was a couple weeks later that we finally tried it.  We actually have a coffee grinder and coffee maker here in the kitchen at work, so we decided to try it on air.  This was probably halfway through 2008 or so, so it's been a while and my memory of the coffee and it's taste is hazy.  One thing I do recall however, is that it was really good and ten million times better than the normal coffee we have here that gets put into our pots every day and is really rather disgusting.

We haven't tried Dave's coffee since... we're saving it for another "rainy day".  But the bag of beans is sitting in my desk drawer right here, just waiting for it's next opportunity to unleash it's delicious fury once again.  If you're interested in trying this stuff, you can buy it online here.  There are multiple different varieties and even other musicians and celebrities who have their own line as well.

Here are some pics:

Before I go, have a throat kick, courtesy of Metal Shop.

01/22/2009 8:03AM
Metal Shop Blog #14 01/23/09
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