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Metal Shop Blog #15: 02/15/09


BLOG of BRUTAL....NESS! Breutalllllittteee! We're brutal. that's the point we're making, here. So, tonight was badass, duuuh, Metal Shop. We rocked a bunch of Soilwork tickets as well and HANK 3! I don't know the last time we played Hank on Metal Shop... We love the guy but he IS country, at heart. Although THIS Country man, Hank Williams III, well, he's pretty damn metal. Having been in no less than two of Phil Anselmo's bands and even rocked on the Rebel/Rebel disc with Dime and Vinnie! The dude is legit. Kevin and I have seen him MANY times and always leave satisfied, drunk and ready to punch out some chumps. You get TWO sets with Hank. The first is his ol school country action and the SECOND... well, the second is what we call "Metal". Comes back out in an old Misfits shirt and a guitar with a Superjoint sticker on it and starts to THRASH!!

Uhhh, OK, Kevin, give em yer two cents, not that I PERSONALLY "care" but ya know, I hear other people might so... Oh, and V Day is stupid and beer without alcohol in it is stupid and YOU are stupid if you don't get up n out to a show soon, cause there's a BUNCH of Badassness coming our way.... or get kicked.


Check it out, I'm going to try TYPING like our good buddy "Steve". Hey this is FUN! I should really DO this more "often." Lots of capitalized words, quotation marks, YEAH I really look "smart" now, DON'T I? Yeah that's right I am STEVE and I am SO MUCH "cooler" than you!

Really though, Hank III is awesome and missing his shows is the worst idea in the world. It's just an all around good time. Everyone is happily drunk and rockin' out... it's how every show SHOULD be. Just don't order any non-alcoholic beer cuz that's a bad idea at a Hank show. So, even if you didn't win tickets from us, you should still go.. it will definitely be worth every penny and plus you'll get to hang out with me, Steve, and maybe even Hank (he drinks REAL alcohol, FYI).

I remember one time when Superjoint Ritual came to town, we saw Hank in the crowd passing out these little tiny skinny white things. There was a big crowd around him of really excited screaming fans. After a few minutes Hank took off and wasn't seen again until he came out on stage. About halfway through the set I turned around one and looked over where he was passing out the tiny skinny white things and everyone there was laying down with big smiles and bloodshot eyes. I don't know what happened to them but they looked happy! Hank must have given them some "good advice."

We love Hank III and you should too!  Check out the video below for a little insight!

02/22/2009 8:05AM
Metal Shop Blog #15: 02/15/09
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