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Metal Shop Blog #10 12/3/08


Metal!!  Yeah!  Love it!!  Holidays!!  No!  Don't love it!  And I will tell you why...

OK, I am a fan of certain PARTS of this beautiful blizzardy time of year:  SNOWboarding, peppermint tasting stuff (yes it's metal), SNOWboarding....uhhh.  And then the rest of the stuff I could live without:  Commercials everywhere you look, overpriced holiday themed food and speacials, people asking me what Hanukkah is and if I celebrate it, people thinking they can cook when, in actuality, the spirit of Christmas can NOT make you stop sucking at making brownies...

I'd probably be in a better holiday mood if there was SNOW in the MOUNTAINS, but alas...  Perhaps my jobs affords me a slightly more magnified look at the world ,media-wise, but it seems that it's all about getting you out of the house and into every and any store out there to take what money you may have slaved for and hand it over for cheap slave labor crap.  Now, I like stores.  I like shopping.  I do.  It's been programmed into my skull since birth that shopping and buying is where it's AT!  BUT, that does not mean I have to give in to the machine and agree to suck up everything my friends and I see on commercials.  We need new stuff because we are TOLD we need them.  We feel obliged to buy toys for everyone because we are TOLD to do so.  It just ain't the case, man.  This is my 2 cents, if nothing else.

I am going to spend every spare buck I have, traveling to see my family and taking my friends to events that will last in their memories far longer than any music player and give way more happiness than any DVD of Shark Story 17 can bring.  I just think that if you or I die tomorrow, it's better to have a memory of something radical (maybe a metal show or a trip to Canada) than having the last memory of me or you, one more present.  One of thousands that we get ina lifetime.  We are buried in life with stuff we just do not need, though we are told we do.  Get up, get out!  I'd rather receive nothing at all than something I know was manufactured five million times, for profit, without heart.
Saturday night!  El Co!  With Soilent/Misery/BoBE!! The BDM.  Be there.

10/22/2009 7:46AM
Metal Shop Blog #10 12/3/08
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