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New Slipknot! Check out "Custer" now!

It's here! Time to check out the brand new SLIPKNOT song, "Custer." What do you think of this new track?

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Tech Metal Tuesday (And WEDNESDAY) !

The summer is winding down and labor day weekend is just around the corner. It's time to end the summer off with some real righteous metal. There's no reason to lie, it was a pretty harsh toke when it was announced that the Summer Slaughter tour was skipping Seattle this summer. To many of us, Summer Slaughter is THE tour of the summer. While Mayhem Festival always has a few pretty choice bands you want to see, more often than not, Summer Slaughter hits the head right on the nail of underground loud music, mixing death metal, grindcore, tech metal and any other core under the sun for a days worth of ear-crushing chaos. So, without that, we've kind of had to make due. This Tuesday and Wednesday are our chance to watch some of the wildest guitar sweeping juggernauts this side of Yngwie....

On Tuesday (August 26th) at Studio Seven, The Faceless will be headlining a show that features a whole lot of awesomeness - Rings of Saturn, Archspire, Fallujah, Black Crown Initiate, Ashes of Existence and Prometheus. The show starts at 5 pm, so clock out and head right over !
You might as well spend the night at Studio Seven because that's exactly where you'll find yourself on Wednesday night ...that is, if you have solid taste in metal. 
The almighty ORIGIN headlines a show alongside KIng Parrot, Beyond Creation, Your Chance to Die, Countless the Dead and Odyssian. This is another early one, it starts at 5:30. 

If you haven't had the pleasure to listen to any Rings of Saturn....well, now's the time. Sit back, eat a cracker or two, drink your favorite beverage and enjoy the musical styling of this straight up insanity. For fans of: blowing your f****ing mind! Get familiar, then go see them open up for The Faceless on Tuesday. You owe it to yourself. 

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Iron Reagan Rules !

I love hardcore punk. I love metal. Some people think these two separate yet respective sounds need to be held as far apart as possible, never blending the two and always remaining "true old school." Well, that sure ain't me. There are tons of bands that blur the lines in ways that make me smile from ear to ear - namely Norway's Kvelertak, Sweden's Disfear , and more recently, the side project of Municipal Waste vocalist Tony Foresta and former Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish, Iron Reagan. These songs are short, fast, pissed and meant to be played at max volume. Don't expect any guitar sweeps or solos, fancy drum fills or anything of that sort. Just simple, to the point, angry anthems for anyone that still remembers all the lyrics to both Minor Threat AND Anthrax discographies. Take a couple minutes to check out this track, "Miserable Failure." This track comes off their forthcoming Relapse Records debut "Tyranny Of Will," due out September 16th in the U.S. If the rest of the 34 songs (!!!!) are anything like this one, I'm sold. 

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All Hail Ultramantis Black!

I love metal. I also love pro wrestling (and yes, I know it's fake). When these two things come together, my interest is peaked to the max. Independent wrestler Ultramantis Black has made a solid reputation as a wild, over the top character complete with a crow's-skull-like mask along with cape and septor. A few months back it was announced by Relapse Records that they had signed UltraMantis Black to their label. I found this confusing. How does a wrestler fill up 80 or so minutes on an album? Little did I know that UMB had joined up with members of the punk band Pissed Jeans to create a raging, in your face metallic hardcore blast of awesome. The record comes out next month....when UltraMantis mania comes running wild on you, don't say I didn't blame ya. 
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Party hard!

Holy crap, Andrew WK knows how to party! Last weekend, as we talked about a bunch on the show, was the 8th annual Rain Fest. Among the 3 day festival, held at Neumo's, bands such as Down to Nothing, 7 Seconds, Converge, Backtrack, Minus, Earth Control and many many more played to a sold out northwest crowd. The highlight, though, was no surprise, as the poster boy for partying, one Mr. Andrew WK took the stage and sent the venue into a frenzy, a sort of chaotic site that both startles you and gets you stoked as hell! There must have been somewhere around 700 friggin' stage dives! As you can see by this short video a Rain Fest showgoer uploaded to YouTube, Rain Fest is a party. Don't miss it again. This time next year. 
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Keep It Local!

This past weekend, we hosted the 2nd annual All Local episode of Metal Shop. It was around this time last year that our good friend and colleague, Robert "BJ" Annette passed away. Each week, BJ would drive all the way up to Seattle for the sole reason of sharing a local concert calendar for the Metal Shop listeners. He exuded love for the metal scene and was always nothing but positive through and through. BJ was the former vocalist of both I-Rot and Dying To Bleed. In his honor, we declared that we would dedicate one episode per year solely to local metal. Go ahead and take a look at the playlist on the main page and let us know what you think. And yes, we would love to hear your band! Send us what ya got and we would be stoked to review it and maybe play it on the show. 

For now, check out this full album upload of a really sweet local band called Blood and Thunder. Keep it local, keep it brutal! 
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Animals as Leaders Shreds Our Faces Once Again

It’s always a pleasure when Tosin Abasi aka Animals as Leaders brings us a new tune to devour. This new track “Tooth and Claw” off their forthcoming album The Joy of Motion out March 25th on Sumerian. I’m really looking forward to this record and I’m sure we will get to hear a handful of new tunes when the band comes through Seattle on Tuesday March 25th at El Corazon with special guests After the Burial. For now, though, sink your teeth into this one and prepare yourself to get shredded.
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Mastodon and Gojira add a Seattle date for 2014 tour!

OHHHHH SNAP! It's goin down, my friends. Last week, Mastodon and Gojira announced they would be heading out on tour with Norwegian badasses Kvelertak. It was one of those news stories that got you soooooo pumped, but if you are from the Northwest like me, disappointed you like no other when you saw the tour was starting in Portland and skipping over Seattle entirely.

Luckily, today the bands added a few more dates to the tour itenerary and a stop at Showbox SoDo is mong them. I know where I will be on April 28th! 

According to the official tour press release, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher had this to say  "Mastodon touring with Kvelertak and Gojira !!! Man, this is one tour dream come true! first of all Kvelertak and Gojira are 2 of my favorite bands at the moment, both putting out slamming records last year. 
We toured with them on off shows from the Soundwaves festivals in Australia and I remember thinking what a great package/lineup this would be to bring to the states, and now it's happening.
GAME ON!!!" 

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A Behemoth Of A Week In Seattle!

GODDAMN SEATTLE, you are beautiful. What a wonderful week to be a Seattle-ite, to bask in the glory of all that is awesome as the team hoists the Lombardi trophy over their collective head. It wasn't long ago that the long-running joke always seemed to be, "So, how about those Seahawks..." which usually trailed off into a disappointing groan. Today, it's a whole nother story. 

Behemoth's new album, "The Satanist," provides a great soundtrack to accompany the victorious feeling we Northwesterners are experiencing right now. This is the first album back for frontman/guitarist Nergal, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and had bone marrow transplant surgery in 2011. This album is truly uncompromising yet creative, interesingly brutal if you will. 

Check it out! 

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Metal Solstice!

Who’s getting pumped for Mayhem Fest? Since taking over Metal Shop three years back, Mayhem has been one of the main things we look forward to all year long. The sun, the bands, the beers, the interviews and of course, the bangover. 
Though one of our favorites, Behemoth, was recently forced to drop from the tour, there are still a crap-ton of awesomely heavy bands to check out all day long. 
Personally, I’m most excited to see the shred-tastic badassery of Children of Bodom alongside the true Viking’s themselves, Amon Amarth, who will be opening things up on the mainstage. 
If you’re not able to make it out to Mayhem this year (Wednesday June 3rd , 2013 at White River Amiptheater) , don’t beat yourself up too bad, because this summer is chock full of brutal metal for all enthusiasts of loud noises. 
Here are a couple to keep in mind. 

Saturday July 6th at El Corazon

Friday July 19th at Studio Seven
Six Feet Under
Cannabis Corpse
Psychonaut Deathtrip
Tuesday July 30th at Comcast Arena in Everett
Black Label Society
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