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Animals as Leaders Shreds Our Faces Once Again

It’s always a pleasure when Tosin Abasi aka Animals as Leaders brings us a new tune to devour. This new track “Tooth and Claw” off their forthcoming album The Joy of Motion out March 25th on Sumerian. I’m really looking forward to this record and I’m sure we will get to hear a handful of new tunes when the band comes through Seattle on Tuesday March 25th at El Corazon with special guests After the Burial. For now, though, sink your teeth into this one and prepare yourself to get shredded.
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Mastodon and Gojira add a Seattle date for 2014 tour!

OHHHHH SNAP! It's goin down, my friends. Last week, Mastodon and Gojira announced they would be heading out on tour with Norwegian badasses Kvelertak. It was one of those news stories that got you soooooo pumped, but if you are from the Northwest like me, disappointed you like no other when you saw the tour was starting in Portland and skipping over Seattle entirely.

Luckily, today the bands added a few more dates to the tour itenerary and a stop at Showbox SoDo is mong them. I know where I will be on April 28th! 

According to the official tour press release, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher had this to say  "Mastodon touring with Kvelertak and Gojira !!! Man, this is one tour dream come true! first of all Kvelertak and Gojira are 2 of my favorite bands at the moment, both putting out slamming records last year. 
We toured with them on off shows from the Soundwaves festivals in Australia and I remember thinking what a great package/lineup this would be to bring to the states, and now it's happening.
GAME ON!!!" 

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A Behemoth Of A Week In Seattle!

GODDAMN SEATTLE, you are beautiful. What a wonderful week to be a Seattle-ite, to bask in the glory of all that is awesome as the team hoists the Lombardi trophy over their collective head. It wasn't long ago that the long-running joke always seemed to be, "So, how about those Seahawks..." which usually trailed off into a disappointing groan. Today, it's a whole nother story. 

Behemoth's new album, "The Satanist," provides a great soundtrack to accompany the victorious feeling we Northwesterners are experiencing right now. This is the first album back for frontman/guitarist Nergal, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and had bone marrow transplant surgery in 2011. This album is truly uncompromising yet creative, interesingly brutal if you will. 

Check it out! 

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Metal Solstice!

Who’s getting pumped for Mayhem Fest? Since taking over Metal Shop three years back, Mayhem has been one of the main things we look forward to all year long. The sun, the bands, the beers, the interviews and of course, the bangover. 
Though one of our favorites, Behemoth, was recently forced to drop from the tour, there are still a crap-ton of awesomely heavy bands to check out all day long. 
Personally, I’m most excited to see the shred-tastic badassery of Children of Bodom alongside the true Viking’s themselves, Amon Amarth, who will be opening things up on the mainstage. 
If you’re not able to make it out to Mayhem this year (Wednesday June 3rd , 2013 at White River Amiptheater) , don’t beat yourself up too bad, because this summer is chock full of brutal metal for all enthusiasts of loud noises. 
Here are a couple to keep in mind. 

Saturday July 6th at El Corazon

Friday July 19th at Studio Seven
Six Feet Under
Cannabis Corpse
Psychonaut Deathtrip
Tuesday July 30th at Comcast Arena in Everett
Black Label Society
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itm test

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Rest In Peace - Jeff Hanneman

Earlier today, it was confirmed that the we lost another guitar God. The almighty Jeff Hanneman of Slayer passed away around 11am this afternoon. It’s never an easy thing to type this sort of blog, as Hanneman’s guitar riffs have inspired millions worldwide. Today, the music world mourns this loss. Obviously, Slayer is one of the mainstays on the Metal Shop playlist, and because of this, we will pay tribute to Hanneman’s legacy by playing some of his most memorable contributions to the metal world.

Former Metal Shop host Kevin Jacober had this to say about Hanneman’s passing...

“RIP Jeff Hanneman. You wrote some of the best riffs and songs of all time, and inspired me as a musician greatly. You be missed by all.

I took this photo on December 11th, 2004, when Slayer came to the Showbox Sodo in Seattle with Killswitch Engage and Mastodon. I was allowed to get between the stage and the crowd to take pictures and noticed a small piece of black duct tape on the bottom corner of Kerry King's guitar that had ‘RIP Dime’ hand-written on it. This show was 3 days after Dimebag died. A rather sad coincidence to discover upon viewing this folder of photos for the first time in years. RIP Jeff. RIP Dime. Sad memories today.” - Kevin Jacober

Sad memories indeed. But memories nonetheless. Join us in celebrating a true legend of metal this weekend as we pay our respects with a very special tribute episode of Metal Shop.
Rest in Power brother. Forever in the abyss. 
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The Truth About Rex Brown and Pantera!

Pantera is unquestionably one of the most influential and important metal bands in the history of music. Together, Phil, Vinnie, Dime and Rex had something more than your average metal band, their time-tested camaraderie with each other truly made them stand apart. They really were the Cowboys from Hell. The thing is, up until now, whenever you see or read a Pantera interview; it’s hardly ever from the perspective of Rex. There’s no shortage of opinions and recollections coming from Phil and Vinnie, but finally, “Official Truth: 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera,” shares with us the view from the oft-overlooked badass bassist himself. Co-author Mark Eglinton followed Down on tour to document Rex’s current life alongside the tales of his past. Eglinton will be joining us in the studio this Saturday, fielding questions, talking Pantera and promoting the book.
Interested? Here’s a quick audio trailer to check out to prep you for the show.
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Cliff Burton & David Ellefson new basses revealed at NAMM 2013

With a little help from my famous metal bassist friend David Ellefson (Megadeth), we headed over to the Aria Guitar section at NAMM to see the revealing of the Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass. We didn't have much time since both of us had to get back upstairs to the Samson booth for David's autograph signing, but we had enough time to record a quick video and also get some photos of the bass and with Cliff's dad Ray. Cliff Burton was Metallica's bassist for their first three groundbreaking albums, Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets. Cliff died on September 26, 1986 in a tour bus accident (watch story here) but his legacy and style of playing bass live on even to this day. His famous bass solos featuring a Morley Wah pedal (along with a Big Muff Distortion) were inspirational to millions of Metallica and metal fans around the world (see solo video with original Aria bass).

Check out this video I recorded with David Ellefson introducing the new Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass replica for the first time (view exclusive video here) at NAMM '13!
For the official bass press release with spec info please click here!

Now let's have Megadeth's bass man David Ellefson talk about his new Jackson Signature Kellybird coming out soon!
Check out the two videos below. This bass is so cool looking! I was lucky enough to have shot David live last year with his prototype.
Keep up-to-date on the latest Jackson guitar/bass news and this Ellefson Signature model release at:

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Death Metal December Returns!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of the year where you can’t escape the grasp of Holiday cheer by way of overplayed sugar-filled songs. Wherever you go, the Little Drummer Boy follows alongside a couple of Santa Baby’s. Guess what. We’re tired of it. Quit bombarding us with your false holiday cheer. It’s time to fight back. For this reason alone, two years ago, we dubbed this next month, “Death Metal December.”

Each week, we will be devoting a full hour to pure, filthy death metal – from classic Floridian bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel , to Swedish death metallers At The Gates and Entombed , brutally gore-soaked slam bands like Cephalotripsy and Devourment and local stuff like Drawn and Quartered and Phalgeron. Make sure you listen all this month and help us fight back in the name of death metal. 
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Folk metal hits Seattle Sunday with Evuleitie/Wintersun

Seattle, don't forget this Sunday Swiss New Wave of Folk Metal pioneers Eluveitie play El Corazon! This KISW Metal Shop sponsored show is gonna be epic! Also on the bill is Finland's Wintersun, an extreme progressive metal band with a new amazing album titled "Time I" (hear full album) and German Viking metallers VARG

What's exciting about Eluveitie on this tour is they are playing their new concept CD "Helvetios" (hear full album) in it's entirety each night! Never thought a metal band with flutes, violins, hurdy-gurdies, mandola, mandolin, whistles and bagpipes could be so awesome! Add some hot chicks oozing with talent in the band and you have a dual combination of male/female diversity for the big time! "Helvetios" is one of my favorite album releases of the year. Between Chrigel Glanzmann's razor rasp and Anna Murphy's angelic vocals, there's something for every metal fan with Eluveitie! Eluveitie also released a second record this year with The Early Years, a collection of re-rerecorded and re-mastered early material. 

Meet both bands at a pre-show in-store signing at Silver Platters in Northgate (Sunday, December 2nd 3 - 4 PM Silver Platters 9560 1st. Ave. NE Seattle, WA. 98115 (206) 524-3472

Time to get your Celtic mosh on! ;) Buy tickets online now for the show..nearly sold out as most of tour is already! See ya there! Iron Mike

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